Video of American U.S. Moron Soldiers Confessing to War Crimes: Winter Soldier


U.S. Soldiers confess to murder

There is nothing in the MSM on this. It’s not being reported. We have a State Corporate Controlled Press with one token clown who acts as a stooge/sop to the left in the employ of the Corporate Controlled State. He appears  on a semi game/news show called Countdown, he is the host and probably your idol, Keith Blabberman.

“Stab an Iraqi to death and get a free 4 day pass”. Didn’t matter who he was. Those are the instructions given to some soldiers.

“Shoot all taxi cabs in the town”

Soldiers recount the men women and children they killed and how they thought at the time it was fun or just somethin’ to do to keep from being bored.

They describe the military in Iraq as vicious, racist and murdering people indiscriminately for fun, sometimes in fear, but almost always pointlessly killing innocent people. It’s the rule, not the exception that Iraqi’s are abused.

“Not once did I ever find arms in a raid in an Iraqi house. But we arrested them anyway.”America’s Moronic Soldiers Confess]

The closest you can come to what horror the American Moron people and their Moron soldiers have wrought in Iraq is the “American version” of reality of what goes on in Iraq.

Apologetic soldiers revealing that they were or perhaps continue to be Morons. Once you have been trained to be a Moron, you cannnot escape it entirely. It’s part of your history. Once you have been tortured, starved, shot or killed the results are permanent. They live on forever. It’s true for the victim and the victimizer.

“In order for us to regain our humanity and our military we demand the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq” Camilio Meija.

This soldier has in effect admitted that he was trained to become a moron for the Moronic American people and their twice elected and accurate representative, George Bush, who is of course, also a Moron.

The soldiers are regaining their humanity after confessing that they acted like morons in Iraq. Something I have said for years.

The American president, the American people and the American soldiers are Morons. This isn’t a joke. They are under a spell. They have been trained to view Iraqi’s and other Muslims as not only inferior and evil, but utterly worthless and of course ‘dangerous”.

The pathetic pleas of the “liberal” blogoshere at excusing the actions of the Moronic troops is simply an expression by Moronic writers who do not wish to admit that they too, are under the spell of the hypnotic mass media. The mass media is nothing more than an outlet for government news. The sources for almost all news are “government sources”…..not independent reporters.

Let’s call it what it is. Let’s stop trying to deny the truth.

1 MILLION Iraqi’s dead. ALL caused by the invasion. 1 Million Iraqi people killed by the AMERICAN PEOPLE. 5 to 8 million displaced and millions more injured or traumatized. Close to the 50% of the Iraqi population is dead, dying, injured or displaced.

Those who support Obama, Clinton and McCain are in effect organs for Moronity.

A USA Poll recently shows that 70% of the American Moron people are against IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL. Because, they say….they don’t want to abandon the Iraqi people. This is the height of Moronity and an expression of a desire to continue to destroy. I’m sure some of you will interpret the poll differently. But that’s IS what it says. Phased withdrawal….that’s what the American candidates are saying. Phased withdrawal is nothing more than staying in Iraq. Immediate withdrawal is leaving Iraq. There has been a “phased withdrawal” from Iraq for about 5 years now..or haven’t YOU noticed that. Every other month we hear about withdrawal of troops followed by every other month a increase in the number of troops. Haven’t you noticed?

The bottom line is this. American people like violence, destruction and torture. Otherwise they would find it revolting. There would be uproar. There isn’t any. The candidates are not talking about leaving Iraq immediately and entirely. They want to leave “carefully”.

The American people offer only  a defense for the support of “Our Troops” and helping the Iraqi people “get back on their feet”

I’m sorry. Strip away all the intellectualization and you will find that what people DO defines what they are…..NOT WHAT THEY SAY.

And what American people do….their troops, their politicians, their secret agencies, their people….is destroy things, kill living things. And what they say is….they are trying to help the things they are destroying. It simply doesn’t make sense, because the truth is simple. What we have in America is MASS DEMENTIA. If everybody is crazy and they are crazy collectively and in agreement about the things they are crazy for…then there is no way to think outside that kind of madness.

This violencein Iraq is what America likes. It’s what America wants and it’s what really goes on in the deeper part of the American psyche…they like to kill things. It’s sexy. It’s about Power and Sex.

You don’t believe me?

Turn on the TV. People are being tortured on “game” shows forced to eat dung, Saws are cutting peoples limbs off, spikes put into the eye…lots of blood and gore…just like in real life in Iraq where the Moronic soldiers videotaped Iraqi’s covered in shit, the rape of boys and girls, the murder and mutilation of other Iraqi people…. It’s about Power and Sex. All the wonderful videos which you have been allowed to see and the even more graphic ones from Abu Ghraib and countless other locations which you have not been allowed to see are about Power and Sex.

And you wonder that maybe our troops are being victimized. The victimization of the troops is an American victimization, not an Iraqi one. And whatever victimization the Americans troops are receiving pales in comparison to the destruction they have wrought on the Iraqi people, the Afghans, the Pakistanis, the Somalis, the Iranians and everyone else they are bombing and undermining.

Look in the Mirror.

What do you see?


You’re going to vote for people who voted to fund the war.

If so, you’re ill.


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  1. Some people will hesitate to recommend a diary such as this one. It’s not easy for Americans to accept the fact that these kinds of incidents take place unless they’ve been in similar situations, which few of them have.

    This reflects on leadership (all of the way up the chain of command) and training. Despite the rhetoric we are constantly fed, neither the war/occupation in Afghanistan nor the war/occupation in Iraq are being conducted for altruistic reasons.

    Many Americans cannot see through the bullshit. They are far distant from where such incidents are happening. Many don’t have the time or the interest in much outside of their own little world. The powers that be like it that way. The corporate media does their best to keep us ignorant of the truth.

    It is indeed a sickness.

    • kj on March 19, 2008 at 15:43

    in connection with American troops is reason enough for me not to rec… or completely read, this essay.  i will read the soldiers stories, however.

    there are some people at this site who have family in theatre, Stu.  there are also current discussions about the Winter Soldiers hearings and the war. and discussions about the ‘sickness’ that we see.  those essays don’t tend to use words like “moron,”  probably in great part to the people and to Buhdy’s “Be excellent” mantra.  just sayin’

  2. Although I agree with some of your points –

    I watched each and every Winter Soldier Video and find these soldiers heros and not morons.

    I also find you writing confusing. It is almost impossible for me to understand what you are saying behind the anger.

    Maybe if you cool out a bit,seriously, you can write something more constructive as this is a very open community.  

  3. Have you spent any time in the military, Stu?  A year in a combat zone?  

    I only ask because I think you might not be so quick to call those people morons if you had.

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