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AIPAC and the Sickness that is Washington

After I watched this I have to admit I hurled.  Not totally because of this, the beer and lack of food had something to do with it.  But overall, I don’t think I would have hurled if I hadn’t have watched this video.  

Pardon my french, but these fucking people are from outer space.  I now believe David Icke that there really are lizard people because no humans should be able to act like this.  I should clarify that I am talking about every damn one of them, jews or not.  

This is such a sickening display of human depravity and political bullshit that I had to share.  I am amazed, not only that humans still wear ties, but that these fucking old people still knowingly and abrazenly spout bullshit they know is not true.  I haven’t yet uncovered the entire truth, i.e., who is really behind all this and what is their exact agenda, but this video makes clear that crazy people do exist.

I Dare You MoFo’s To Do It, Part 2.

In the first installment of I Dare You MoFos To Do It, I called out both Israel and the U.S. to bomb Iran and see what fury hell hath brought.  I explained that the people involved in this geopolitical nightmare are nothing but chickenshits, which in my day was used to describe slimey scumbags who try to talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.  Chickenshit little bastards who hide behind the class bully and taunt those who could beat the shit out of them but feel safe because they’re protected.

Well, I’m happy to say I’m not the only one calling out these chickenshits.  Russia and China are doing so as well.  They’re going so far as to say, “do this you chickenshit little bastards and you’ve got World War on your hands”.  In fact, their warning specifically states that “if the U.S. allows Israel to attack Iran”, the shit will hit the fan.…

“A chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Medvedev and Chinese President Hu have issued an “urgent warning” to the United States that says if the Americans allow an Israeli nuclear attack upon Iran, “World War will be our response”.

It appears the countries we want to topple, aren’t keen in this part of the U.S. Imperialist/Zionist plan to maintain world control.  They even state what they would do:

“Most ominously in these reports though, both Russia and China state that they will have “no choice” but to place an “immediate embargo” against any oil and gas coming from the Middle East and weapons to the region the United States may try to supply.  China further states in this warning that upon an Israeli attack upon Iran they will “immediately cease” to purchase any more US debt, and with the American deficit hitting $1 Trillion for the first time in their history, and with it expecting to exceed $2 Trillion by the end of the fiscal year on September 30th, a particually grave threat being that China’s $2 Trillion in reserves are the only thing keeping the US economy afloat.”

That doesn’t sound good to me.  Not to mention the 6000 missles that would rain down on Israel from Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.  Seems like that could just about seal the deal for a World War.  

So now I can say I have backing.  Me, China, and Russia dare you MoFo’s to do it.  That will be your final mistake, the straw that broke the camel’s back as they say.  We citizens will overtake you and put you in your places.  Those places won’t be pleasant, but we promise not to torture, because we already know the answers.  

I Need Some Help Here, I’ve Gone Over the Edge.

Apparently I have gone over the edge, into an abyss of conspiracy where the devils advocate is just that, a devil.  I can see now that I was somehow born with the programming that has led me into this abyss.  I came of age during the sixties and early seventies when we had the Vietnam war and Civil Rights and the Cold war.  So I suppose I was affected by that in some way.  But evidently there were far many others from that time that were not affected in the same way so it couldn’t have been just that.  Other than that, I’ve lived the “normal” American life with a wife, two kids, a two car garage, a career and of course, a divorce. But I really started toward that abyss about 18 months ago.

That’s when I retired.  I’m fortunate in that respect because I have a pension after a thirty year career.  Of course, then I had lots of time.  I started sitting in front of the computer and learned to Google.  I found a few political websites, the first Huffington Post, then DailyKos.  I started getting into it and enjoyed reading the political stuff.  Then I went to the dark side.  9/11 conspiracy theory stuff, federal reserve conspiracies, antiwar sites, you name it.  It was like getting trapped in the porn section of a major city, not that I would know, I’m just imagining.  

I Dare you, No I Double Dare you MoFo’s to Do It.

Go ahead, either Israel or the U.S., bomb Iran. I dare you, and double dare you.  Come on kiddies, play your fucking games and do it, chickenshits.   Bolton, Ross, Leiberman, you slimey creeps, come on and put your money where your friggin mouths are, bomb those people! You said yourselves the end of the world will come if we don’t rid those evil Iranians of the capacity to build nuclear weapons. George Bush himself said so!  What are you waiting for?

Do it you slimely bastards and I guarantee all hell will break loose on your stupid heads.  You take this bullshit any farther, either you or Israel, and I can say you will live to regret it.  Not that you deserve as much.  The American people may be stupid but they’re not dumb.  Pull a stunt like this and it will be as obvious as a pimple on Karl Rove’s face.  We won’t let you get away with this one.

You want protests, people in the streets, revolution!  Well, try this one and see what you get.  We’ve seen what happens when acquiesence and complacency take hold, and too many of us are not acquiesing and not being complacent.  So try it you little chickenshit bastards, try and bomb Iran and see what happens.  There will be no parades and chocolate for you, only contempt and prosecutions.  We know what games you’re playing now and you can’t fool us again.

End this bullshit, people in power.  The world citizens want peace.  The world’s citizens want to share the resources of this earth, not be killed over them.  We aren’t interested in your geopolitical gamesmanship and collaborations of powers.  We aren’t interested in your plans to control the earth.  We want a peaceful and just world, where all world citizens can live their lives in peace.  

So go ahead, hit Iran.  You’ve heard of the story of the straw that broke the camel’s back.  That’s what bombing Iran will be, and it will be your backs.  

Crossposted at Daily Kos, for jollies.  

Swing for the Fences

People look.  We’ve got some major league problems here on earth and it’s time to step up to the plate.  We can continue to try and get walks, hoping somehow we’ll score a run, or we can swing for the fences, and win this thing with power.  Walks are sometimes OK, but as the great Earl Weaver, longtime manager of the Baltimore Orioles once said, “You win games with three run homers”.  

I agree with Earl, I say it’s time to swing for the fences. It’s the bottom of the ninth man, we’ve got two on but two out.  Let’s send Eddie Murray up there and save our asses.

Hell, Babe Ruth must be rolling over in his grave.  We’ve got these weak ass singles hitters all over the Congress and Senate and a President who throws knuckleballs.  He couldn’t brush back a batter if his life depended on it.  Do you think if Nolan Ryan had been so pragmatic he would have struck out 5,700 batters?  Hell no, ole Nolan put the fear in batters hearts!

Come on now, we’ve got people on base.  We need a three run dinger.  If not, we could be Slippin into Darkness.  Pretty soon we gonna pay.


We’d Better Learn

I read a story one day that caused me to think

That the history I knew was wrong.

The stuff that I learned made my heart sink

That my government would hurt us so long.

I read another story, then more and more,

Things started falling in place.

I owe my soul to the company store

Seemed to fit our national disgrace.

The CIA, the MIC, and the powerful banks

They all seem to own our politicians.

They steal our money and build more tanks

While we sit back and give them permission.

The wars we have fought, the people we’ve killed

The history I knew was untrue.

I learned that the rich while we foot the bill

Only use us as if we were fools.

It goes back to the time when this country was founded

The first war we herald as great.

When the rich had the poor fight for Indian ground

The rich won and opened the gate.

I try to tell people, they think that I’m nuts

They nod or they call me CT.

I tell them I’ve read alot and alot

But they can’t let their minds be that free.

I will keep reading because that’s what I do.

I don’t bowl or golf or watch TV.

I’ll learn what I can and pass it along.

To those that think like me.

Information is key, the more that we know

Will open our minds to the past

From what I have learned, the lessons it shows

This chance might be our last.


Conflict of Interest, Our Congress and Senate Campaign Process

I’ve always thought the system of “private” contributions to the campaigns of Congress and Senate candidates was ridiculously corrupt and presented a clear conflict of interest.  Of course, those “private” contributions mostly consist of money from corporations and other special interests.  It should be clear to even the most closed mind that the money from these lobbies is how a Congress and Senate member gets and remains elected.  It also should be clear that the money received unduely influences the positions taken by these politicians, often without the best interests of the entire population considered.

The Bush years, combined with a period in my life where my major focus was on raising kids and finishing a career, almost made me forget the real problems.  Then along came Obama and his words of hope and change.  He almost had me for awhile.  The contrast from Bush, who I grew to hate, the symbolism of the first black president, and the worldwide exuberance from the commons, had me caught up in the moment as well.  

But five months later, there is the unmistakeable sign that everything is controlled by money.  The system is such that lobbies are an accepted and major player in everything that goes on in the beltway.

Money Talks, Bullshit Walks

I’ve come to believe there is really only one way out of this mess we have in the United States.  This mess that is controlled by 435 Congressional Representatives and 100 State Senators.  The way out is to break the control the lobbies and special interest groups have on those governmental entities, and create a system where more qualified and diverse candidates can compete for those positions.  

The amount of money flowing through the halls of Congress and Senate continues to grow, almost doubling since the Bush administration.  The stakes are obviously very high for those lobbies and special interests at the beginning of the Obama administration.  ALL members of Congress and Senate are influenced to some degree by the money and power plays, some totally, some to a degree.

I remember seeing a copy of a typical Congress members monthly calendar.  Out of the 30 total days, 22 of those days included appointments for fundraisers or meetings with special interest groups.  The primary motivation created by this system isn’t “the best interests of the people”, it’s how to keep the frigging job.  

The top 100 lobbies gave almost a quarter billion dollars to Congress and Senate members in the first quarter of 2009.  At that pace, the top 100 lobbies could give ONE BILLION dollars over the course of this year.   That’s just the top 100, there are over 20,000 lobbies inhabiting our great nations capital.  


Hell, Congress not only accepts all that cash from lobbies, it also accepts it from us, the taxpayers.  They just gave themselves 4 BILLION for expenses.  That’s about 7 million per member.…

I wonder what they do with all that money?  They sure don’t seem to be using it to improve the plight of the vast majority of citizens.  It’s just a big game with rules and policies made to ensure the game is played by all.  The most glaring example is with health care.  EVERYONE, even my kids, know what that fight is all about.  It’s not about what’s right, it’s about money.  I can go down to my local minute mart and talk with the Iranian immigrant who runs the place, and I ask him what he thinks the problem is, “is all about money”.  Jesus!  

Gas Prices by Goldman Sachs

Not only are your tax dollars, and those of your children and grandchildren, going to the banks, but so is some of that money you spend at the gas station.   Goldman Sachs, among others, is now involved in making sure you are squeezed at the pump so they can get more bonuses and buy more yachts.  Good for the yacht makers I suppose, but not for the majority of Americans just trying to get by.

In an article by Jim Hightower, he places the blame on the same old derivative and credit swap games that helped get us into this financial mess in the first place.

“What’s going on here is not the “magic of the marketplace,” but some hocus-pocus by brand-name dealers. What might surprise you, though, is that the wheeler-dealers now jacking up our pump prices don’t operate under the BPExxonMobilShellChevron brands – but the logos of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other Wall Street traders that have been placing vast, unregulated, secretive bets on the future price of oil. They’re playing an electronic casino game in a global “dark market” of exotic derivatives and credit swaps.”

So if I understand this correctly, the US is in a financial crisis largely created by the practices of Wall Street and Big Banks; the government, or we the taxpayers, bailed them out with trillions of dollars, and now they continue to do the same damn thing.  Not only that, but what they’re doing is affecting your weekly budget as we speak.

“If this sounds vaguely familiar to you, it’s because this is the same game that Wall Street played with subprime mortgages, leading to the present crash of our economy. And, yes, these are the exact same banksters that you and I are presently bailing out with our trillions of tax dollars.”…

Oh, I know five months isn’t nearly enough time for Obama and Geithner to clean up the messes made by Bush.  But it sure looks like they’ve had enough time to allow the creation of new ways to fleece the middle and lower classes.  

They won’t give California five billion or so to help with keeping needed services available to those less fortunate.  But they can give trillions to banks and allow them to continue their games.  And now it is having a direct daily effect on everyone.  Disgusting and criminal.

Crossposted at Daily Kos

Top 100 Lobby Bribes – Quarter Billion in 3 Months!

Our national polticians have a pretty good thing going.  As they say, “Money talks, bullshit walks”, and it should be clear to most that money comes from the corporations and the bullshit comes from the common citizens.

You can “like” Obama all you want, whatever liking a politician does for ya.  But the fact is our government is absolutely controlled by special interests in the form of lobbies funneling tons of money to those Congress and Senate representatives we were allowed to vote for.

 Take the following report concerning the top 100 lobby group contributions in the first quarter of 2009. The total of the top 100 alone, and there are around 20,000, is nearly a quarter billion dollars (241 million).  Math is one of my strong suits so I can tell you that over the course of one year, that total would approach 1 billion.  One billion dollars given to our politicians in one year, by just the top 100 lobbies!


I think this game has played out.  We all know about it.  Many have voiced their discontent.  But it just keeps going to one higher level after the next.  It has to be time to stop it, fight against it.  

It shouldn’t be complicated for the average citizen to grasp.  Money can’t buy love but it sure can buy policy and legal protections for big business.   The current health insurance fiasco, the wars and future wars, credit protections, bank regulatory reform, you name it, all are almost entirely influenced by the money and power of the lobbies.  

So love Obama while you can.  If we don’t change this system, this utterly corrupt system, you can kiss him and change goodbye.  

Governor Sanford, Where Art Thou?

I noticed a diary on another site which was titled “Let’s Hope for the Best for Governor Sanford, and no more Jokes”.  The diarist was using the bleeding heart liberal approach to Sanford and wanted everyone to be sure to worry about his safety.   Of course, I know Sanford is a Republican and worse yet, one who wanted to refuse the stimulus money for his state based on party affiliation only.  So I made a comment thusly: “How far would you go?  Cheney?

No response from the diarist, but I did get a response from someone that stated they would still be concerned about Cheney because he is after all, a human being with a family.  Now I AM a bleeding heart liberal.  My heart bleeds for the kids being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq and Sudan.  My heart bleeds for the homeless in the United States.  My heart bleeds plenty.   But my heart doesn’t bleed for Dick Cheney.  Even though my heart bleeds for so many, I can honestly say that if Cheney was out there somewhere on the Appalachian trail and people were fearing the worst, I wouldn’t give one God Damn.  I want my heart to bleed when the bleeding is just.

Many of the people who think in this manner, do not speak the same about the children killed around the world through violence from the US military machine.  Yet they want me to be concerned about Governor Sanford.  I’ve long thot that the most difficult thing for a human being to be is consistent in their thoughts and actions.  

Sounds of Confusion, or Progressives are Pissed Off!

It seems that five months into the Obama presidency, the natives are getting restless.   It might be like being in prison for eight years, then after five months still not able to find a job or a home.  Frustration.  We served our time, now we want our lives back.  Five months can be an eternity, or it can be a blip in the overall scheme of things.  

I’m an avid blog reader with more time than most because I’m retired.  I read many, over twenty, on a regular basis.  All left or libertarian leaning (  I try to read the comments as much as possible just to get a handle on where people are coming from.  Recently there has been much dissatisfaction on various issues confronting the Obama administration

The “issue driven” people seem to be equally pissed off, and many are voicing their frustration against Obama.  Many are outwardly stating they have given up on the “Change” mantra and the promises Obama made.  Those whose primary issue is gay rights are extremely pissed about the administrations stance on DOMA and DADT.  Those who are antiwar are extremely pissed off about the continued aggression in Afghanistan and the overall hegemony of U.S. foreign policy.  Those who want the public option for health insurance are extremely pissed about the watered down and seemingly inadequate options being proposed.  And those who want the Bush administration investigated and prosecuted for war crimes are extremely pissed about the stonewalling and lack of any progress in seeking justice.  I could go on but you should have the point.

Relative to the current discussions about the change, or lack thereof, the Obama adminstration is bringing, I haven’t gotten a handle on how the issue driven people react cross issue.  Many are far left and solidly left and support progress in multiple issues.  Many seem to be solidly leftist in their primary issue but centrist with all issues.  Many are solidly centrist on all issues.  I think that presents a problem.

What I don’t see criticized, at least not significantly, is the premise that the manner in how we are governed is inordinately influenced by corporate interests, Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, etc., and the lobbies and money that flows through the beltway.  It appears this is an area where most people can agree.  And that has nothing to do with Obama.  This is a system put in place decades ago and has been developed into a veritible immovable juggernaut.  

I don’t think most of us on the left are criticizing Obama personally about the seeming lack of change so far.  Most of us are seeing this as the best chance at changing the system we’ve had since JFK  and that Obama can’t because the system won’t allow it.  Many are misdirecting their frustration at Obama.  That is wrong in my opinion.  We should be directing our frustration at the Congress and Senate, who are the front line of those who are bought.  Attack the front line and stop the influence of special interests.  

That said, we should be pissed.  Not at Obama, actually I am thankful for Obama and all I want is good so I would never wish against him.  But it should be clear now that special interests control our government.  If Obama can’t do it, you have to know that.  That’s the battle in my opinion

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