First Amendment Blues: WTF?

Sure seems like a whacky News day today. I stumbled onto this little item… since I dont see a current Open Thread and I dont feel like posting it Over There, here ya go.

HEADLINE: “Man charged, accused of dropping F-bombs”

GALVESTON – Diners at a seawall eatery were treated to a short salvo of vulgar language when a Jamaica, N.Y., man allegedly berated his female companion with a pair of F-bombs uttered within earshot of a police officer and restaurant manager, authorities said Tuesday.

A Galveston officer was enjoying an early dinner at 4:15 p.m. Monday at Salsa’s Mexican and Seafood Restaurant, 4604 Seawall Blvd., when he overheard a conversation between a man and a woman, said Lt. D.J. Alvarez, a Galveston Police Department spokesman.

“The man said to the female, ‘I can’t believe you’re so f—— stupid,'” Alvarez said, who was reading from a police report of the incident made public Tuesday. “‘What the f— were you thinking?'”

“The manager was offended by the curse words,” Alvarez said. “And the man was arrested when the manager came forward to complain about the breach of peace.”

For the full story, go see the source:…

Apparently the man was charged with a misdemeanor, disorderly conduct.

Now. I can think of some verbage that has breached my peace lately and I didn’t just overhear it sitting in a restaurant either.  But… if that kind of conversation between a couple (in public) can get you arrested, I’m in deep doo-doo. I better make sure I’ve got a stash ‘o’ cash handy here, at all times, to make my bond.



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  1. please dont arrest me.  

  2. that got this fellow arrested. Lots of small towns have breach of the public peace laws that they use when people are getting out of hand. If you are having a screaming fight with someone on the front lawn, that would be the same “crime”.  

  3. and far faster than conventional rate of change in a given society programming works, it is proven.

    From the old but still relatively unknown amoungst “normal” people.

    They didn’t stop developing this concept.  All one has to do is hide references to it.

  4. Assholes who make goddamn swearing a fucking crime are themselves guilty of fuckbaggery. Their sentence should be to listen to Carlin’s seven dirty words skit over and over for 24 shitting hours.

    Gee, I hope I don’t go to Internet jail for that one fucking outburst.

    Back in reality land, though, the definition of “disorderly conduct” is deliberately vague. I would be interested in reading the whole report. My guess is that it was the disruptive behavior in a place of business rather than use of the F-Bomb that got him charged. In other words, the dude would have been charged if he had loudly said “I can’t believe you’re so stupid,” and “What were you thinking?” and the owner had complained about the disruptive behavior. Our hero just would have missed his 15 minutes in the Internet spot light.

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