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Now Accepting Psalms, Books, Sermons, etc.

Religion, anyone can do it.  Even us. 

My esteemed felines and canine will form the judging body of the New Liberal Vatican located in my living room.  All submissions will be printed up on recyclable paper and strewn lovingly about the floor. Any submission endorsed by the pets will be included in the final work.  If you see a puff of smoke rising from my chimney, please call the fire department because I don’t have a chimney.

The New Liberal Vatican does not seek to replace the old tired Vatican just yet.  Instead we will seek tax-free goodness for all members and a nifty water bottle with a logo of some sort.

FAQ below the fold


The Crusty Arms Hotel

Location: if you have to ask you’re a dick
Rates: way beyond your expectations
Services: none
Things to do: sleep – fuck – shit
Other: Must supply your own linens, toiletries, and any other thing your whiny little ass needs.
Reservations: We’ll call you.

A rant on real estate below the fold:

Lost Nation and other Avenues

Live blogging at the corner of 114 and 5 in the Northeast Kingdom of VT:

Men in trucks, couples in sedans and SUVs pull up to the light and cock their heads, Labrador Retriever-like, at the odd man with the laptop and fatigued look in his eyes.  A full day of driving unwinds as the road names creep into the subconscious.  I took a left on a road called Lost Nation.  There was no power, most of the year round homes were solar, large boulders dotted the shoulder of the dirt road, a cascading waterfall ran perpendicular.  There was a presence in those woods that felt both smothering and comforting at once.

An unfortunately named mechanic proudly displayed his moniker: DAVID DETH – MACHINIST.  A smile rolls onto the lips as the tires peak a hill and roll down.  Pulling into town I discover that even here there is a Starbucks.  The snowboarder behind the counter asked for my order three times with a glazed look in his eye and said, sorry man – Brain Like A Sieve.

Let Blackwater Stay Bring Home The Troops

subtitled: America, the militia with corporate sponsorship.

We all know that Blackwater is made up of American militia members, often addicted to crystal meth, known for their racial hatred and itchy trigger fingers.  We also know that Exxon and other oil firms have been using Blackwater for some time now.  So I say let a few guys from Exxon and all of Blackwater stay to guard their precious oil and let everyone else come home.  This is the Exxon War after all, so let’s let a few tweakers go down in flames in Iraq and bring back our honorable soldiers.

Now let’s take a look at a few other corporate sponsors of the Exxon War below the fold.

Jean Luc Ponty, Al Di Meola and Stanley Clarke

Just got back from the show at The Egg in Albany, NY.  The show started off with a piece written by Al, then one by Jean Luc, and one by Stanley, they also did a John Coltrane number then Al walked off stage and Jean Luc and Stanley did an amazing piece together.  Al then came back on stage and began the solo section where each musician played 4 or 5 pieces of their choosing.

After an intense percussive groove that saw Stanley literally punching his instrument to achieve the sound he wanted he looked up at the audience and said:

“The pain in my right hand is for you.”

Hieronymous Bush

Hieronymus Bush:

With the theme being psychedelia in all it’s glorious forms I was reminded of one of my favorite artists who really wrote the book on psychedelic visions.  Hieronymus Bosch 1450-1516 created the piece to the right which I then bastardized in the fine tradition of other masters.

My favorite professor told me a story about a young artist that wanted to become a great artist.  He went to a master painter and asked him for a sketch.  The master painter agreed and handed over a study for an existing painting.  The young artist went to his studio and erased each one of the master’s lines.  Then, as if to say no no no, crossed out each of the erased lines of the master with his own lines in black charcoal.

full size image

Suggested Improvements for America…

Suggested Improvements for America in No Specific Order

When it comes right down to it all we have are our thoughts:

1. American television needs to modernize and by that I mean it needs to get away from entertainment and into filling needs.  Ex: An Employment Channel – it would list jobs available in different cities, explore union issues, explain apprenticeship programs and promote job fairs.  Ex 2. The Real Estate Channel – it would list real estate real time and give quick tours of the select properties, explain the ins and outs of home ownership in various regions, explore public and private home ownership programs, etc.

1a. Mandatory Free Air Time for Candidates – the time could be used in ads, campaign infomercials, one on one discussions with other candidates, interviews etc. Each candidate is given the same amount of airtime on any stations they choose.

2. Late Night Delivery Vans for College Towns – they would sell beer, condoms, tampons, smokes and snacks.

3. State Worker Dorms – save the environment and a few lives each day in your  State Capitol.  State Workers must live in the dorms 5 days a week.  :P~

4. Republican Detainment Centers – in order to save us all from non-stop verbal abuse and pathological incompetence on a grand scale each town will convert a defunct Magnet School Campus into a republican detainment center.

5. Resort Reclamation – Resorts of all sorts do not add to the bottom line of local economies, in fact they often are a drain on local economies, push taxes higher, ruin the local ecology and increase traffic 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the area surrounding the resort.  Every year for the next 10 years every resort in America must turn over 15% of it’s properties for lower income families to live in. 

magnetic poetry

Simple concept, if you have the time and feel like flexing your brain muscle, here are the words and phrases:

pinprick; dual exhaust; icepick; radiator; coal shaft; continental; overdrive; seaside; bent; pile of rust; sapling; strewn; creeping; simulated; baghdad; roughshackle; steel pin; happy; love shucked; peanut brittle; encapsulated; freeform; wormholes; black oak; cigarette; slight shuffle; trombone; into; out of; free from; underneath; down; sideways; sawdust; bent feather; switchblade; singing like; broke out; feeds; live; saturday; placate; conjure; a; an; this; those

Getting the word out

Here are some simple ways to spread the word about Docudharma:


Immanentizing The Eschaton – “A Pot to Piss In”

Yesterday began the search for my own paradise on earth, both in the physical and spiritual sense.  I covered a third of a state in my search, visiting seven pieces of property that could soon become a studio/gallery/workshop/home and small working farm. 

Something made me remember a moment in college just now, my friend Wendy had just completed a “left-handed bacon stretcher” for one of her assignments and I asked her, “What’s next?!” She replied matter-of-factly, “a pot to piss in.”  Sure enough a few days later there was her pot, along with a toiletpaper dispenser and cupholder, created in a rustic Americana style.  Simply perfect.

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