Pony Party: Thanksgiving evening with Gackt and Hyde!

This is my Thanksgiving gift.  Sure, it’s stuff I like, but I think many will like it, too!  Some of my thanks go to the readers of Docudharma.  It appears that at least a few of you seem to like/pay some attention to what I write, and for that I thank you.  The stream over at Big Orange is rough to always be going against, and it’s good to find a place of somewhat like minded individuals (even those of you who have yet to be converted to Dennisism!).

So, here goes!

Warning: The Truth About Gackt and Hyde!  Not for the squeamish, but it’ll give you a good idea of where I’m going with this!

This is Hyde singing Hello:

This is Gackt: Todokanai Ai to Shitteita no ni Osae Kirezu ni Aishi

Gackt! Vampires!  Gackt is a vampire, over 466 years old!  🙂

Here’s one of the reasons we like Hyde!

Well, it does something for me! 🙂

And Gackt, likewise!

When are they going to start selling e-ma here in the states?

Hyde’s got great hair!

But then Gackt looks good dressed in just about anything (or nothing)!

Finally (well, for now), we can see whether Gackt or Hyde can do things better!

There’s more, as needed!

Go Gackt!


Go Hyde!


Go Gackt and Hyde!

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