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RoundUp by Monsanto

Hi everyone, yup another storm has hit, this time promising up to 1 inch of ice!  So I had some time to research RoundUp, an herbicide made by Monsanto.  You’ve probably seen the bottle on the shelf at your hardware store or caught their ads on the boob tube.  Well, it seems that RoundUp is not just made for the home user.  Their largest market is in agricultural uses.  

RoundUp’s main active ingredient is Glyphosate which has been around since the seventies.  Guess what?!  It’s toxic to animals!  Guess what else?!  It has a half life of over 100 days when sprayed onto fields.  Why does this matter?  Well, besides poisoning the farmers and workers spraying the substance it can also get into waterways and still be on your hay when you go to cut, also killing an entire field at once is destroying habitats for many beneficial insects and critters.

It is apparently very common practice for farmers in my area to kill off everything before reseeding, their favored way to do this is by spraying RoundUp on the field.  In the old days the farmers would burn the fields, over plant, or use legumes to rebuild the soil. It looks like I’ll be doing one of the older techniques in order to grow better hay for my horses.  

This could mean having to get all of my own equipment so I don’t risk cross-contamination from other farmer’s equipment.  That would mean a bigger tractor, manure spreader, no till seed drill, drag rake, a hay elevator and a lot of back breaking work.  But it could be the only way to go.

For more information on the nasty side of RoundUp please visit Mindfully.org’s wonderful write up.

International Blog Action Day: the Environment

Don’t forget that today is International Blog Action day for the Environment.  I’m not a regular writer on environmental issues, so rather than post something generic and/or sloppily researched, I’ll instead provide a roundup of articles and blog posts that are popping up all over the internet by far more qualified writers.  Check some of these out, give feedback to the authors to let them know you’re reading, and spread the word at sites that may not know about today’s Blog Action.

The internet is still a fledgling tool for activism, and whatever successes it has had have been modest at best.  Whether this kind of collective harnessing of powers can have any real impact remains to be seen, but it’s at least refreshing to see authors all over the world participating, sharing what they know, and trying to get their readers excited about an important cause.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I have…