Long Before There Was Earth, There was Light

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Life was born in darkness in poisonous, oxygen-free volcanic vents in the depths of the oceans – or so current leading theories hold.  Dr. Frankenstein’s primeval soup that bore life with the aid of lightning strikes is being relegated to mythology alongside autochthonous creation of humans and curing depressions with austerity.

Terry Turpin is not yet the Master of Light but he has made a promising start with a reach backward to the future with light.

Turpin processes images in real-time that take 20 engineers 6 months to process at Raytheon (RTN) or Lockheed (LMT). And he does it in a device about the size of a shoebox

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As you probably guessed, most of what Turpin is doing is hidden behind high security walls. What you perhaps didn’t expect is that Turpin’s superfast computers are analog computers.

What NSA and by extension IRS and the whole security state spying apparatus could do with such computers is obvious but analog computers need lots of work to enter the digital world.  For now, they are only useful in very small numbers for finding real security threats.

Best,  Terry

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  1. that will eventually replace the electronic age.

    Light is very fast but analog humans not so swift.

    Best,  Terry

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