McCain: No one could have anticipated Hurricane Sarah

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John McCain is focusing on the wrong disaster.

The Category 3 that’s about to hit isn’t off the Gulf Coast, and it isn’t named Gustav.

It’s seated in the Gulfstream IV next to him, and it’s named Sarah.

Holy crap, I don’t think even the Corps of Engineers is going to be able to keep this shitstorm from overwhelming the McCain “campaign.”

No one could have anticipated that Sarah Palin would explode in McCain’s face.

The crack McCain team of researchers, with the resources of the entire Republican political machine behind it, somehow forgot to go to the offices of the hometown Wasilla newspaper. Where they have, you know, articles ‘n stuff about, you know, Sarah Palin.

Who knew? Heh.

Sarah Palin is a deus ex machina for Democrats, a miracle descended as if by magic from high, high up in America, from outside our knowledge, all the way down, down into the very center of our political lives, to offer us in one fell swoop a simple validation of all that we know is wrong with the Republican Party –

John McCain demonstrated terrible, awful, breathtakingly infantile reckless judgment in his selection of Sarah Palin – and he had months and months and months to get it right.

There is no reason to believe he will act any differently as president.

But let’s talk about Hurricane Sarah for a moment, shall we?

Sarah Palin is, indeed, the Gift That Keeps On Giving. Of what misdeeds are we already aware, after four days of exhaustive research? Let’s see . . .

  • Her blatant abuse of power in Troopergate.

  • The fact that she is a dyed-in-the-wool head-in-the-sand fundamentalist Luddite who actually believes the oil reserves she wants to dole out to the remaining 49 states that will still be united after Alaska secedes (Jesus H. Christ in an F250, the Republican base south of the Mason-Dixon line are gonna be jealous – We thought of it first!) were created 6,000 years ago, the same day the Grand Canyon and fire were invented.

  • For the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it – and then somehow forgets that on national television. She misspoke several times. Must be sleep-deprived – nights are longer in Wasilla.

  • Pro-life – but only if that life proves itself tough enough to survive eleventy-something hours of preterm labor and a seven-hour flight after its water breaks.

  • Her knowledge that Thomas Jefferson recognized the threat posed by Commie schoolkids in Moscow clearly enough to insert the America-saving words “under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance 230 years ago.

  • And so on.

I know there is more, much more, to be unearthed. And we bloggers – and, mirabile dictu! maybe even some members of the corporate media – will soon discover it.

After McCain and the Republicans didn’t even bother to look for it.

That’s the level of diligence, the attention to detail, the concern for facts, the common sense to ask questions, that is entirely missing from John McCain and his advisers.

Which, of course, is par for the course for Republicans – except that for the past nearly eight years, such behavior has served – intentionally – to  further the Republican narrative of “Government is bad – see, it can’t do anything right,” and thus accelerate privatization and the diversion of hundreds of billions of dollars into the pockets of the wealthiest people in America.

The Palin fiasco, with perfect karmic symmetry, is the same attitude coming around 180 degrees to illustrate the Democratic narrative of, “John McCain is bad – see, he can’t do anything right.”

What the Palin fiasco demonstrates, much more than anything else, is the cavalier, arrogant, plain stupid approach that John McCain would bring to running the most powerful nation on earth, should he be elected president.

No one on earth – not just Americans – can afford that.

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  1. The LA Times somehow overlooked the fact that Palin abused her power and supported the execrable Bridge to Nowhere. Here’s the headline:

    Sarah Palin represents John McCain’s new focus on reform

    I shit you not.

    Sarah Palin: Same old product, hot new package.

    • Alma on September 1, 2008 at 21:45

    Sarahs been my daily morning laugh (and disgust) since she got picked.  This mornings about the daughter just about blew me away.  Guess she forgot to tell her daughter, abstenance only.

  2. her purpose is to bring the fundamentalist troops out to vote. McCain doesn’t have a prayer (no pun intended) of winning if they stay home in November. Many of them have been reported to be troubled by the amorality of the Bush Cheney regime and just don’t trust McCain.

    All of Sarah’s silly imperfections mean naught to them if she passes the litmus test.

    As an old Irish nun used to say often of her charges

    “Lord save us!”

  3. ….From David Brooks, commenting on the makeup of a possible John McCain administration:

       “There simply aren’t enough Republican experts left to staff an administration, so he will have to throw together a hodgepodge with independents and Democrats.”

    There’s always room for more ridicule folks – Mr. Brooks actually hinting here that McCheney has a prayer at winning the election after choosing the governor of a state with approximately the same population as the city of Baltimore.

    That’s her executive experience.  

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