Breakfast of Champions, For Keith

11/6/10 GF Oats,Aloe,Guinness Stout,Zenyatta's breakfast

Bob’s Gluten Free Oats, Aloe Vera Juice, Guinness Stout beer. Breakfast of Champions, For Zenyatta,  November 5, 2010, Rachel Maddow Show.

Rachel is carefully holding the package of gluten free oats front label away from the camera, but patrons will recognize it anywhere.

Those just aren’t any oats. : )  

They were grown and certified to be free of wheat protein.

Good morning, and good luck.  


  1. ….  when she did the segment on Zenyatta the champion racehorse and the Breeder’s Cup race.

    I suspect I am a person who cross reacts, so I don’t eat gluten free oats, but I keep them in the house for my spouse, who has chosen to eat gluten free at home with me.  

    She’s including Keith : )  the sports fan.

    Zenyatta is unusually tall for a mare at 17 H 2″ , a hand is 4″ so she is  70″ tall at her withers,  or just 2″ shy of being 6 foot tall there.  

    A normal thoroughbred mare would be maybe 62″ – 66″  tall.  

    She is even very tall compared to a male racehorse.  Most of the larger racehorses either have soundness problems, or are not quite as fast as the smaller ones, because after a certain size the horse’s body has to exert extra energy just to carry its extra size around. (why sprinting racehorses are shorter, and why the short and blocky champion Seabiscuit that Rachel mentioned was such a freak for being able to do distance as well as shorter races and break all speed records during his time.)

    Many of these ultra tall T- birds are successful at slower activities.  But not only is this horse fast, she’s still racing successfully at an age of 6, when most racehorses are retired.  She was obviously trained and handled with care her entire life to pull off such an incredible winning history.

    This is a fun video because you can see how much TALLER she is than the red pony horse that is leading her to the racetrack for a workout (they used a helmet camera on her rider. And that little pony horse, who is actually normal sized, keeps pinning his ears back at her and turns and gives her The Eye at one point, like “I Am In Charge Here.” Too funny. )  You can also see that although a normal running horse would be giving you some up or down motion, these elite thoroughbreds have their heads going up and down but the actual ride is very flat and straight.   You can also see this horse is completely relaxed about the whole thing because those big mare ears are soft and flopping as she sails up to the other horse.

    video from this story at:

  2. essay I referred to it as a ‘pony whistle’. Clever arent I? lol

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