Which Side of Hell Do You Wish To Spend Eternity In

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The usher asks the new arrival his preference.

– What is the difference?

– One is on the right and the left.

– Is there any other difference?

– No.

This comment on a now aging book reminded me of the one time fevered discussion of how we had failed to do something about the genocide in Rwanda:

“I pulled the book off the shelf last night, and was reminded that it is brilliant, a carefully written, deeply researched indictment of American indifference in the face of atrocity. And I realized that the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria must be driving Power mad with frustration — frustration, of course, with Bashar al-Assad’s killer regime and frustration with the international community (so-called), in particular the Russians, who will do almost anything to protect the regime from censure, but also frustration with those in the administration who have spent the past two years looking for ways to distance the U.S. from the horror.”


There are no answers.

Fortunately there is no eternal hell.  We serve our time here and then are no more.

Best,  Terry