Army for Iraq, Marines for Afghanistan

(FP’ed…3:06 PM EDT, Thursday, October 11, 2007

So, let’s talk…where is the rationale for this?

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So– the latest plan being argued is to make Afghanistan a Marine mission while the Army takes full responsibility for Iraq. This makes sense. More below the fold.

How does this make sense? Because it’s nonsensical. This would mean that the army and air force operate in Iraq, while the marine corps and marine air operate if Afghanistan.

Since there are, at present, about NO marines in Afghanistan, and 26,000 Army and other troops, doesn’t it make perfect sense to replace all of these folks with MArines? This would free up numerous brigades for the mission of pacifying iraq ( or whatever… not enough,not enough).

So, the overstretched, overused Army would be in place in Iraq to thwart those dastardly iraqis, al quaiders, and now the irtanians. The marines would server as the blocking forces, almost a thousand miles away. Yerh… this is sensible.

All I can do is quote the guinness commertcial. “Brilliant!”

let’s all fart and swear it’s perfume.


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  1. you tell me…

  2. ok?

    • nocatz on October 11, 2007 at 04:36

    that this is being floated.  But where?
    Is this George Thoroughgood’s idea?

  3. should take Baqbah while the New Jersey Army Reserve takes Basra.  This will free up the Coast Guard to guard Basra and the Delaware Eagle Scouts for duty on the Pakistan border.  The Kurdish northern border with Turkey will be watched by the Nevada Elk’s Club and . . .

  4. please?

  5. trading in your stilettos for flipflops makes all the difference.

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