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Friday Evening Photo Blogging, on Saturday?

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Some flower photographers claim that bright sunny days are not good for capturing flowers. Some go out with reflectors, diffusers and big honking strobe lights on sunny days to get that perfect shot. For me it’s a game, go out and find that flower at that moment that the bright sunshine works to the advantage of the observer.

Thursday was a glorious blue sky day wedged between two that were murky and dim, so I took both my trusty Cannon G-10 and Nikon Coolpix P90 to the New York Botanical Garden to find a flower where the strong direct sunlight was just right.

Spending the entire day looking for that perfect flower I thought that perhaps now I can articulate what I’ve learned about flower photography so far. I’m not meaning to blow my own horn but I’ve been running that play for a while now and I’ve developed a few skills in composition and dramatic effect.  

I got a little too involved it this diary. That’s why it’s a day late.  

Chill Space

This is the place to take a breath and chill.

Flowers Become Screens

Soaks my skin – through to the bone

Pain is nothing that a downpour won’t erase

Rain – you can’t hold on to it

A treasure you cannot frame

Rain – somehow I’m drawn to it

I feel engaged, one and the same

When heavens dressing beads off my face

The pain is nothing that a downpour won’t erase



From the Puget Sound Dahlia Society garden in Seattle’s Volunteer Park. Courtesy of a closed conservatory, which led me to wandering, camera in hand — and a beautiful Sunday evening.