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WHAT did he (Robert Gibbs) just say?

OKay its rainy and cold and Im reading all over the place online and kind of bouncing around (like I usually do). I was thinking about coming here and tossing out a few things as I come across them.

I happen to have the sound on my TV because I noticed Gibbs daily press briefing is on. But Im only half listening. And I cant see it (its behind my back).

No idea who asked the Question or what the actual Question was, but something to do with … whats the WH respsonse to the recent (statement) of the United Nations …?

Gibbs:  paraphrasing badly, sorry… this will be up somewhere soon Im sure.

The UN really needs to consider the fact that the USA is one of the major financial contributors, resources, for the UN and ..?xyz?… we look forward to working cooperatively with the UN in the future bla bla bla.

My heart sank.

Another reporter spoke up and said: “would you like to rephrase or redact what you just said?”

Gibbs: No, (and repeated it).

Ill watch the aftertalk on msnbc and update this. or maybe delete. Perhaps I misheard.

3:30PM… UPDATE… nothing new on the above.

Stuff Ive flagged today:


Update: Predictably, Arlen “Scottish Haggis” Specter put a one-week hold on Dawn Johnsen. Call Specter at (202) 224-4254 and tell him to stop obstructing Obama’s nominees. It’s time we cleaned up OLC and Specter’s just ensuring the Cheneyesque abuse of power will continue for a few more weeks.

and Valtin’s cross-posted piece, and all the comments at DK.


and then… the one from By Frederick A.O. Schwarz, Jr., Chief Counsel of the Brennan Center for Justice at the orange:


so…. all these things (especially the DK visit from Schwarz) coming fast of the heels of the UN stuff.i.e. this one…


A U.N. expert is accusing the United States and some of its allies of breaching international law for the so-called extraordinary renditions and subsequent alleged torture of terrorism suspects during the Bush administration’s global war on terrorism, and is launching a probe into the detention of suspects.



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  1. nothing on tv, they went right back to Madoff.

    well, again, antohre good exercise for me…

  2. to find anything on this, or who was that one Reporter, unless I SEE him.

    Maybe Keith O or Rachel M will pick up on it.

    Combined with all the other items Ive read in the past hour (Valtin’s piece)… it fits.

    very disheartening.

    • Valtin on March 12, 2009 at 22:18

    that things would be heating up during this period.  The reason is the powers that were are struggling to maintain their control, and cover for their crimes. There are many of these people, they have a lot of power, and arguably, funding. While our side is less knowledgeable, less involved, and more ambivalent about results.

    It will be a strange and difficult period, as are all times of change and struggle.

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