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So. How does this grab ya? w poll

so. I am thinking of this… “yelling louder.”  My hub is the musician, not me but…  maybe there’s some metaphor… can we not just increase the volume (“yell louder”)  but also adjust the balance, the bass/treble, the equalizer (ha)? So I have this one little idea that has been hatching for a while now, but it is still embryonic. Im asking for your input & feedback, and also I am not a lone wolf type at all, I prefer  team style…. I don’t have “ego” in this (much),  please feel free to tell me it just sucks…lol.

My proposal is basically this:

A new weekly series (yes at the orange) to follow (piggyback) the Valtin Crew’s  new Sunday Round Up Series…. Mine to be an ACTION Diary (sorta).

Sometimes when words fail me

I switch over.

In honor of the dead, the wars, the storms, the lost, and walking wounded.

Bulgarian voices…

Book Recs? and an idea

I’m hatching an idea and want to toss it around here for feedback & input. I’m thinking of  DK folks who are either resistant or overwhelmed with discussions on the whole Truth:Torture  topic. My idea is, it would be a group effort, to do a new Weekly Series on the subject, with three or so items in each Issue: a Book Review, a Website Review; and , #3, is a Wild Card. #3 could be a music video, a cartoon, or lulz, or something.  

Maybe also include a Week In Review Update / Summary of News too.

Ya know… “Torture Lite”…

What do you think?

random, updated

WHAT did he (Robert Gibbs) just say?

OKay its rainy and cold and Im reading all over the place online and kind of bouncing around (like I usually do). I was thinking about coming here and tossing out a few things as I come across them.

I happen to have the sound on my TV because I noticed Gibbs daily press briefing is on. But Im only half listening. And I cant see it (its behind my back).

First Amendment Blues: WTF?

Sure seems like a whacky News day today. I stumbled onto this little item… since I dont see a current Open Thread and I dont feel like posting it Over There, here ya go.

HEADLINE: “Man charged, accused of dropping F-bombs”

political : is : personal :: personal : is : political (UPDATED)

UPDATED…. she’s gone. see my last comment below.

My friend Barb is dying as I write.  I come here for vigil, shelter, a safe harbor. Barb has always been one of my “Go To” girls. She gently offered shelter in the calmest of ways, often without much more than a “come on in, hey, how bout some coffee?” A truly gracious lady. I’m going to miss her. A lot.

Bob Dylan, Shelter From the Storm…

Three, maybe four weeks ago, she was walking  and talking. She was fine. Some random unexplained aches and pains maybe, I hear she dismissed them, they’ve been going on for months apparently. But she downplayed it and managed because she had no other choice. She has no insurance.

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