Saturday Night Music Videos! w/poll!

So we’ve all been doing our shopping, both political and Christmas, and it’s time for something nice and relaxing.  So, I ran over to YouTube and thought some of the vids I like might be a good starting place!


The vids I’ve picked all have a theme: Gackt x Hyde! 🙂

Gackt is an ultra-successful JRock artist and may be the king of all media in Japan right now.  He fronts his band, GacktJob, and has been appearing in the yearly samaurai drama on Japanese TV. He’s 5’11”.

Hyde is the lead singer of L’arc-en-Ciel, one of Japan’s biggest JRock bands, and has a successful solo career as well.  He’s 5’3″ and likes to show off his tongue!

Gackt and Hyde starred in Moon Child, a vampire/organized crime movie (utterly fabulous).  It is said that Gackt fell in love with Hyde during the filming….

So, without further introductions:

Gackt & Hyde’s Hey Juliet

Gackt and HYDE fanvideo (that’s Gackt singing)

Gackt & Hyde – FanVid (Set to Gackt’s Secret Garden)

HYDE Gackt Fanvid – Everytime we touch

Moonchild – Hyde & Gackt

There’s lots more! 🙂

And just for fun:

Cooking with Hyde Gackt and Miyavi

Do you have any favorite music vids?

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  1. Ok…so I’m a fanboy!

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