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Soldier in Afghanistan Arrested for Child Porn

Specialist Billy Miller was arrested for possessing child pornography while deployed to Afhanistan, is in the brig, and awaits his trial, which could lead to him spending up to 10 years in prison.

At this point, many that are reading this are probably already ready to string him up.

But, wait.  This story has a twist…

Breaking: Democratic Agenda in Jeopardy!

No, I’m not talking about the Massachusett’s election where Martha Coakley is down in the polls, and, if she loses, the Democratically-controlled Senate loses its 60 seat majority.  Yes, it’s a tight race, and, President Obama can’t seem to find the time to go help her campaign.  Big deal.

What IS a big deal is the thought that losing that 60th seat is what will put the Democrats agenda in jeopardy.  

HARP and Airplane Crashes

If you’ve watched Jesse Ventura’s new show, “Conspiracy Theory”, you would have seen an episode about the HAARP program — High Frequency Active Aural Research Program.

In the segment, it comes out that, if so directed, the high frequency radio waves generated by the massive antenna farm could knock an airplane out of the air.



Why I’m done fighting

Ministry of Truth has a great essay on why he fights.

They are all very good points.  I guess I am just too jaded, because I DO have a rebuttal to those points.

Here is why I am done fighting…

A Response to Comments

I haven’t posted an essay in a while, and, I received an email or two asking about me.  

I appreciate the concern.  

There were some comments made to my last few essays that I believe I should address.

Christmas in 2050

An establishment is built on money.  Businesses run on profit.  What happens when you combine the establishment of government with business interests?  Both must continue to find more and more money.  Where do they do that?  From the citizenry.

Over the years, we’ve seen businesses and corporations continue to enlarge until some are too big to fail.  If they are about to fail, the government simply gives them our tax dollars.

We are required to have car insurance if we wish to drive.  We are required to pay taxes, regardless of what it is, once a government tells us we must.

We will be required to buy health insurance, regardless if we can afford it.

Wages have stagnated.

The Middle Class has been destroyed.

President Obama has just raised our national debt limit to over $12 Trillion dollars.

Corporations are seeing more and more court cases go in their favor, and if they don’t, they simply keep the case in constant appeal, or, refuse to pay.

This is not 2050, but, 2009.

A Merry Fucking X-Mas

It’s Christmas Eve.  

But, I’m not supposed to be able to feel the joy, or, if there is some, the pain.  Because I take anti-depressants.

Do you know what an anti-depressant does to you?  It flat-lines your brain.

It is designed to keep those feeling down from being able to feel down.  It also keeps you from feeling good.

Do you know how we counteract it?

Don’t Wait — KICK Them Out!

So, a freshman Democratic Representative from Alabama has switched to the GOP.  

Unlike Sen. Specter, Parker Griffith won’t find any friends willing to vote for him in the coming election in 2010.

Griffith will face a primary against a teabagger Republican, and, he will lose.  He will be off the government gravy-train.

So, why wait for these people to quit?  KICK THEM OUT…

It’s time for me to die

Yes, this is a very personal, and internal, essay.

The title states what I feel, “It is time for me to die”.

My best days are behind me.

Surviving two warzones.  Surviving the minefields of Iraq.  Surviving my time as a cop.

I knew, from the time I was 18 and had joined the military as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist, that my time on Earth was limited.

That, however, didn’t prove to be true…

The “Virgin Mary” Defense?

By now you no doubt read that U.S. Army General Cucolo has issued a policy statement concerning U.S. troops in Iraq; “get pregnant, face possible courts-martial“.

For the first time in history, our troops are to face a courts-martial for getting pregnant?

This begs the question; just who IS in charge in Washington, DC????

Let’s talk Football

With two games left to play, the playoff picture is heating up.

So, I’m taking a break from politics to talk football.

My team, the Indianapolis Colt’s, have already clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoff’s.

Here’s how the playoff’s are shaping up…

Health Care Regulation Will Work!

Didn’t you get the memo?  There are regulations in the health care bill!  These new regulations will make the health care industry give American families a fair deal.

There is now, absolutely, no reason to hold up this health care bill.  These new regulations will work just as they worked for credit card companies.

You don’t believe me?  Read on…

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