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Glenn Beck praises SLAVERY! Ye Gods, man!

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    Beck’s new book “Arguing on behalf of with Idiots” is a real gem, which includes this piece where Beck explains why SLAVERY is good and Uhmerican, just like the Founding Fathers wanted it.

    Provision Beck praised actually “barred Congress from ending the international slave trade before 1808.”

    Beck praises “Migration or Importation” tax provision in taking cheap shot at “immigrants.” In the chapter, Beck reprints and then praises Article I, Section 9, Clause 1 of the Constitution. Beck specifically highlights in yellow the phrase “ten dollars for each person”:

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from page 278 “Aguing with Idiots”

    Oh, and by gem, I mean AssNugget

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The Road from 911


Mistakes were made when Baxter Pharmaceuticals mistakenly sent out virulent flu strains contained in a flu vaccine which, if it hadn’t been caught by Czech medicos, could have resulted in a pandemic catastrophe. The laboratory protocols make this kind of mistake nearly impossible without malice of forethought. Or as it is viralized today; LIHOP.

AEG hopes to rehabilitate its image with Jackson movie – UNBELIEVABLE!…

Tim Leiweke, president of AEG, which bankrolled Jackson’s “This is It” tour and is a key player in the film … said the movie also will provide proof that AEG had Jackson’s well-being in mind. “I think we still are hurt,” Leiweke explained. “Some of the things that people have said about us, which are so untrue, this movie’s going to restore his legacy, and prove that we, in fact, gave Michael a second chance here.

Nice, isn’t it, to spend money trying to rehabilitate the image of an accused child molester?  And isn’t it also nice to speak about a dead guy in terms of how the movie he bankrolled can fix a corporate image?  WOW, how unselfish of the piece of filth!  I can’t imagine why anyone would speak ill of AEG or Tim Leiweke…oh, wait, yes I can!

Docudharma Times Friday September 25

Friday’s Headlines:

Most parents won’t have kids get H1N1 flu shots, study finds

Banks fight to kill proposed consumer protection agency

Anger as Kiev council plans to build hotel at biggest Holocaust shooting site

Nicolas Sarkozy ‘perverted course of justice’ in trial of Dominique de Villepin

UN tells Iran: sanctions are coming

Israel ex-PM’s graft trial begins

World’s first shark sanctuary created in Pacific

Pakistanis look on U.S. Embassy plans with suspicion

How Africa’s party animals drank themselves to death

Barack Obama to impose US travel bans on Kenyan political leaders

White House Regroups on Guantanamo

Counsel Craig Replaced as Point Man on Issue as Deadline for Closing Looms

By Anne E. Kornblut and Dafna Linzer

Washington Post Staff Writer and ProPublica

Friday, September 25, 2009

With four months left to meet its self-imposed deadline for closing the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Obama administration is working to recover from missteps that have put officials behind schedule and left them struggling to win the cooperation of Congress.

Even before the inauguration, President Obama’s top advisers settled on a course of action they were counseled against: announcing that they would close the facility within one year. Today, officials are acknowledging that they will be hard-pressed to meet that goal.

The White House has faltered in part because of the legal, political and diplomatic complexities involved in determining what to do with more than 200 terrorism suspects at the prison. But senior advisers privately acknowledge not devising a concrete plan for where to move the detainees and mishandling Congress.

L.A. independent record shop is still in a groove

Collectibles and used CDs enable Rockaway Records in Silver Lake to survive while many like it have closed.

By Randy Lewis

Don’t tell brothers Wayne and Gary Johnson the CD business is dead or that the brick-and-mortar record store has gone the way of the five-and-dime.

Or go ahead. Tell them. They’ll just smile. That’s because they run Rockaway Records in Silver Lake, one of the longest-surviving independent record stores in Los Angeles. It has successfully been trading since 1979 in various forms of music technology pronounced dead or dying in most other corners of the ailing music industry.

“I feel more confident than ever,” Wayne Johnson said during an interview in the back office lined with memorabilia that reflects his lifelong love of the Beach Boys and their music.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

A Transition through Poetry XXIII

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Finding my Way

Life in shambles

I took a chance

spoke my piece

used my words

defended myself

everyone watching

I tore the fabric

of their reality

chipped away

at the barriers

with the sharp

blade of right

Mighty is the sword

of revelation

Relevance grows


newfound voice

E-space is a venue

where we can thrive

virtual avenues opened wide

provided a wedge

to crack open

the narrow path

I navigated

from what was

to what could be

I found a way through

I did not choose to lead

but some chose to follow

That frightened me then

and still does

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–January 18, 2006

9/11: A Fictional Theory ***UPDATEDX2***

At precisely 2:12 A.M. Eastern Time this diary was deleted from the Daily Kos despite the “Fictional” tag I gave it.  It has been labeled as a “Truther” diary, yet it says right in the tags AND THE FUCKING TITLE it was fictional. So not only does the new Kostapo (trained at this very facility :::shakes fist:::) have a response time of 13 minutes for banning your handle and 2 hours and 12 minutes to delete a diary….but they are also illiterate.  That is all.

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It was the best of times, and then, it was the worst of times.

In June of 1997 the Republicans found themselves marginalized by the prosperity brought about by a slick politician they would later impeach for having “sexual relations” with a woman that wasn’t his wife.

They were bitter, defeated, and were preparing to ascend…with a little help from their friends.

Now Friday is Not the Day 20090924

What is it with the attorneys?  It was supposed to happen a few weeks ago, but the papers were not in order.

I tried to send them, but the attorney never sent the blank ones for me to sign, and have notarized, until I reminded him.

Hannity Tries Triggering Water Wars, Obama Blamed for Water Crisis

Last week, Sean Hannity broadcast live from San Joaquin Valley an astroturf rally designed to trigger water wars based on lies & transfer the health care memes to eco issues. The new CT is a whopper:  President Obama, extremist environmentalists in his administration, and liberal radicals have planned for decades to turn California into a dust bowl so that the solar industry can use farmland, forcing us to buy our food from China!

The means to implement this CT is compliance with a federal law to provide instream flows to endangered or threatened fisheries. It was this temporary reduction in water availability that was characterized as an “act of domestic terror” by one of Hannity’s guests, Alan Autry (actor/former mayor):

If you would have told me that that water would have stopped, I would have believed maybe al Qaeda struck, not the federal government.

The Afghanistan War; Why We Are Still There

We all know why we invaded Afghanistan in October 2001; because Al-Qaeda had training camps in Afghanistan.  The question being asked now is; why are we still in Afghanistan?

The history is long and varied… the answer is simple.

DD: Kick It Up A Notch!

My brother and sister bloguer@s:

There are at least four (4) essays on the present “recommended” list that relate to the control/censorship and governance issues of a blog devoted to “more and better Democrats.”  The underlying assumption of all four essays, if I can be so bold, is that that blog matters.  Guess what?  It doesn’t.  Not really.  It has a lot of interesting history.  It has had a lot of great writers.  It has done some wonderful things.  At one time it was innovative.  But, and this is the big but, it hasn’t aged well.  In its senescence it has turned into something far more traditional, far less creative.  It was a plum, now it’s a prune.  A prune making believe it’s still a plum.  So be it.

I am wondering whether we can look at that growing train wreck in our rear view mirrors and just go on to something else.  Put another way, can we pick up the remote control and change the channel to something interesting?  Can we go on to creating something different, something that arguably matters. Can we stop worrying about events in orange and build something better?

I know that when chaos hits our extended family, however remote it might be, it tends to siphon off a lot of our energy and time.  I wouldn’t expect anything different just because it’s a blog rather than a person that’s jumping the shark.  This happens.  I’m sad that it’s happened, but I’m not surprised.  I’d just like us to recognize what’s happened, and to kick it up a notch here.

PS. If this essay is recommended it will be the fifth such essay.  That’s enough, isn’t it?

Overnight Caption Contest

Mainstream bioweapon report…

Surely there will be more to come.  Forgot what year kos banned me for bringing up the obvious.

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