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The Winners Of The Health Debate

While everyone is talking about health care, there are some definite winners in the health care debate: the Indianapolis Colts.

13-0 this season, playing in Jacksonville as I type, the Indianapolis players are winning the health care debate of “do we sit our players or not”?

They aren’t (so far), and, they are winning the game.

An Open Letter to Gov. Howard Dean

I may be the hardest individual on Democratic voices right now as it pertains to how President Obama and the Democratic majority are making decisions.  I was hard on Gov. Dean in this diary.

Gov. Dean has been one of the most outspoken voices for real health care reform, so, when he stated that the current bill, minus the public option, was a “step forward”, I slammed him as tossing in the towel.

Gov. Dean has now stepped out and stated that this bill needs to be killed.

So, here is my open letter to Gov. Dean…

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Here for your entertainment!

Yes.  I got into it on my last Daily Kos diary with people who showed up only to disrupt the diaries conversation.

I HR them.  They whine.  And then, Meteor Blades comes up with a truly “unique” … extrapolation.

I’m not buying it…

The Daily Kos FAQ is what it is.

I’ve cited it to them.

We Were Sold Out in 2006

After six years of Bush/Cheney, America was getting tired of the “drip-drip” of lies, secrecy, and war.  The Democratic Party was poised to regain Congress in the 2006 election.

In 2006, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were both promoted to majority leaders in their respective houses of Congress.  In 2008, with overwhelming majorities, both have been utter failures in leadership on every issue.

It was in 2006 that the sell-out began…

“Democratic Party Surrenders – Minority Wins”

That should have been the headlines.

Just imagine if Democrats were in charge at various points in history…

Democratic Army of Thousands Attack 300 Spartan’s – Surrenders the Battle!

Democratic Army Surrenders to Napoleon at Waterloo!

That is exactly what has occurred.  Despite Obama winning 365 electoral votes to McCain’s 173, President Obama has caved to the Republican Party on health care reform.  Despite a clear majority of America wanting a public option, Sen. Reid has caved to the Republican Party on health care reform.

Despite having the option to force through the best part of health care reform using reconciliation, the Democratic Party, to include the President himself, has simply surrendered on the President’s key legislative agenda.

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Differences of Opinion vs Attack

Buhdydharma has asked a question; should Docudharma become a warzone against the “Obamabots” of Daily Kos?

Sure, I could have simply made a comment, voted in the poll, and been done.  But, there is more to it than merely asking a question.  There is an answer, and, it is complex.

To buhdydharma… I DO understand…

Buhdydharma has asked for our help.  Some of us are unable to help financially, others are able.  But, after reading his essay, this part of it struck me:

I cannot express to you the psychological blow it was for me, after decades of taking perhaps excessive pride in having worked my way up from nothing to a position of relative success, to be suddenly crippled and unable to support myself.

I can fully understand, and buhdy, you aren’t the only one who has found themselves in this situation…

Purity Tests = Epic Fail

Do you remember the laughter when wingnuts started talking about “purity tests”?  

How big of a failure was this?  Big enough that Faux News reported that even conservative pundits, much less some of the their politicians, thought it was a bad idea.  Let’s not forget about NY-23, where the wingnut “purists” lost the GOP an election that any Republican candidate should have won handily.  

The idea of “purity of Party” simply for the political Party’s sake is one big epic fail.

Now, I’m going to tell you why…

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Why Obama’s “troop surge” will succeed — and fail

Yes, this new “troop surge” will succeed.  Yes, it will also fail.  

The first thing you have to do is realize what the escalation of troops in Afghanistan is meant to accomplish.

As Rachel Maddow is, as I type, explaining, the entire goal of the surge is to provide enough cover for President Karzai’s government that, within 18 months, we can leave and his government is no longer threatened.

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No Enthusiam? Not Surprised!

Jed Lewison’s front page article says it all — Democratic supporters are unimpressed with the Democratic Party.  How else do you explain the fact that only 56% of Democrats say they will vote in 2010?

Two in five Democratic voters either consider themselves unlikely to vote at this point in time, or have already made the firm decision to remove themselves from the 2010 electorate pool. Indeed, Democrats were three times more likely to say that they will “definitely not vote” in 2010 than are Republicans.

I’m not surprised.  You shouldn’t be, either.

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Have you had enough?

Have you had enough of the lies?  The politics?  The broken promises?

Have you had enough of the Obama administration providing cover for the Bush cabal, watching as he pushes some of their arguments in court, and trying to implement indefinite detention?

Have you had enough, knowing that Xe, i.e. Blackwater, is still working for the Obama State Department?  That the Obama administration worked behind closed doors to undermine REAL health care reform by promising the industry they would be able to retain profits?

Have you simply had enough?

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Our Nation is a “Severe Liberty” Test?

It doesn’t cease to amaze me that there are Obama apologist’s willing to cover anything that he, and his administration, does no matter how bad.  What does get me is when someone, in doing so, goes so far as to call into question that it takes a person who, and I quote, states:

It isn’t going to be to the liking of a severe civil liberties test.

A “severe liberties” test?

THAT is what this commenter thinks?  That our Constitution, and those who wish for it to be enforced, are calling for?  A “severe liberties” test?

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