Wendell Potter is the Daniel Ellsberg of the Health Insurance Industry

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In their interview a few days ago on Keith Olberman’s show, Michael Moore called Wendell Potter the Daniel Ellsberg of the Health Care Insurance Industry and lauded him for his courage in standing up for the truth as a whistleblower and sacrificing his high paid job as a senior executive of Cigna Health Insurance.  There are several key moments in the interview:

I agree with Michael.  Wendell Potter is truly an American hero.


  1. in his First Ever Diary he posted at GOS the other day. I can look for a link if you want. Oh here it is. It was… well… lets just say there were some interesting comments. 😛

    I’ll be honest. I never paid much attention to Daily Kos until December 2007, when a 17-year-old girl was fighting for her life in a Los Angeles hospital and a medical director in a CIGNA office 2,000 miles away denied coverage for a liver transplant her doctors said she urgently needed.  When nyceve started writing about it here, all the executives at CIGNA took notice. I’ve never been the same since. Thank goodness.

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