I Dare you, No I Double Dare you MoFo’s to Do It.

Go ahead, either Israel or the U.S., bomb Iran. I dare you, and double dare you.  Come on kiddies, play your fucking games and do it, chickenshits.   Bolton, Ross, Leiberman, you slimey creeps, come on and put your money where your friggin mouths are, bomb those people! You said yourselves the end of the world will come if we don’t rid those evil Iranians of the capacity to build nuclear weapons. George Bush himself said so!  What are you waiting for?

Do it you slimely bastards and I guarantee all hell will break loose on your stupid heads.  You take this bullshit any farther, either you or Israel, and I can say you will live to regret it.  Not that you deserve as much.  The American people may be stupid but they’re not dumb.  Pull a stunt like this and it will be as obvious as a pimple on Karl Rove’s face.  We won’t let you get away with this one.

You want protests, people in the streets, revolution!  Well, try this one and see what you get.  We’ve seen what happens when acquiesence and complacency take hold, and too many of us are not acquiesing and not being complacent.  So try it you little chickenshit bastards, try and bomb Iran and see what happens.  There will be no parades and chocolate for you, only contempt and prosecutions.  We know what games you’re playing now and you can’t fool us again.

End this bullshit, people in power.  The world citizens want peace.  The world’s citizens want to share the resources of this earth, not be killed over them.  We aren’t interested in your geopolitical gamesmanship and collaborations of powers.  We aren’t interested in your plans to control the earth.  We want a peaceful and just world, where all world citizens can live their lives in peace.  

So go ahead, hit Iran.  You’ve heard of the story of the straw that broke the camel’s back.  That’s what bombing Iran will be, and it will be your backs.  

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    • Underdog on July 11, 2009 at 8:13 am

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