Overnight Caption Contest

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  1. …the ruekies converted their missile silos into homes.

    • Edger on November 20, 2009 at 03:57

    that last pill I took looked a little ::homemade::

  2. the little people all still live collectively (being good doctrinarie Marxists) waiting for the day when the running dog Capitalist usurpers no longer ruled their country and gave Socialism a bad name!

  3. “Little, but mighty!”


    “Standin’ ready for “double duty.”


    “My home is a constant reminder of my power.”


    “Come on over to my “double-whammy” and “hole in one” abode!  Hurry up!”

  4. This is the Land of Make Believe.

    Those dudes in the foreground?…Yep, they’re Doctors.

    Those funny looking houses?…Why , those are personal, individual little hospitals where you go to have your troubles and ills magically and miraculously wisked away, don’t you see!

    Those unsymmetrical, leaning cupolas, why that is where you go to commune with the God/Goddess of you choice after treatment, they also double as detachable miniature rockets that will woosh you off to the Heaven/Hell of your choice if you are so unlucky as to,–cough,cough–, expire.

    Where is this land of enchantment and wonder, you may ask.

    Why it’s the wonderous, fantastical Land of ObamaCare, where we’ll ride a unicorn on a rainbow to health of amazing perfection. All we need is Congress to act and in three years we’ll all be transported to HealthCare Heaven, where puppies never die and all the kittehs haz cheezburgies.

    Isn’t it rather obvious?

  5. I guarantee when you get there you’ll have reservations!

  6. see all you Lilliputians after Thanksgiving.

    • on November 22, 2009 at 06:23
    • RUKind on November 22, 2009 at 07:17

    Hell, might have been a collaboration. Note the clever use of organic shapes and natural materials  set off against the other-worldly parched plaza. The pastels of the  stucco covered structures giving an odd ambience of South Miami Beach and It’s a Small World After All.

    And no, those are not bhongs. When the shallow lake of liquid LSD evaporated off the structures were turned into crack houses. This is a favorite secret resort for many of Hollywood’s young starlets and Disney grads.

    [The Pentagon thinks it’s al-Qaedetta-ville]. It should be a short war.

    • Miep on November 22, 2009 at 07:42
  7. Beware!

  8. you know, the one with the little dog, the scarecrow, that guy in the Halloween costume with the tin can, and that mangy lion?

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