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Pony Party: Japanese Rock and Pop!

Saturday’s as good a time as any to put up some good JPop and JRock!

Saturday Night Music Videos! w/poll!

So we’ve all been doing our shopping, both political and Christmas, and it’s time for something nice and relaxing.  So, I ran over to YouTube and thought some of the vids I like might be a good starting place!


Pony Party: Thanksgiving evening with Gackt and Hyde!

This is my Thanksgiving gift.  Sure, it’s stuff I like, but I think many will like it, too!  Some of my thanks go to the readers of Docudharma.  It appears that at least a few of you seem to like/pay some attention to what I write, and for that I thank you.  The stream over at Big Orange is rough to always be going against, and it’s good to find a place of somewhat like minded individuals (even those of you who have yet to be converted to Dennisism!).

So, here goes!