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“Now that we’ve determined just what you are . . .

. . . all we’re doing now is negotiating the price.”

It’s a punchline to an old joke.

And Democrats, as thereisnospoon so ably points out in his diary, are in real danger of becoming the same.

Without the common courtesy of a reach-around

What – no AstroGlide?

McCain: No one could have anticipated Hurricane Sarah

John McCain is focusing on the wrong disaster.

The Category 3 that’s about to hit isn’t off the Gulf Coast, and it isn’t named Gustav.

It’s seated in the Gulfstream IV next to him, and it’s named Sarah.

Poor Sarah Palin . . .

Poor Sarah Palin . . .

Look at her up there smiling.  They always smile before they realize what’s about to happen to them.

Sarah Palin is about to become a human sacrifice to the electoral gods.

Propaganda, American style


How to win big in November: impeach

On his program this morning Thom Hartmann mentioned some off-the-record conversations he had had with Democratic congressional insiders regarding the possibility of impeachment just 100 days or so away from November’s general election.

These insiders told Hartmann that the Democrats would not push for impeachment so close to the election because, as has been said so many times before, “impeachment would suck all of the oxygen out of the room.”  Their belief is that the traditional media, with their deranged sense of “balance,” would apportion all of their coverage of any impeachment hearings to the “Democratic” side of the ledger, and grant the bulk of the remaining, “Republican,” side of the ledger to coverage of John McCain.

In other words, media coverage would consist of two things: John McCain, and impeachment.

I cannot think of a better way to win in a landslide this November than for exactly that to happen.  Let me explain:

I burned through all my outrage in ’06, sorry

. . . all I got left is cynicism, snark and recycled outrage.

See, it was easy back in ’06 – when things were soooo bad. I mean, outrage was running, what – buck-and-a-quarter, maybe six bits a gallon back then, right? I was livin’ large, drivin’ the Escalade of outrage – we all were. And it was easy back then to figure out who our collective outrage should be aimed at:

Those filthy, nasty Republicans

– who, after all, were actually running things, so blaming everything on them was totally legitimate.

And I was committed to taking Congress away from those cretinous bastards so we could put a stop to the occupation of Iraq, and to warrantless wiretapping of Americans, and to the whole idea of the President as king. You know, like we did 230 years ago, right?  

Senator McCain: HELP ME HELP YOU!

Senator McCain: I am PREPARED TO DEFEND the use of your military record as PROOF of your QUALIFICATION TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT

I lack only the tools.

Help ME to help YOU.  

Juggling ain’t singing; or, Wes Clark as Simon Cowell

So Former Naval POW John McCain walks into the American Presidential audition room and proceeds to shuck and jive through his entire schtick, twirling his POW flag around while telling you that he’s not, and trying to convince America to vote for him because everybody tells him he’d be a swell president.

Gen. Wesley Clark, sitting in Simon Cowell’s chair, can’t take any more and raises his hand to stop the music.

“You’re a terrific juggler,” Gen. Clark says, “but

your future involves not being president.”

Sneering Scalia: The right to bear whatever arms I say

Well, after the Supreme Court’s stellar 5-4 decision today in D.C. v. Heller (PDF file), I am saving all my pennies for the day when Antonin Scalia decrees that I can legally possess a TOW missile – because, as his majority opinion makes clear, he gets to decide what weaponry I get to own.

One of our Founding Fathers is behind telco immunity

In all of this talk about telco immunity in the FISA bill, the same question keeps popping into my mind:

Just exactly which constituency is it that’s clamoring for telco immunity?


OMG, these Republican morans never learn.

Some of you with memories longer than a fruit fly’s may recall that, oh, last week (and, for that matter, every week since September 11, 2001), every right-wing neocon legislator screamshow host Supreme Court justice  BushCheney clone was fulminating about how Islamofashionists posed an imminent  threat to your personal safety and that of your children and dog.

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