Bush says he Plans Continue His Term after 2008!!!

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DATELINE: January 2009


Rebounding once again after yet another stunning Republican popular electoral defeat in 2008, the Eternal Imperial Procurator George W. Bush presented his new cabinet today at the White House. The whereabouts of the Democratic and Republican challengers are still unknown. “They have not showed up for work and someone has to lead, We are at war!” shouted His Excellency as he began his 3rd term for life. Cheering throngs of black shirted fascists from the Pentagon, CIA and State Department poured into the capital to ensure a smooth transition from Democracy and to wish our dear leader well.


Freedom in America has never been derived from the Constitution but has evolved from a primitive competition between religious groups to a modern competition between large corporate entities. These large corporate entities and the laws and regulations which govern and protect their interaction with each other are the laws and rules which trickle down to the general population in the form of individual protection and security. This is where our “freedom” comes from and how it has been sustained and survived.

As the corporate entities coalesce or “merge” there are fewer  corporations and therefore less competition and therefore less need for regulation and less need for trickle down laws regulating and guaranteeing the freedom for the general population.

We are now witnessing an attack on the general populations security (Social Security pension funds for ex. and individual freedoms Homeland security acts, immigration restrictions, national identification cards).

Foremost and above all we have an age of deregulation. Regulation is the source of our freedom. Regulation is the laws governing companies for the purpose of allowing them to compete on a equitable basis.

Deregulation of corporate monopolies results in an all-consuming corporate gobble of their smaller competition, then the suppliers and then their supplier’s suppliers.There is less need for regulation with fewer companies competing. There is less need for freedom when there are fewer choices for the consumer.

If we want to know why the Bush administration is in the Whitehouse and can maintain itself there you simply need to observe the formula above. As corporations merge, and the need to regulate them is abolished, we have fewer choices, and consequently we are rendered less perceptive, less discriminating. There is less to perceive, less to see, less to choose from. Singularity and homogeneity become the norm. Perception and discrimination are weakened and become flaccid. It becomes easier to manipulate perception when there are fewer choices imaginable.

In view of the above, Democrats are becoming more Republican and Republicans are shifting farther to the right. Republicans are entrenching themselves in the courts and, in the media, Control of media sources have caused the swing of the democratic party to the right to such an extent that it has for all practical purposes, become a branch of the Republican party and a faux competitor while being perceived as an actual competitor.


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    • Turkana on October 19, 2007 at 23:29

    of, by, and for the corporations.

  1. they are multinational and have no accountability to anything other then profit. The government is subject to social responsibility and the will of those governed . It is a contract which in theory should work for the common good. What we have here is the government taxing us and then dolling it out to the corporations with no rules, accountability or regulation.

    It has become even more like Babylon in that now the policies and legislation are written not for our benefit but for corporate profit, the welfare of the state or the citizen or even the market does not enter the equation. This is not free market it’s crony capitalism and when a government ceases to function except as an ATM for the multinationals it’s not  governing but tyranny. It tends to piss off people as in, No taxation without representation, or that other old chestnut Don’t tread on me! 

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