Rudy Guiliani a Cross Dressing Presidential Candidate Raised by a Mafia Father

Rudy Guiliani’s father Harold was a mafia hit man. He did time in Sing Sing. Upon his father’s death Rudy said that his father was a kind, generous man who taught him the value of honesty. Many members of Guilianis family were mobsters. Maybe Rudy has “issues”. According to Rudy mafia hit men can be kind and honest. It seems that Rudy, due to his upbringing and the development and maintenance of this perverse perspective no doubt has a great deal of difficulty dealing with a little thing called, THE TRUTH.

Wayne Barret wrote a book that uncovered Rudy’s upbringing in 2000. It’s called “Rudy! An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani.” Barret is a well respected writer for the Village Voice.

The news media seems to have forgotten all about the book.


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He could be the next President. Here he is showing his feminine side dressed up like a mobster….and again below showing he’s not afraid to dress up in womens clothing. He’s got the cross dresser vote in the (brown paper) bag

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Yes, this is really Rudy Giuliani. A man of many disguises. He likes to play dress up. There are many more photos of Rudy dressing up in womens clothing on several occassions. It’s something he likes to do….otherwise he wouldn’t do it. Take off the make up and you will find a very mixed up man, who dabbles in being a woman.

Here’s a video with Trump. Trump actually sucking at Giuliani’s breasts. Can he be serious about being president?

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Giuliani has also posed as a Hell’s angel with Conservative, Mob connected senator Al D’Amato to buy crack cocaine on the street in an “effort” to show how available drugs were in New York City. He showed up in a news conference dressed as a Hell’s angel to describe the buy. Maybe Rudy’s upbringing by the Mafia dad, cousins and uncles left him with a little bit of an identity problem. Does he want to be a man, a sexy woman, a mobster, a cop, a drug addicted Hell’s Angel or President or just a fey, silly boy?

Senator Al D’Amato is a very close friend of Rudys

A convicted figure in the FBI’s Abscam Congressional bribery sting operation said in a taped conversation that D’Amato was “on the take.” In the March 1979 taped conversation, Alfred Carpentier told FBI agents posing as Arabs how to develop Mitchell Field, an abandoned Air Force base the government sold to Nassau County in 1961. Carpentier asserted that he could get to then Hempstead Supervisor D’Amato. “The guy is on the take. If you want to give him something, we’ll weigh that when the time comes. You make your analysis based on what he’s giving us… [D’Amato] said you can develop the that whole goddamn thing. That whole thing comes to, like, a $240 million development. You can have any part of it or the best pieces, whatever you want.” No action was taken against D’Amato.

From TPM Cafe:

Senator Al was delighting his fellow Republicans in Washington with his never-ending investigation of the Clintons. Appointing Senator Al, one of the most crooked senators in US history, to lead an investigation of President Clinton, was the most crude and ugly attack on a sitting president ever launched. Senator Al’s charge was to humiliate a sitting president in front of the world to the best of his ability and he put his heart and soul into the task at hand. Thank God, New Yorkers finally got sick of listening to his shit and threw him out of office.

If Senator Al had conducted a real investigation of the Clintons, it would have been over in less than six months. Based on his own vast experience, Senator Al knew which rocks to look under and if he couldn’t find any wrongdoing, there wasn’t any.

Louie Freeh’s assignment was to turn up the heat on the president and block any attempt to look into Senator Al’s ties to Carl Lizza and his other unsavory mob-connected associates. It was fairly well-known in certain NY circles that Senator Al was picking up cash at Nastasi-White, another mobbed-up NY contractor. Someone I know personally observed Senator Al on several occasions at the Nastasi office.

Among his many shady undertakings, Senator Al traded stock through Stratton Oakmont, a very crooked brokerage house on Long Island which was the target of a big investigation and shut down. The Stratton Oak principals were convicted but nothing stuck to Senator Al. Nothing ever did.

From the New York Times

Senator Alfonse M. D’Amato said yesterday that he had spoken to Rudolph W. Giuliani, then the United States Attorney in Manhattan, three times about pending criminal cases in 1984 and 1985, but he denied any effort to pressure the prosecutor – an account that Mr. Giuliani backed up.

Both the Long Island Republican and Mr. Giuliani, the Republican-Liberal candidate for mayor of New York City, described the contacts as cursory and routine, with no effect on the outcomes of the cases. The two men issued statements after articles about the contacts appeared in The Village Voice and The Daily News.

On one occasion, Mr. D’Amato said, he passed on a plea from the Rev. Louis Gigante of the Bronx for a reduction in the prison sentence of Father Gigante’s brother, Mario, of Yonkers, a reputed captain in the Genovese family of the Mafia. Over the objections of Mr. Giuliani’s office, a judge later trimmed two years from the eight-year term that Mr. Gigante received for extortion.

Another time, Mr. D’Amato said, acting at the behest of the late criminal lawyer Roy Cohn, he urged Mr. Giuliani to review murder charges against the late Paul Castellano, then boss of the city’s most powerful Mafia group, the Gambino family. But Mr. D’Amato said he was unaware of the identity of the defendant or any other particulars of the case at the time..

Of course Rudy opposed the reduction of the sentence publicly while he promoted it privately. The fact is, The Castellano sentence was reduced.

…and Gigante was granted bail.

This is another example of how Rudy takes the values he learned from his father and applies them to real world situations. Tony Soprano has those kinds of values. He doesn’t like to be lied to either. He believes in doing favors. And getting favors in return.

Harold Giuliani, Rudy’s father broke legs, smashed kneecaps and crunched noses and no doubt killed people for the mob as a juice loan collector for the mob. He served time in Sing Sing for armed robbery

Early on in his crime career, Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani’s father, Harold Giuliani, was sent to Sing Sing prison for armed robbery.__As reported by Wayne Barrett in his 2000 book Rudy! An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani, Harold Giuliani and an accomplice held up a milk deliverer in Manhattan on April 2, 1934. The indictment (“People v. Harold Giuliani indicted as Jospeh Starrett,” the false name Harold gave the police) charged Harold threatened the milkman with a pistol to get his money.

From the Village Voice a description of Harold Guiliani on a typical work day as he shakes down a milk man.

Giuliani grabbed Hall’s pants and yanked them down to his ankles. He told Hall to sit down. He grabbed the man’s hands, pulled them behind his back and bound them with cord. Squatting, his back to the wall, Giuliani leaned over his victim and began tying his feet together. Before he was finished, a police officer, Edward Schmitt, burst in the front door of the building.

Later in his career…

Most debtors would pay at the bar, slipping an envelope to Harold across the counter. In the mid to late ’50s, Harold collected as much as $15,000 a week, tapping dozens of debtors. The “vig” usually began at a stifling 150 percent and rose with the passing of each week. Many people borrowed money to pay rent or foot a business expense and would pay back four or five times the amount they borrowed. There were no excuses for being late.

One afternoon, a man reluctantly entered the bar to apologize to Harold, saying that he didn’t have the money-could he have just one more week? Frowning, Harold reached under the bar, out of sight, and gripped his baseball bat. As the man before him continued pleading for an extension, Harold swung the bat, cracking him flat across the face, sending him back a few feet. “Don’t be late again,” Harold said, according to an eyewitness.


Many of Rudy’s immediate family were mobsters.

But you see Rudy was a states attorney and he indicted many mobsters and many Wall Street cheaters.

So you ask….how can Rudy be a Mobster if he indicted so many mobsters? Recently two New York Policeman who were once convicted were released from life imprisonment by what appears to be a mob judge. The two police were high officials in the New York police department. These policemen worked for the Luchese crime family and were assassinating and imprisoning members of rival mafia families.

From the NYTS:

Judge Weinstein wrote that Mr. Eppolito and Mr Caracappa

“had kidnapped, murdered and assisted kidnappers and murderers” and he had no choisce but to let them go because the 5 year staure of limitations in the conspirisacy cases had run out.


States Attorney, politicians and judges belonging or allied with one family or the other often put in jail opposing mafia members. So we have the illusion that there is the law on one side and the criminals on the other. But in reality they work together.

Public officials promote the agenda of the family whose side they are on.

Politicians do not go to jail because they break the law. They go to jail because they are caught by opposing forces on the other end of the political spectrum and for competitive reasons of advancement by the public officials who put them there.

States attorneys are always putting potential rivals in jail…or fixing cases on behalf of allies.

  In Illinois it’s common for a states attorny to put an Illinois governor in jail and then run for governor himself. States attorney’s typically go for high profile cases to further their careers, not to fight crime.

Here is how it works

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What is Guilianis other hand doing?

Bernard Kerik associates with the mob too. They do all his remodeling.

Kerik’s mother was a prostitute who abandon him as a child. Kerik is a high school drop out and has passed only a high school equivalency test.

With those qualifications Bernark Kerik was appointed police commissioner for the New York City by Rudolph Guiliani and later on, with Guilianis recommendation, head (and neck) of Homeland Security. I think Keriks neck is a neck developed from the use of steroids. In any case Kerik is neck deep in mob ties and Rudy Guiliani certainly knew that when he appointed him Police Commisioner.

Kerik has just been indicted for a host of reasons, among them having a mafia construction company remodel his home at no charge. Kerik helped the company get city contracts and his brother got a job “working” for them.

Like Rudy, family is very important.

Kerik was “discovered” by Guiliani when Kerik appeared on the scene as Guiliani’s chaffeur.

So Giuliani is leading in many of the polls. That figures. Quite fitting that the American State Run Mob that extorts, rapes, kidnaps, imprisons, assassinates, tortures people all over the world be led by a man whose family taught him the ropes from childhood.

Quite fitting that the absurdist, American suburban people seriously consider a cross dressing son of a mobster disguised as a former mayor, crime fighting states attorney and faux 911 hero to lead a nation in worldwide extortion and loan sharking.

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The future waits anxiously for Herr Don Guiliani.


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  1. I can’t get blockquotes to work on this ….is it not used here?

    • Robyn on November 21, 2007 at 18:36

    …the slandering of crossdressers.  It’s not necessary to do that while you attack Giuliani.

  2. Is by far my least favorite candidate in the race. Period.

    I hate the idea he might become Presidnet.

    But I think it’s kinda cool when he dresses up like that. Stick to those boring, stuck up, phony-as-all-shit, ‘oh my goodness will you look at that’ holier than thou conservative assholes out there.

    I agree with Robyn here, don’t put down the cross-dressers. Some of the best people in the world are cross-dressers. Rudy ain’t one of ’em (best people that is).

    Rudy has some of the worst neo-cons in America advising his campaign on foreign policy issues. Now there’s a good reason to stick it to Rudy.


  3. the good old fashioned mob. Not the CEO, Yaley mob. This campaign is getting more bizarre by the day. Watched The Departed last night really seemed to be the tale of our current government, rats everywhere. Rudy may seem more socially liberal but he’s a pit bull.

    As for the cross dressing aspect of Rudy, it makes me shake my head in wonder that he is running under the banner of the haters and fearers of all things that are not repressive of the beauty of our sexual expressions and call them evil, ugly and wish to punish them under laws and in the name of God. Whether he did it for a good cause or not he is a disgrace to cross dressers every where with his hypocrisy.    

  4. memes Rudy is directly responsible for quickly getting rid of the thermite evidence from the towers after 911.

    He said it was perfectly safe to clean up all of the asbestos laden toxic waste rubble too.

    To top that off some of the rubble, complete with human body parts was diverted to fill potholes.

    And while I have zero “proof” he most likely pushed the detonator on WTC building seven.

    Definitely a “can do” type of guy.

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