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On top of the 12 1/2 inches of snow last week another 7 1/2 inches arrived Friday night.  I’m running out of room to put the snow but it was warm today and supposed to be warmer tomorrow.  After putting the tractor away yesterday I realized I had tweaked my knee somehow so I took some time off to rest it and to do some research.

I’ve decided to keep the main house pretty much as is on the exterior with the exception of a glass sun room on the south side and a glass silo on the southwest corner.  The silo will house a spiral staircase that leads to a small loft.  This may have to get tempered down from a silo to a glass atrium but either way it should look pretty cool and be functional.

Since there wont be much space added to the existing structure I’ll need an outbuilding to store my wood working tools that is away from the barn but close to the studio.  So I started researching barns and outbuildings(below the fold):