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Toys R Not U, U B Hippies

I know you’re tired, me too and I’m just about to take a break here soon.  Step away from the Redwood though and try to keep your hands to yourself for just a minute. Now get into your Prius and drive your ass on over here for a chat.  Pull up a latte and let’s get your Friedmans straight first before we start this adventure into the intellectualization (a defense mechanism where reasoning is used to block confrontation with an unconscious conflict and its associated emotional stress. It involves removing one’s self, emotionally, from a stressful event) of serious people.

This is Kinky Friedman


Not a serious person, just a kinky Friedman and we don’t need to worry too much about his not serious intellectualizations.  At least not this election cycle.

This is Milton Friedman


American Nobel Laureate economist and public intellectual who passed away in November of 2006 and who was much loved by the Reagan administration.  He personally loved him some deregulation, privatization, and smaller government so we could all get more money.  I don’t know about you but I got some money and my kids got to eat a little lead paint while my husband got to dodge some of that small government privatized Blackwater Security lead in shoot em up Iraq.

This guy is…………..Bawahahahahahahahahaha …. cough … ha ha …… ummm….errrr…. Thomas I wish I was Milton and he had been right Friedman


One look at this picture and you know you are dealing with a very serious person here!

And there is another serious Friedman out there right now that I want you all to focus on. You need to know about him because he is sort of a Republican Obama master of words and thoughts and his Iraq study is already making its rounds and landing on the desks of serious people all over this great land. This is the photo of him that I was able to copy off of a principles of war website.


This is Dr. George Friedman.  George Friedman, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert in security and intelligence issues relating to national security, information warfare and computer security. He is founder, chairman and Chief Intelligence Officer of STRATFOR, (Strategic Forecasting Inc.) a private intelligence company that provides customized intelligence services for its clients and provides an internationally acclaimed Web site,, that analyzes and forecasts trends in world affairs. Friedman’s column, Intelligence Brief, is syndicated by Tribune Media Services. And just try to swipe an image off of this website you hippies!  If you follow the link though he’ll let you look at his serious face there…..but not here.  

writing in the raw: Chewing Raw Simultaneity in Tracyville

I’m always at choice.  It’s the only rule I can count on and I have come to accept with 42 years of reluctance.  At this point in my life I choose to ponder Iraq daily or even hourly because the country that I have been born into has done things to Iraq that deeply conflict with the laws that my soul knows and understands.  All aboard the Iraq War train.  I wish I was standing on the platform though like a citizen of France maybe or a citizen of any other country that didn’t invade Iraq in my lifetime, and just taking all this in from that distance.  I wish that lightening had not struck my train.

No Saints in a Foxhole

My soldier is home now, on the heels of a gunnery conference that begins today at Fort Rucker.  I really haven’t a clue what a gunnery conference is and I don’t feel much like caring today.  The bullshit in my life couldn’t have been made any more obvious than it became last night.  We were together last night and we were all together as well in the summer of 2001 in South Korea.

I lost my first grandmother in February of 2001.  That spring my mother’s sisters came to my home and gave me an envelope, in it was a modest sum that my grandmother had left to me.  My husband was in the middle of serving a year tour in Korea.  It was a tough year because our son was born disabled and wasn’t even a year old when he left so I took my gift from my grandmother and hauled the kids down for passport photos and we flew to Korea for the summer.

It was a wonderful summer too.  The housing on the post that my husband was sent to was all condemned so all the soldiers and families lived in the Ville as they call it with the citizens of South Korea.  We all ate Korean cuisine and our teenagers all got on a bus together and went to Lotte World and my husband took me to the world pottery expo there because I am a potter and potters love nothing more than looking at and buying other people’s pots.  I bought a whole set of dishes from a Korean potter.  They are beautiful.

I got to know my husband’s best friend a lot better that summer.  He does command sponsored tours to Korea as often as possible because he is there for two years plus at a time and his family goes with him.  His wife is Korean and they have two sons who have spent as much time with their Korean grandparents as they have with their American grandparents.

I also met Mel and Amanda that summer who lived a block from us and they had two sons then too but have three now.  Amanda was a fitness instructor.  Mel had been a Ranger before becoming an Apache pilot.  He is one of the few that in 1993 went into Mogadishu on a mission that didn’t go so well and survived.  In Korea he didn’t seem to be that comfortable being a soldier anymore and he was getting out.  I was sure that he had long ago moved on in life and was sitting on some beach some place sipping umbrella drinks until he showed up last night.  When a U.S. soldier “gets out” he is still in the reserves for awhile and Mel got to go to Iraq as a reservist and fly the hand me down airframes that the reserves get and got paid the no bonuses pay that the reservists get paid and that won’t happen to him again.  The guy who I met that summer is gone now.  The guy who survived Mogadishu and felt inspired to do something finer and more life affirming with his life than soldier has left us and in his place sits a grim faced father discussing last night with my husband and my husband’s best friend where the best bonuses are.  He’s signing up for active duty again so at least his wife can get decent wages for his combat time and he doesn’t have to fly crap in a war.

Gloomy Around the Edges and Foggy in the Middle

I read some of my words today and notice that I spell Barack Obama’s name wrong and I wonder how that came about.  He seems to be the front runner in the most important race in my personal lifetime right now.  I realize that it is part of the disconnect I feel with him, I suppose it was my ego’s freudian slip of an insult to him that only my freudian ego knows about and sits in the corner giggling to self over.

Who am I, this fucking person who listens to an Obama speech and sinks into darkness and the more people who cheer the darker everything gets around me?  I am an American soldier’s wife and the mother of his frequently fatherless children.  I’m a caring human being who has witnessed and taken part in lies and deceit that killed thousands.  I have felt very alone in all of this many many times and fearlessly allowed my mental melt downs to be witnessed by many……what the hell….I’m not going to live forever so all that won’t matter forever damn it!

Some Obama supporters say they are tired of fighting and I say that’s only because they are those of us who have a choice here.  Some Democrats seeking unity seem to be completely blind to the fact some of America is in giant pain right now and doesn’t have a choice of whether or not to fight if they intend to continue to live.  The abusers and the sociopaths that are in our midst and part of the what we WANT to be believe is OUR civil society……..I see them all too clearly and I don’t want to embrace them.  Every voice in my being, my inner child if you want to call it that, screams out “NO!” when it comes to embracing the sociopaths and just letting the “bad stuff” slip away.  A lot of that “bad stuff” has BEEN my life these past five years………so none of it really mattered and it was all just a bad dream or it was just bad unhappy ideas?  Then how come people are missing arms and legs and minds and how come people are flat out missing around me?  I hope this funk passes soon.  I really have a hard time tolerating Obama speeches right now and I really have a hard time tolerating all that “Let’s Get Fired Up” chanting stuff.  Remember, I used to be a cheerleader and I know how that shit works.  A pep rally rocks too but during the football game I couldn’t help but notice that when things were getting really real the only person who came to care about all of my cheering was somebody’s ole Uncle Pervy in his front row seat………..just sayin.

Losing G’Kar

Just discovered that Major Andy Olmstead has been killed in Iraq and wanted to put this up here.

He was the first casualty for 2008 in Iraq. And a small part of Maj. Andrew Olmsted likely would’ve chuckled at that fact. It would be droll and play into his sense of self-deprecation.

But for everyone else, the news would be devastating.

Amanda Wilson, his wife of 10 years, could barely talk Friday. The notifying officers came to her door in Colorado Springs on Thursday to tell her that Olmsted’s unit had been ambushed and that he was dead. Also killed was Cpt. Thomas J. Casey, 32, of Albuquerque.

It was small arms fire, they said. The gaping blackness after that moment seemed to suck away all the words, leaving only soft sobs in their wake.

“I know,” she said quietly when condolences were passed on to her. Her mother, who was flown in Friday to help, was also having trouble with the news. “She’s trying to be brave,” Wilson’s soft voice said.

Olmsted, however, asked everyone to avoid being maudlin. And he asked everyone via a blog, of course. The 38-year-old soldier based out of Fort Carson was a prolific blogger – including one he did steadily for the Rocky Mountain News dating back to his deployment in July.

His final posting where he speaks to us from beyond the grave is at Obsidian Wings.

It’s hard for me NOT to make something of this nature political because I see everything concerning Iraq as political.  Andy Olmstead though has asked us all not to do this while observing his death.  He is asking us to participate in observing a tradition of excellence that has been lately ignored in the military of this democracy and that is THE ALWAYS APOLITICAL MILITARY OFFICER IN SERVICE TO THIS NATION!

Why This Serving Soldier’s Family Supports John Edwards

At this point I believe that any one of the possibilities that the Democrats have for a nominee would not leave us in Iraq if they became our next President.  Because the existing bipartisanship still has our soldiers as solidly in Iraq as they were last year at this time I still don’t claim to be Democrat and instead lay claim to being an Independent now.  Bipartisanship has brought me lots and lots of tears and heartache and night terrors and lost sleep last year over military service that provided no safety for any of us on American soil and may have in actuality inspired and impassioned further acts of terrorism.

So while John Edwards has an Out Of Iraq plan very similar to the other Democratic candidates, he sports one thing that sets him apart for me and that is this portion of his Iraq plans.

Clarify the Lack of Legal Foundation for the War

The 2002 authorization did not give President Bush the power to use U.S. troops to police a civil war. Edwards believes that Congress should make it clear that President Bush exceeded his authority long ago. The president now needs to end the war and ask Congress for new authority to manage the withdrawal of the U.S. military presence and to help Iraq achieve stability.

Now we can all speculate all day long about how and why President Bush has used our troops to police a civil war he created but I’d like to stay with the facts and just acknowledge that he is and he did.  And he did so without any oversight from anyone other than Laura for a hell of a long time.  Now he does so with as precious little oversight as he can manage to dodge, finagle, threaten, beg, borrow and steal.  And that shouldn’t ever happen to us ever again, I know it should never ever happen to our soldiers and their families ever again.  It’s time for people to be accountable.  After people are once again accountable for their actions I think I might be able to start making some nice.

An Ill Wind Blows Our Way?

Having one of those days.  Going to put my fears up and then maybe they won’t be swimming around my head today.  This is an accumulation of a month of starting to smell that smell again.  It started last month when a soldier friend shot an email out to friends that in the midst of Iraq and a group of officers he witnessed a full bird Colonel and a one star General come to blows and try to beat the hell out of each other.  He gave no names and at the time I didn’t really want any.  His email was just one of those holy shit things that we all send out when we have witnessed the impossible happening around us.  There was only one thing that I filed away from the email as a note to self and that was that there was infighting before David Petraeus cuz there was no fuggin plan.  Everybody was their own cowboy in the Wild West.  To have such a physical fists to faces fight take place post David Petraeus disturbed the little voice in my head.

The second thing that disturbed me and joined that voice was this comment yesterday.  That was finished up today by my husband phoning me and asking me to search the net for a war video he had seen part of yesterday that had an Apache helicopter taking out an insurgent car in Iraq but also taking out about three other cars with it on a highway.  I didn’t have the heart to look very hard for it today.  I heard the concern in my husband’s voice.  It was concern about when this happened because this can’t be our ROE under the Petraeus plan and have that plan have any hope at all.  We can’t just create that kind of damage at will and have anyone able to feel any sort of sense of security of any kind.  My husband’s too smart too for his own good.  I know there is more behind his concern than just seeing the last half of a video.  He’s picking up a vibe out there and the surge is going to be a year old soon and how long can these people keep this up before everyone is certifiable?

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations While We Aren’t Asking and Telling

Don’t ask don’t tell came to visit my house on Sunday.  It hasn’t been a huge issue for me.  I didn’t see where people were being hurt and we know people in the Army who are gay and we just don’t talk about it and they don’t share their lives with us but as Armando pointed out not long ago where racism and America intersects, the status quo of silence is not going to be able to stand the test of time.

On Sunday I was hurt by don’t ask don’t tell.  I was hurt in the motherhood part of my soul and that’s my most tender part.  We live close to a gay military relationship but I’m not going to give details because people could be hurt.  Funny thing is that the person I’m most exposed to in the gay relationship that lives close to us doesn’t like me and I don’t like her.  Our personalities just clash.  I respect her humanity though and her personhood and would never desire to harm her so I’m going to be mostly silent here as I am in my real life and only speak about my exposure to her life in ways that make my point and leave her and her family safe.

Human Beings Being Treated as Not the Same

Where to begin?  I’ll start with the fact that I’m a girl and when I feel like it I play with power tools and build things because my dad taught me how and I always get all sorts of pats on the back and oohs and ahhhhs and it’s sort of okay but it sort of isn’t okay either to be so “surprised” that girls can build shit.  I also sew very well because my dad’s mom was a tailor and she taught me when I wanted to learn.  I don’t get very many wows for it even though I do it better than I build stuff and it serves almost as much need and purpose in daily living.  I have been very capable my whole life, it was expected of all of us on the ranch to gain our full potential.  For what ever reason, in my family I was never told what I could do but I was told to do what I could and that turned out to be a lot. Many times when working for other people I was not granted the opportunity to reach my full potential because I have boobs and a vagina.  I suppose you can attempt to diversify my work place in order to be more fair to me where sexism is concerned but I’m still being placed where I am because I have boobs and a vagina instead of what I’m really capable of and what I have earned the opportunity to do.


I read a headline this morning that claimed that LCpl Justin Sharratt has been exonerated in the Haditha massacre.  The definition of exonerated is freed from any question of guilt; “is absolved from all blame”; “was now clear of the charge of cowardice”; “his official honor is vindicated”.  

I also listened intently to a Pundit Review Radio show featuring Justin and his father.

His father is upset because the press hasn’t jumped all over Justin’s exoneration.  He says that he is going to release 1800 pages of evidence that was previously marked classified that is going to clear all of the Haditha Marines in our hearts and minds. He claims they were operating within their ordered Rules of Engagement. To my knowledge the ROE that the Marines were operating under that day have never been made clear to the American people.  He claims that the Iraqi witnesses lied and refused to come to America to testify because they would now be in jail for perjury.  He claims that Jack Murtha lost it over the Haditha incident to advance his political career and not because he was a past Marine just shown photos of children shot in the head by American Marines.

I wait patiently for this mind blowing 1800 pages of classified evidence to be revealed and if I owe any apologies for my anger and outrage I will be forthcoming with any and all.  I’m sad that I deleted the most graphic photos of three small children shot in the head from my photo files because after I had written a diary of outrage I came to a place where seeing them everytime I opened my photo file stopped being a healthy thing for me.  I can’t find them on the net anymore.  I think I swiped them out of the TIME Haditha article.  If you have any better ones than I have up here I would really appreciate the additions. We won’t see official photos for a very long time because they are considered a national security risk like everything else is by these fuckers in the White House.  Here is a link after the commercial to the CNN report from last year describing drastic differences between what those photos that were shown to CNN seem to indicate and the story that the Marines involved told.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think I know why the press hasn’t jumped all over Justin’s exoneration.  It’s because it isn’t that credible of an exoneration.  The press is often found lacking but I can tell from the way this father speaks that he has been doing everything to attempt to get the press to carry his son’s exoneration on the front page and there are reasons why they haven’t jumped all over this and it’s probably because for the most part the evidence is still a he said she said deal.  Justin was probably “exonerated” due to a lack of enough incriminating evidence and dead toddlers tell no tales.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Just Whining or Just Tattling

Grrrrr…….I’ve started all the paperwork needed to be reimbursed for the traveling expenses surrounding my sons last surgery.  I requested a change of who his PCM is and was granted that change from the commander of the Lyster Health Clinic at Fort Rucker.  Normally when you are part of an active duty family there is an existing mostly military operated healthcare structure close by that you must originate from on your healthcare journeys.  Most of the physicians who are part of that system right now are also soldiers.  There are a few doctors who are contractors involved as well but I haven’t been really happy with those that I’ve seen at Lyster because they only seem to want to punch the time clock and let’s face it…….if you are a kickin unowned physician you are kickin in your own practice.

I’m not anti military doctor either.  Some are good and some not so good but Dr. Campbell who is the creator of the titanium rib device and procedure that saved my sons life started out as an Army doctor.  He told me that he always desired to be a doctor but his family couldn’t even begin to pay for that schooling so he did what a lot of impoverished future doctors do and sold himself to the military for awhile and they got him the schooling.  My son has been passed onto Dr. Simmons now.  Dr. Simmons is an orthopedic surgeon who put together wounded soldiers coming out of Iraq.  Dr. Campbell knew this Simmons character while in the service and knew that he rocked as an orthopedic surgeon so told him that when his time was up in the military he needed to work with him helping these kids with horrible scoliosis be able to live and Simmons did.  So how could I sanely be anti military physician?

Bush’s Speech Happening Right Now at the Heritage Foundation

I’ve been preparing my home for a surgery trip with my son and listening to CNN this morning while doing it.  Dubya comes on giving a speech and is being applauded when he says something about our efforts in Iraq addressing our war on terror problems.  I pop my head around the corner and the screen says he’s giving this speech live from the Heritage Foundation……UGH!

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