Sounds of Confusion, or Progressives are Pissed Off!

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It seems that five months into the Obama presidency, the natives are getting restless.   It might be like being in prison for eight years, then after five months still not able to find a job or a home.  Frustration.  We served our time, now we want our lives back.  Five months can be an eternity, or it can be a blip in the overall scheme of things.  

I’m an avid blog reader with more time than most because I’m retired.  I read many, over twenty, on a regular basis.  All left or libertarian leaning (  I try to read the comments as much as possible just to get a handle on where people are coming from.  Recently there has been much dissatisfaction on various issues confronting the Obama administration

The “issue driven” people seem to be equally pissed off, and many are voicing their frustration against Obama.  Many are outwardly stating they have given up on the “Change” mantra and the promises Obama made.  Those whose primary issue is gay rights are extremely pissed about the administrations stance on DOMA and DADT.  Those who are antiwar are extremely pissed off about the continued aggression in Afghanistan and the overall hegemony of U.S. foreign policy.  Those who want the public option for health insurance are extremely pissed about the watered down and seemingly inadequate options being proposed.  And those who want the Bush administration investigated and prosecuted for war crimes are extremely pissed about the stonewalling and lack of any progress in seeking justice.  I could go on but you should have the point.

Relative to the current discussions about the change, or lack thereof, the Obama adminstration is bringing, I haven’t gotten a handle on how the issue driven people react cross issue.  Many are far left and solidly left and support progress in multiple issues.  Many seem to be solidly leftist in their primary issue but centrist with all issues.  Many are solidly centrist on all issues.  I think that presents a problem.

What I don’t see criticized, at least not significantly, is the premise that the manner in how we are governed is inordinately influenced by corporate interests, Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, etc., and the lobbies and money that flows through the beltway.  It appears this is an area where most people can agree.  And that has nothing to do with Obama.  This is a system put in place decades ago and has been developed into a veritible immovable juggernaut.  

I don’t think most of us on the left are criticizing Obama personally about the seeming lack of change so far.  Most of us are seeing this as the best chance at changing the system we’ve had since JFK  and that Obama can’t because the system won’t allow it.  Many are misdirecting their frustration at Obama.  That is wrong in my opinion.  We should be directing our frustration at the Congress and Senate, who are the front line of those who are bought.  Attack the front line and stop the influence of special interests.  

That said, we should be pissed.  Not at Obama, actually I am thankful for Obama and all I want is good so I would never wish against him.  But it should be clear now that special interests control our government.  If Obama can’t do it, you have to know that.  That’s the battle in my opinion


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  1. curtain.

    Toto, we definitely are not in Kansas anymore.

    Peace ;-)>

    • Edger on June 17, 2009 at 11:50

    corporate interests, Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, etc, inordinately influence government.

    They are the government.

    • dkmich on June 17, 2009 at 13:17

    It is the issue, and until the issue people and the left flank join forces to take that down – nothing will every change.   Once upon a time, I thought the blogs were the answer and would do it.  After watching dkos morph into Newsweek, I don’t think so anymore.  dkos was the biggest bad ass blog in town, and we lost it to the special interests.

    We are infiltrating squat.  The special interest beat us to it, and we didn’t even notice.  

    • Arctor on June 17, 2009 at 16:11

    Clinton was neutered last June) and at worst a willing “tool” who will garner his payoff by becoming rich via politics (like Clinton before him.) Either way, how can blindly supporting him/Democrats (as was DKos’ raison d’etre)further our cause any longer, or help us regain our liberties? Other than George Carlin’s prescription for masturbation (it at least provides some tangible results)the only organized group worth supporting is the ACLU, without them we would have had nothing on torture, wiretapping, etc etc.

  2. is to work for publicly financed elections.  Senator Franken ran on this, and as soon as he’s sworn in, I will remind him of his promise to bring it up.  

    It’s a perfect wedge issue, for one.  And secondly, no Dem would publicly oppose it.  Where do we start?  

  3. left can be boiled down to issues groups vs.non issue groups. Their is only one issue, really. I want my country back. Granted it was flawed, and lurched into nasty ass ways but it did have a underlying structure via the Constitution and Bill of Rights and most importantly the concept of balance of power, the checks and balances that kept it a sort of democracy. The most alarming thing to me is that we now as the people run on public opinion and phony politics instead of law.

    We have reached a point where it is accepted that the government does not represent us. They act powerless to the corporations that run them. They are not, they have power but it is they who allow these interests to dismantle all our rights be they tort or access to a real free market, to real information. They are dismantling not just our sacred documents but are reaching back and wiping out centuries of human progress. We have forgotten and allowed politics to wag the dog. The only choice were offered is which spokesperson we have to listen to for the next four years.

    To add insult to injury and assure that we accept this we are told that if we don’t ‘compromise’ we will once again have the really bad branch of the machine back, the Bush branch. Centerists believe this shit they think it’s the way it is and there is nothing we can do but ‘hope’ and cover this happy version ‘s back. Forget it he isn’t a King, he the salesman.  

    Congress has it’s part in this dance. They pretend that they too are powerless. Funny how they couldn’t stop the  Bushies as a minority and now they can’t represent us because of the out of power lunatics might just filibuster or big banks would fall onus, or it would be socialism. Absurd they all have the power via the people but they will not use it. They are the ‘special interests’ be it Empire or Wall Street, we the people are irrelevant. Right left or in between were all screwed  until people wake up and flex the muscle we have.            

    • Inky99 on June 17, 2009 at 19:01

    That’s where I see everybody making the mistake.   They’re still assuming that Obama means well, that he’s “one of us” that he’s just (somehow) up against these huge powerful interests that are thwarting him.

    But the fact is, the guy isn’t fighting at all.  Not one bit.  He’s just paving over the Constitution with Bush’s asphalt.

    We were duped.

    I really can’t come to any other conclusion.  I don’t see the man fighting for anything.

    Of course, what are we gonna do about it provided people actually realize this?  Wait for 2012?   And vote for another “Democrat”?

    What a complete waste of time.   The Democratic Party does not represent us, and it hasn’t in a very long time.   The Democratic Party is just another wing of the one-party rule that dominates us.    

    We need a new party that actually represents the citizens of the United States, and not two that represent the same money.  

    • Joy B. on June 17, 2009 at 21:11

    …can’t do shit about Congress. Those people get ‘in’ and get rich via voters and corporate power in their own districts. Perhaps a coalition could put some oomph into the primary system and kick the bums out every two years just so eventually they’ll learn how to do a decent job, but I don’t see that happening either.

    Obama’s the figurehead, and leader of the party that now controls both houses of Congress. No matter how corrupt they are personally or collectively, Obama could throw his weight around and make them toe the line. God knows the ‘Pugs are good at that! Study up, put it to work.

    But at this point the only reasonable plan of action beyond forming and fielding a potentially strong third party is to just keep right on kicking the bums out every time they stand for re-election. All the Senators, all the Congresscritters, and the POTUS. Don’t let ‘Pugs in, but don’t KEEP these Dems in. Castrate ’em power-wise, until we can finally get real progressives into place.

  4. to plop this, but Ive been singing it all day.

    (Forgive me?)


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