Nov. 20 1969, Forty Years Ago: “A clump of bodies”

My Lai photographer Ron Haeberle exposed a Vietnam massacre 40 years ago today in The Plain Dealer

November 20, 2009

Army Suicides, “Things are getting better.” Huh?

This was caught a short while ago:

Number of Army Suicides Expected to Top Last Year’s Number

The U.S. Army says it expects the number of suicides among active duty soldiers to top last year’s numbers, although it says progress is being made in addressing the issue…>>>>

They just made a quick comment at the end of the PBS News Hour, saying “The pace was slowing.” the Army’s response to the higher numbers of suicides!

‘My Daddy’s Not Dead Yet’:

Congressman Pens Book About Iraq War Regrets

North Carolina Republican Walter Jones’ conscience is really bothering him!  Back in 2002, he enthusiastically voted for and supported Bush’s call to invade Iraq.  Not only that,  he also ridiculed France for not supporting the U.S. effort.  Remember “Freedom Fries?”  Jones and fellow Republican Bob Ney waged a successful campaign to have “French Fries” renamed “Freedom Fries” on all the House cafeteria menus.  But that all changed when he attended a funeral for a young sergeant killed in Iraq and listened to the fallen soldier’s last letter to his family which was read at the service.  Jones began to write his own letters to the families of those killed in Iraq and came to strongly regret his 2002 vote.

Now Jones is writing a book called “My Daddy’s Not Dead Yet” as he ponders yet another vote on another war, he will soon have to cast.  Jones talked to George C. Wilson who wrote a very moving article for Congressdaily.com called “Atonement.”  In his article Wilson explains how Jones chose the title for his book…>>>

Kerry on Afghanistan

I’ll start this out with a short clip of a speech Senator, and brother ‘Nam Veteran, Kerry gave on his return from a fact finding and diplomacy trip to Afghanistan. In this clip, in just a couple of sentences, he lays out the reality as to what one leading ‘chickenhawk’, and to many war criminal, has been blathering lately. Though Kerry doesn’t mention it also speaks as to what that chief ‘chickenhawk’s’ spokesperson, his daughter, fast becoming the leading ‘chickenhawkette’, has also been spreading around, allowed to and rarely, if ever, challenged.

Army Sgt. Richard Yarosh: Portrait in Smithsonian

Justified Honor and Remembrance for not only Sgt. Yarosh but all who served and are serving in these two theaters, burned soldier portrait to show at Smithsonian!

This is and will be for a long time a great tribute to this soldier, and all the Fallen and Maimed of these two continuing occupations. And like “The Wall”, until we can build a Memorial for the Fallen of both these conflicts, it should be a Reminder to this Nation of what We Allowed “In Our Names!”!!