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CA-04: BLM takes Mustangs for BP’s Ruby Pipeline in McClintock’s District

This must give avowed anti environmentalist and overall science denier, Drill Baby Spill, Tea Party Caucus Congressman Tom McClintock of CA 04 a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside, because now the area up around his homey base of right wing zealots, Susanville, is undergoing a wild horse purge with Federal Tax dollars-  for BP and Anadarko Petroleum.   Because he had a staffer rep at the BLM’s planning session per documents at the Dept of the Interior website.

They’re going to take 2000 mustangs off the northern California scrubby ranges and leave a small remnant herd of 500.   The roundup started yesterday, Wed Aug 11th.

There are only about 4000 wild horses in CA.  This removes half our state’s wild horses !   And they’re doing it now during the hot days so it won’t interfere with DEER HUNTING SEASON.

Flat Earth McClintock recently had a hissy fit that the Federal government might transfer some Federal land into a National Park or Monument here up in Northern eastern CA because the government doesn’t “create jobs.”    

7 Mustangs Run to Death by US Govt- More Brilliant Science Based Decision Making

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You can tell it’s an election year by the amount of wild horses that suddenly have to be removed off Federal range to “preserve habitat” for mule deer hunters and cattle ranchers who also lease it.   This year, 1200 in our sister state, home to the Senate Majority Leader.

The Obama administration touted that it would use so called “science based” decision making.  After watching the Bush administration decide to humor the National Park’s decision to murder a bunch of introduced, very cute, but non trophy type smaller deer at Pt Reyes National Seashore with helicopter hunting, (think more canned Tule Elk Special Hunts as a result ) under the guise of they weren’t “native,” and the helicopter contract went to a big Republican donor, while the Dems made stupid excuses for this, I was sort of cynical that this was going to happen.

Science does not = rotor cowboys.  

Science does not = Cattoor Livestock.

http://rtfitch.wordpress.com  7/12/2010 BLM – Infamous helicopter contractor returns for illegal tuscarora wild horse roundup.  “It was Cattoor Livestock that stampeded the horses of Pryor Mountain in 95ยบ+ degree heat for miles, and again the Cattoors who were actually credited with running the hooves right off from several foals during the bloodiest of all roundups on record, the Calico Complex debacle.  Due to the deaths in the field, …. documented on video, the Cattoors launched an attack on the First Amendment and instructed their attorneys to issue threat/demand letters to news agencies, major non profits, magazines and blogs that were reporting the news to the public on the deadly Calico roundup.  The letters wanted to “fix” the news…. and insist on public apologies for reporting the facts as witnessed. The mention of company owner David Cattoor’s past indictment for capturing and selling wild horses to slaughter was likewise considered taboo. ”

“In their care, 86 horses have died and 40 mares have aborted their late term foals….”


“In late December, government contracted helicopters took to the air, rounding up every horse they could find on the vast 500,000 acre Calico range, an area designated principally for wild horse use since 1971, but grazed by thousands of privately owned, government subsidized cattle. The roundup….. has cost at least $1.3 million…. while causing injury and death to hundreds of wild horses.  ….. over 24 million acres have been withdrawn from wild horse and burro use.  The BLM “welfare ranching” practices continue allowing the land to be leased primarily to corporations at minimum fees of $1.35 per cow/calf pair or per 5 head of sheep per month, along with land leases to extractive and energy industries on Western public lands.

Feinstein Feeding Right Wing Myth of Unemployed Enjoying No Jobs After Senate Vote

The Democratic Party holds the majority in the Senate, but increasing forgets why it exists, as it continues to enact the disaster capitalism scenario of a major party which screws over it constituents.

Today (Wed) the Senate voted against extending expired unemployment benefits, with 11 useless Democrats voting with the Republicans to increase human misery.   Oh, and Plantation Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, who just squeaked by in a Democratic primary because of her No Public Option health care stance ?   She couldn’t be bothered to vote at all.  http://www.senate.gov/legislat…      Senate Vote #190 motion to agree with House amend. to Senate amend.  American Workers, State, and Business Relief Act of 2010

At least people like Senator “He’s with us on everything but the war” Lieberman don’t pretend anymore.  He was a NO.  So were:

Nelson NB           cornhusker strikes again

Webb VA            

McCaskill MO

Bayh IN               lame duck still can poop on your lawn

Begich AL

Feingold WI    

Kohl  WI

Landrieu  LA    isn’t she incredible

Menendez  NJ

Nelson FL      the other Nelson. on the Gulf.

Pryor AR

Senate Gives a Hearty F-U to Unemployed, Hungry & Sick, Breaks Early for Vacation

The Senate broke early, this past Thursday,  for their 11 day long vacation, kicked off with the Memorial Day Holiday upcoming on Monday.   They aren’t coming back into session until June 7 th.   They can’t “do” anything because of their arse kissing fillibuster rules until June 11th, 15 days after that.

HuffPo.  You need to read the entire story, but here’s a taste:


On June 1, several programs, including extended unemployment benefits, will expire. By the end of the week, 19,400 people will prematurely stop receiving checks, according to data from the Department of Labor. How long will it take the Senate to finish the bill? With Republicans promising to stand in the way, leadership will need to file at least one time-consuming “cloture” motion to break the filibuster and to set up a vote by the end of the week in the best-case scenario. By the end of the following week, the number of premature unemployment exhaustions will climb to 323,400. The week after that, 903,000. By the end of the month, 1.2 million.

It will be the third time this year that lawmakers have allowed extended unemployment benefits to lapse, and the second time they’ve decided to leave town for recess fully knowing the lapse would cause panic and confusion among blameless layoff victims — not to mention what Katz calls a “huge” administrative burden on state workforce agencies.

But this is the first time the Democratic Party can’t even half-plausibly blame the Republicans for the lapse. “This isn’t being done because of Republicans, believe me.  This is done because there’s a group of us, we don’t have a majority, but they listen,” said Rep. Dutch Ruppersburger (D-Md.), who fought to shrink the size of the bill. “I think it’s really symbolic. We have a very diverse party and the party has come together… This is a real victory for the moderates and the Blue Dogs and the freshmen, that our party leadership is working with us to let this happen.”  

The difference between the Blue Dogs and the Progressive Caucus, as I have repeatedly pointed out, is that the Blue Dog contingent is already a sell out to the established domestic energy, pharma, and tobacco industries, from which it takes donations, and said industries also are the financial backers of the Tea Party movement, which is the Republican Party’s astroturf for non thinking, feel good libertarian type older voters already on government benefits.

The House sucked up to the Blue Dog contingent to get their version ready for the Senate, and the Senate, as usual, skeedadled out the door, without taking any action on it,  laughing at them again.   The House also just left the entire month of December 2010 out of the bill, so the budget “deficit hawks” in the flyover states, like Sen. Kent Conrad  (D, ND, Middle East Warmonger, Domestic Budget “hawk”) can look at it again.

“It’s so hard to know what the economic conditions will be at that point,” he said.

Remember that “health insurance reform” bill these clowns just passed with great fanfare a few months ago ?

They are cutting the unemployed COBRA’s benefits, too.  Any person laid off after this Monday, May the 31st, will not be able to get COBRA subsidies to continue to purchase health insurance.  Welcome to the open market and the Emergency Room, folks !  

Feingold considering asking Reid to step down

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    Where is Joe Lieberman to save you now, Harry?

    Or maybe C Streeter Jon Ensign can come to Harry’s rescue again

Add John Ensign’s parents to the list of Republicans for Reid.

    Michael and Sharon Ensign donated $4,800, the maximum donation, to Nevada Sen. Harry Reid during the third fundraising quarter, according to a report from political newspaper Roll Call.

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Edward Kennedy Should Be Our Senate Majority Leader

With the wonderful news that Senator Kennedy’s cancer is in full remission and with the disgraceful spewing of Republican talking points I think it is time Harry Reid stepped down from Majority Leader (or forced down) and allow our Liberal Lion, my Senator one last roar.

As Majority Leader of the United States Senate.

This is the man who needs to be in the Senate directing the Health Care reform we all need.

This a man not afraid to stand up to Republicans UNLIKE our cowardly lion Senator Reid.

This is a man who was unafraid to stand up to the Clinton “inevitable” machine and endorse what seemed to be a long shot in Barack Obama.

Lets reward that courage and demand Harry Reid step down for his spineless spewing of Republican talking points (over and over again) and it give the man who is a true Champion of the Progressive movement one last moment of glory as we remake America.

Edward M. Kennedy