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Your Song/Mountain Song

I was thinking today how ironic it is that I am a Contributing Editor to one of the best blogs in the universe and yet my neighbor who has been published hundreds of times in traditional media forms has no concept of what a blogger does or is.  I decided not to even try to explain, not yet.  But she liked that I was connected to the Cindy Sheehan event and understood that it must have taken some organizing skills and tact to pull off.  That’s a good start.  

Since my interest in writing is mainly on the artistic front, here is a freebie, these are lines I’ve been thinking about in no particular order.  So feel free to rework them into your own order, I’m a big fan of cross-editing and remixes.

They see me comin’

intrinsically challenged and oft aloft

like syrup saturday’s heavenly happening

Tell me what to buy just to suffer you

I’d do anything just to suffer you

mufflephone gets agroexpressive again

counting tempos in one point forever

like marriage

like this

here I’ll show you

timecarved lingering silhouettes sounding

on Moses and scraping like bark into history’s discordia

all hail sixstring leadfoot sparechange bucketsouls

which organic properties consumed you this evening

can I protect the horizon

can I salvage nature

or is this another pipe dream


I worked hard

took care of things

I worked hard

took care of things

no real reasoning

don’t suffer fools

don’t suffer fools or wooden nickles

single haired brush

microcosms in subtexts linked with html

with no promise of tomorrow

being there in cinnamon root and vanilla bean patience

music was the first MMORPG

landscapes flowing in temporary view

just like you

just like you

can you hack life without convenience?

can you stack a cord of wood tonight?

put up the hay when it’s 98 degrees?

find the least disturbing path?

consider your weight upon the land?

protect the water that runs through?

your spice is new

on my first chew

so warm and earthlike

oh god

BusyBoots Farm or Not

I am still having a hard time coming up with a good name for the farm.  The brooks that run off the property are hard to say and spell.  Some names of neighboring farms are “DejaView”, “NorthSong” and “Just-A-Mere”.  I like those and would like the name to fit in with those but still be unique.  So far BusyBoots Farm is at the top of the small list. AmberRose Farm is also up there.  

Once the website is up for the farm I thought it would be neat to let people name the trees and perennials being planted at the farm.  For instance a small sign would sit next to a Juniper and it would say “Jerry the Juniper named on April 16th 2008 by _______”.  Then a photo would go up and I could write up a little story about how Jerry did during the season.

It’s a little corny but it’s a good way to start interacting with the public regarding the farm.  Now open up your brain roofs, plug into the battery charger and let loose with some winning names if you please.

Thanks for helping.

RoundUp by Monsanto

Hi everyone, yup another storm has hit, this time promising up to 1 inch of ice!  So I had some time to research RoundUp, an herbicide made by Monsanto.  You’ve probably seen the bottle on the shelf at your hardware store or caught their ads on the boob tube.  Well, it seems that RoundUp is not just made for the home user.  Their largest market is in agricultural uses.  

RoundUp’s main active ingredient is Glyphosate which has been around since the seventies.  Guess what?!  It’s toxic to animals!  Guess what else?!  It has a half life of over 100 days when sprayed onto fields.  Why does this matter?  Well, besides poisoning the farmers and workers spraying the substance it can also get into waterways and still be on your hay when you go to cut, also killing an entire field at once is destroying habitats for many beneficial insects and critters.

It is apparently very common practice for farmers in my area to kill off everything before reseeding, their favored way to do this is by spraying RoundUp on the field.  In the old days the farmers would burn the fields, over plant, or use legumes to rebuild the soil. It looks like I’ll be doing one of the older techniques in order to grow better hay for my horses.  

This could mean having to get all of my own equipment so I don’t risk cross-contamination from other farmer’s equipment.  That would mean a bigger tractor, manure spreader, no till seed drill, drag rake, a hay elevator and a lot of back breaking work.  But it could be the only way to go.

For more information on the nasty side of RoundUp please visit’s wonderful write up.

Plantings, sheds, barns and outbuildings

On top of the 12 1/2 inches of snow last week another 7 1/2 inches arrived Friday night.  I’m running out of room to put the snow but it was warm today and supposed to be warmer tomorrow.  After putting the tractor away yesterday I realized I had tweaked my knee somehow so I took some time off to rest it and to do some research.

I’ve decided to keep the main house pretty much as is on the exterior with the exception of a glass sun room on the south side and a glass silo on the southwest corner.  The silo will house a spiral staircase that leads to a small loft.  This may have to get tempered down from a silo to a glass atrium but either way it should look pretty cool and be functional.

Since there wont be much space added to the existing structure I’ll need an outbuilding to store my wood working tools that is away from the barn but close to the studio.  So I started researching barns and outbuildings(below the fold):

30 Minutes to Kill

Nope this isn’t some cleverly worded title about the latest situation in Iraq, just another update from the farm:

I am pretending I have 30 spare minutes but in reality I do not.  Reality can wait.  It is still snowing…hasn’t stopped in 36 hours. The weatherman just said there is a total of 12 1/2 inches.  The tractor got a real good workout yesterday but it really isn’t meant to be a snow plow.  I’ll be getting a larger truck soon and putting a plow on it.

I found 3 possible spots for the new house, they all have southern exposure and are pretty high up on the property.  I found out that this property is the watershed for two small brooks, one leading West and one leading South.  Another cat has shown up in the barn and the bravest of the barn cats is now upstairs in the house munching out and hanging out with Dancer.

Jesus the Lost Apostle

Hyper Thick Compression Sticks

like Jesus the lost Apostle begotten from Zen

and carved from Chi balancing

in/ rainbows cherub voices fugue

like “smile” on the cutting room floors

of  Billboard’s Top Forty

yeah yeah he hates these cans

and exchoooose me

blunderfoot and bubblehead bounces

in consumption spirals blank

syncopated like cannonball adderly

but a poor man’s version

that’s what I like

make it sparse

make it important

on a hillside at 3 am tingles

trickling spinewords in pinewood caskets

and baskets of wings

clipped by Missus Obstacles

in spent little pentagrams of white chalk dust


so ignore my days

ignore my gaze

not meant for you

just left over from

another’s reflection bouncing like time

while swinging on vines

or am i a doorbell


an instant classic that won’t be read on the radio

a stale bread masterpiece with caribou meat

and chalice

balanced at the first supper table’s edge where no one was betrayed in gospel tones and tent revivals

where god gets paid like the mob boss we make him out to be

in harmony off bathroom walls and corridors bleached

meat equals cake

bread equals life

egg is soul

fork is this memory of college before it went bad

and you got lost between the coats, toads and racists

oh bitch face it this dress ain’t for me

magnificent though it is

so go on ignoring

keep on ignoring


unintended tragedy singular and hollow

like being lied to at nineteen

when it meant so much

another small gray American upbringing

howling in cracked panes and coarse wood

in roadside shacks beside your car

meditating in motion

and crushing forces

Homeland Farm Security Alert System w/ Poll!

Current Situation: So Blue It’s Purple – Past Critical

Two years ago Governor Eliot Spitzer said that parts of Upstate NY “look like Appalachia”.    He went on to say that he had a plan to fix it.  Well Gov. Spitzer, the farmers are waiting.  I am not a farmer, not yet anyway, but I intend to be one and have been talking with a few and have heard the same thing over and over…I can not afford to just farm, I have to have other avenues of income and the State is not supporting me in those efforts.

Another farm is now up for sale in Joe Bruno’s home town, Bruno and his thugs forced the farmer out by not allowing him to have a second source of income in the winter months on his own property. I asked the farmer what he made per acre of corn that he grew and he just laughed.  So it struck me that we have two major issues facing farmers in Upstate NY.  One, the price they are being paid, and two, not being allowed to do what it takes to keep the farm going.

I stopped to talk with a Dairy Farmer a little further north of Bruno’s town and was told that between the low price of milk on the farmer’s end and the high price of energy that this could be his final year.  He owns the most beautiful property with a stream and waterfall.  He invited me, a stranger, to go and take a dip the next time I was up that way as it might be the last time I’d have access to it.  


Busy Day Today

I made another trip to the old house today and grabbed most of my power tools. shop vac, a small table and some other odds and ends.  There was a table down in the basement that needed some attention, I cleaned it up and tightened the legs, now it is in the living room with a small bankers lamp and a backgammon set on it.  The cats like it because now they can stare at teh bird feederz and the apple trees.  The two cats from the other house made it up  yesterday, they seem to like the place so far.  So now the total is 3 barn cats, 2 inside/outside cats,  2 horses, and one dog soon to be 2 dogs.

I ran through the electrical panels and verified the labeling was correct.  Found one live wire buried in the wall, fixed an outlet in the front hall that was never properly installed.  Installed a new phone as the one I had was old and kept breaking up.  The new one seems fine. There is a small leak in the shower unit but I have the tools to fix that tomorrow.  Started laying out ideas for vegetable garden locations, perennial beds, natural wetland areas etc.  There is a spot on the South side of the property that is perfect for the first garden area, I’ll just need to create a gate in the fence to access it and add a small composting area.

The horses were very active in the warm weather today, Rio seems to be the more inquisitive of the two.  They got a good brush down yesterday and are starting to respond to my voice.  They got fresh bedding today and rolled around in it right away.  

The most immediate neighbor stopped by last night, she filled me in on other artists living in the neighborhood.  She’s a professional writer and built her own active solar home for $75,000 about 5 years ago, she’s still working on the final touches.  She is very active politically and is trying to get some things done regarding pesticides and toxic wastes.  She has great energy and it is nice to know a like-mind is nearby.


Lessons of the Woodchuck

‘Round here the locals are known as “woodchucks” by some downstate.  It is an apt description as the majority of us are scruffy and prefer the woods to town.  So I thought it would be appropriate to share some life lessons I’ve learned by attending various woodchuck parties with you all in case you ever have the opportunity to go to one.

1. “We have a stage and everything” – this means someone laid down a piece of plywood on some tires.

2. “Weekend Festival” – usually means swatting flies in the hot sun or trying to stay dry under a tarp for several hours at a clip.

3. Showing up early means being recruited into the beer runs and setting up the “stage”.

4. Showing up late means having to park at the bottom of the hill and hiking up the treacherous 4WD road.

5. Bringing a propane stove and setting up coffee in the morning will make you everyone’s best friend for the day.

(10 more below the fold..can ya stand it?!)


underneath the bridge

summoned by dark forces

came a wayward minstrel

riding two white horses

upon the light of Saffaron

she twisted so sanguine

offered up this chalice

called it muddy wine

floated over shoulder stiff

and sat just behind

a burial dirge dethroned

the giant dandelions

in azure feathers and solemn steps

a following did appear

from grain and milk and coyote thoughts

from rain and silk and feeding troughs

a village on the move

chants in their own tongue

unwitnessed ‘cept traditions

in forested tunnel halls

anchors and ropes and finest spice

flippers and snouts and talon’s claw

centers on sacrifice

in order to sacrifice you must first care

Update from the Farm

Let’s see since I last updated I:

1. Fixed two broken lights in the barn, they were in the area originally intended for the horses but the previous owner found it easier to put them in another spot.  Now they’ll have the option of two places if I need to do work in one of the areas.

2. Took the ATV out to the farthest point of the property and tested the hand held radios.  The Cobras worked great but the Audiovox radios weren’t as strong.  It’s good to have the radios in case something happens and I need help.  The stories are many about men who were working on their tractors on the back 40 and had to lose a leg or an arm for lack of a communication device.

3. The birds are enjoying their sewet cake and feed, so far I’ve seen chickadees, winches, blue jays, wrens and there are some pigeons in the barn(note to self must fix cupola on barn), and an owl has decided to make the woods around here his/her home.

Complete Wastes of Time

So when I’m a blank slate and my mind needs to reset I go play some TankBall or Mahjong or sharpen my skills at Big Jump Challenge.  I tried the Campaign Game but Edwards always seemed to lose. YoudaCamper is a cute distraction, you have to create and manage a small campground.  

I haven’t found an MMORPG I like yet but maybe you will. Other time wasters include CNN, FoxNews, CBS, ABC, NBC, TWC, etc…

This brain fart sponsored by GE™

What’s your favorite waster?

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