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Pony Party: Japanese Rock and Pop!

Saturday’s as good a time as any to put up some good JPop and JRock!

Saturday Night Music Videos! w/poll!

So we’ve all been doing our shopping, both political and Christmas, and it’s time for something nice and relaxing.  So, I ran over to YouTube and thought some of the vids I like might be a good starting place!


Pony Party: Thanksgiving evening with Gackt and Hyde!

This is my Thanksgiving gift.  Sure, it’s stuff I like, but I think many will like it, too!  Some of my thanks go to the readers of Docudharma.  It appears that at least a few of you seem to like/pay some attention to what I write, and for that I thank you.  The stream over at Big Orange is rough to always be going against, and it’s good to find a place of somewhat like minded individuals (even those of you who have yet to be converted to Dennisism!).

So, here goes!

J-Pop for the Gosh Oh Gee of It! w/poll!

Ah, another day, another rumbling that things aren’t really going very well.  Many prayers for those in Southern California in the hopes that you and yours get through this horrible fire.  Many prayers that the Turks and Kurds can find some way not to flare into full scale war.  Many hopes and prayers that we can find a way to remove the warmongers Dick and W from office.

Pony Party: Music for the gosh oh gee of it! w/poll

With things being so serious lately, what with the SCHIP override coming up and an apparent capitulation on FISA, I thought it was a good time to put some music up for no reason whatever!  🙂