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Honoring the “service” of… (Updated)

For those who have followed my writings, you know that I am a veteran.  That I was deployed to Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield in 1990.  That I was deployed into northern Iraq for Operation Provide Comfort I, II, and III after Desert Storm.  That I’ve walked the mine and battle fields of Iraq during two separate conflicts.  You also know that after I left the military I served in law enforcement.

I tell people this, not to get thanks, but, so that people understand my experience and knowledge when I speak of war, ordnance, veteran, law enforcement or related issues.  It is merely a qualifier that, yes, I do have the background to speak on these issues with a bit of authority.

Why do people feel they are obligated to “honor the service of…”?

What does it take to be President?

There are things occurring this election that leave some of us scratching our heads.  Is it all really politics?  Calculations based on polls?  

What does it take to be President?

Onward… through the fog…  

When is a withdrawal not a withdrawal?

When the Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, declares:

A Responsible, Phased Withdrawal

Barack Obama believes we must be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in. Immediately upon taking office, Obama will give his Secretary of Defense and military commanders a new mission in Iraq: ending the war. The removal of our troops will be responsible and phased, directed by military commanders on the ground and done in consultation with the Iraqi government. Military experts believe we can safely redeploy combat brigades from Iraq at a pace of 1 to 2 brigades a month that would remove them in 16 months. That would be the summer of 2010, more than 7 years after the war began.

Oh, you don’t see a problem here?  

Well… onward, through the fog…

Operation Sentinel

This hasn’t gotten near the coverage in the traditional media nationwide as it deserves:

NEW YORK (CBS) ?  It’s called “Operation Sentinel” and it proves just how far the NYPD will go to protect this city from terrorists. The plan involves some high-tech tracking that is coming under fire from some groups.

New York City is going to great lengths to make sure that bomb-toting terrorists can’t reach us.

This sounds great; a pro-active approach to stopping terrorists.

If you wish to understand the problem with this, follow me onward through the fog…

Airline fees and our military

By now I’m sure most everyone has heard how American Airlines is charging our military men and women baggage fees (overweight and extra bag).  The airlines are justifying this practice by claiming that the military reimburses the members.

Let me explain to you why this is wrong…

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