Top 100 Lobby Bribes – Quarter Billion in 3 Months!

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Our national polticians have a pretty good thing going.  As they say, “Money talks, bullshit walks”, and it should be clear to most that money comes from the corporations and the bullshit comes from the common citizens.

You can “like” Obama all you want, whatever liking a politician does for ya.  But the fact is our government is absolutely controlled by special interests in the form of lobbies funneling tons of money to those Congress and Senate representatives we were allowed to vote for.

 Take the following report concerning the top 100 lobby group contributions in the first quarter of 2009. The total of the top 100 alone, and there are around 20,000, is nearly a quarter billion dollars (241 million).  Math is one of my strong suits so I can tell you that over the course of one year, that total would approach 1 billion.  One billion dollars given to our politicians in one year, by just the top 100 lobbies!


I think this game has played out.  We all know about it.  Many have voiced their discontent.  But it just keeps going to one higher level after the next.  It has to be time to stop it, fight against it.  

It shouldn’t be complicated for the average citizen to grasp.  Money can’t buy love but it sure can buy policy and legal protections for big business.   The current health insurance fiasco, the wars and future wars, credit protections, bank regulatory reform, you name it, all are almost entirely influenced by the money and power of the lobbies.  

So love Obama while you can.  If we don’t change this system, this utterly corrupt system, you can kiss him and change goodbye.  


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  1. and with this spigot of money flowing into the government none of the pols is likely to advocate turning it off. Makes me mad that they get get our money via taxes and it flows back to the same donors who own the place, plus we don’t even as consumers have any power as it’s set up so we have no choice but to deal with these too bigs. Built in corruption that insures all legislation from ‘foreign affairs’ to regulation and reform are written by and for keeping the money and power where it is.  

    • Viet71 on June 24, 2009 at 17:12

    1. Do nothing — go about one’s own business.

    2. Work to elect “more and better” politicians (Dems, if one prefers).

    3. Reject the whole system and work against it — starting by not voting, and proceeding from there.

    We’ll get #1, because that’s where most Americans are.  And the pols know it.

    Number 2 turns out to be a joke — on those who fight for change within the stacked-deck system.

    Number 3 is the only reasonable way to go, I assert.

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