High technology green energy like you never imagined it before

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Even small children understand this entertaining “high tech” video quite easily but Obama and Bill McKibben cannot:


For the record, I assume but do not know that the new green plastics not made from fossil fuels would be converted just as easily – and recycled, if desired.

It takes somewhat more ingenuity and effort to convert pig farts to tomatoes but that is a story for another time:

Are Hydroponic Tomatoes Fertilized With Pig Stench Organic?

Almost certainly no.

    Pig city

   Another livestock emissions research farm, but this time dedicated to recycling the metabolic waste of pigs, is being built in Denmark.

   Gottlan Paludan, the lead architect in the construction of the “City of Pigs”, says the purpose is “to analyse the synergies of large-scale livestock raising and the production of tomatoes, in order to take advantage, in a reciprocal way, of the waste that each process produces.”

   The site of the pig farm, on the Jutland Peninsula, allows the filtration and absorption of CO2, ammonia and other gases. The manure will be reused to generate biogas, which in turn will produce electricity. The manure will also be recycled to remove water and produce natural fertilisers.


Efforts to go fully commercial were in progress last I checked but the pigs were getting company from less smelly livestock.  Air filters are used to collect the ammonia from gaseous emissions.

Best,  Terry