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Plead Guilty, Fool, The Truth Means Nothing To Anyone Who Counts

A very old woman, worn and haggard from a lifetime of struggle, appeared for the last time before a New Jersey appeals court to ask again that the court consider the evidence exonerating her executed husband.  It mattered greatly to her though the court could do nothing about the dead.  

In its immutable wisdom, the court decided it was best left to history.

And so it was.

The woman died soon after and the lies continue unabated and are strengthened and propagated by the very FBI that abandoned the case under J. Edgar Hoover, reputedly because of the bad conduct and false evidence from the New Jersey cops.

The widow of “the fiend of the century,” Bruno Hauptmann, might at least have been spared her long widowhood if Hauptmann had only confessed to a crime he didn’t commit.  

Not, mind you, when Hauptmann first appeared in court for his arraignment with the marks of his – ummm, interrogation clearly visible.  We nearly beat a confession out of him, a cop was reported to have said.

Rather, on the eve of his execution, the Governor of New Jersey pleaded with Hauptmann to confess in a room close to the electric chair so the governor could commute his sentence to life.

Hauptmann refused.  He didn’t want his wife and young son to bear the burden of a false confession.  

They were spared from nothing at all.  Instead they had to endure additional pain.

I have never been quite able to wrap myself around the lifelong admiration of Benjamin Franklin for Cotton Mather, he of the Salem witch trials.  Franklin was a horny old goat, who wasn’t much of a husband, but, geez, he did seem a most honorable fellow in some regards though liberals don’t count for much these days.

These morose thoughts were revived when I looked again at the refusal of courts to consider the exculpatory evidence, including DNA, against another innocent man, a friend.  It’s too painful to regurgitate and probably harmful to any last slender hope of freedom after decades of imprisonment.

Justice will come in an afterlife only there isn’t any.



Psycho Ward Attitude Correction Comes to America

NYPD Threw Truth-Telling Cop in Psycho Ward for 6 Days, and Tried to Coerce Crime Victims to Produce Better Stats


The old Soviet Union used to make liberal use of insane asylums to squelch dissent under the rational assumption that anyone protesting in such a dictatorship had to be crazy.

There is no intention here of claiming that America is quite so brutal nor as systematic.  The headline betrays a somewhat less than – umm, unbiased report but the lengthy detailing of matters does clearly demonstrate the farce of claiming that reporting inside an abusive bureaucracy is likely to lead to correction.

An investigating officer appointed in Vietnam when I was there was tasked to look into matters when a sgt was charged with misconduct.  “Hanging Sam” Williams (the appellation came from the general being a Nuremburg judge) had decided the troops needed some discipline and, much like Obama’s recent word to civil servants to look for troublemakers among fellow workers, word went out that the general needed some examples.

The investigating officer actually did an investigation of the reported “incident.”  He reported the sergeant had done nothing at all wrong.  Not very smart.  While the sergeant was accepting a cut in pay and loss of rank rather than being court martialed, the investigating officer got a letter of reprimand sent to him and his commanding officer ordering that the lieutenant be instructed on how to do an impartial and thorough investigation.

Well that’s just routine in the military as Bradley Manning could tell you now were he allowed but now we are going civilian.

Best,  Terry  

Barack Obama administration seeks to change police questioning law

As an Illinois state senator, Obama sponsored a bill to require the police to videotape interrogations in capital crime cases.  Illinois was the first state to do this.

Now, the Obama administration is urging the US Supreme Court to overturn a landmark decision that stops police from questioning suspects unless they have a lawyer present.  Nineteen former judges and prosecutors, including Larry Thompson (ex-deputy attorney general) and Williams Sessions (former FBI director), have urged the Supreme Court to leave the 1986 ruling intact.

The Michigan vs Jackson ruling in 1986 established that, if a defendants have a lawyer or have asked for one to be present, police may not interview them until the lawyer is present.  Any such questioning cannot be used in court even if the suspect agrees to waive his right to a lawyer because he would have made that decision without legal counsel, said the Supreme Court.  

The US Justice Department is arguing that the existing rule is unnecessary and outdated.  The sixth amendment of the US constitution protects the right of criminal suspects to be “represented by counsel”, but the Obama regime argues that this merely means to “protect the adversary process” in a criminal trial.  

The Justice Department, in a brief signed by Elena Kagan, the solicitor general, said the 1986 decision “serves no real purpose” and offers only “meagre benefits”.

Critics argue that the 1986 decision is important to protect vulnerable defendants such as the mentally disabled, poor or juveniles who could be easily swayed by the police.

“Your right to assistance of counsel can be undermined if somebody on the other side who is much more sophisticated than you are comes and talks to you and asks for information,” said Sidney Rosdeitcher, a New York lawyer who advises the Brennan Centre for Justice at New York University.

So according to the Obama administration, the criminal rights of the mentally disabled, poor and juvenilles are too meager to be bothered with, and the Bush administration’s crimes are too important to look back on in anger or with thoughts of revenge.  

Where the hell are their high priced consultants, their values, their heads?  There is no way this administration can sell taking away rights and justice from America’s most vulnerable while protecting torturers and fraudulent banks.  If this isn’t morally and politically bankrupt on all counts, I don’t know what is.  

Somebody really needs to let President Obama in on the screwed up messages “the Obama administration” is sending out in his name, and Democrats better remember that even the Iraq war got a honey moon.  If Obama and the Democrats don’t deliver the change they promised, they will lose to it; and this country can’t afford to have them blow another opportunity to enact the progressive change that the people and the country so urgently need.  Democrats can either be the hero and keep power for 30 – 40 years, or they can be the goat and concede power in 4 years.    

I want to believe, but he keeps pissing me off.  

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