Glenn Beck praises SLAVERY! Ye Gods, man!

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    Beck’s new book “Arguing on behalf of with Idiots” is a real gem, which includes this piece where Beck explains why SLAVERY is good and Uhmerican, just like the Founding Fathers wanted it.

    Provision Beck praised actually “barred Congress from ending the international slave trade before 1808.”

    Beck praises “Migration or Importation” tax provision in taking cheap shot at “immigrants.” In the chapter, Beck reprints and then praises Article I, Section 9, Clause 1 of the Constitution. Beck specifically highlights in yellow the phrase “ten dollars for each person”:

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from page 278 “Aguing with Idiots”

    Oh, and by gem, I mean AssNugget

More below the fold  

     Yesterday I applied for food stamps and medical aid. It has gotten that bad for me. I can not find a job, at least, not one I can survive on the wage slave salaries offered. It’s the first time I have ever applied for aid, but, I figure, the hell with it. I have paid my taxes in the past, and paid my fair share. Why shouldn’t I be able to get something more than just wars back when the Government spends my tax money?

    At the Aid office I was one of the few caucasian people there, it being Middletown, New York, which has a very diverse population. Many people there were women, many of them had young children. There were people young and old, male and female, of all different races, creeds and colors. There were a LOT of people there, and all of them were in need. One person I saw there stays in my thouught, she was a young African American woman, and she was holding her child and crying because she had no food for her children. I hid my tears from the other people there when I saw her crying.

    But more about that later.

    After my visit to the aid office I went back to my other past time of late besides politics, which is hunting for a job. While job hunting I stopped by a Borders bookstore, where, lo and behold, what did I see but Glenn Beck’s book “Arguing with Idiots” on the front table as the first thing to be seen. It should be noted that it was discounted down 30% off of the original price.

    The book is very colorful with lots of pictures and other stuff. As far into it as I managed to read there were no pop-ups. Glenn beck goes to great lengths in his book to defend the current state of health care, call Non-Conservatives “Idiots” and bash immigrants, who apparently are the cause of all America’s problems, and not the corporationns who employ and exploit them.

    But it was the back of the book that really struck my eye.

    On the back of Glenn Beck’s book “Arguing with Idiots” are the following quotes.

“Glenn Beck is an idiot.”

– Discover magazine

“A Half Informed Blowhard.”

– Vanity Fair

“A Lying Sack of Dog Mess.”

– Whoopi Goldberg

“Leading the Lunatic Fringe.”

– Time Magazine

“(A) Frightfully Strange Man.”

– Tina Brown

“A Vampire . . . A ‘Death Lover’.”

– Roseanne Barr

“Only in his wildest dreams could a suicide bomber hope to do as much damage to this country.”

– Keith Olbermann

    I’m no expert on book publishing, but I do read the way a fish swims, all day, everyday. In my experience, a book usually puts quotes from others that say POSITIVE things about the author. Is Beck’s publisher celebrating the way people mock Glenn, are they pointing out the big names that mock Glenn, or do they too think that “Glenn Beck is an idiot.”, and are they just getting in on the laugh at Glenn’s expense? Really, what the hell are they doing, and what the hell is Glenn doing, for that matter?

    Ye Gods, man! What the Hell?

    Speaking of Keith Olbermann, he made Glenn Beck the Worst Person In The World last night for “Idiot” Glenn Beck’s statements in his book regarding slavery, and well did Beck deserve it. Since Keith is a pro, I leave it up to him to get to the heart of what Beck is really saying here.

Olbermann:      “But our winner, “Lonesome Rhodes” Beck, quoting, praising, embracing Article 1 Section 9 Clause 1 of the Cosntitution.”


    “Uh, Glenn, Article 1 Section 9 Clause 1 of the Constitution, it’s a little confusing, it is, after all, 18th Century legalese, but the key word in there is at the start. The migration or importation of such persons. Importation of persons? Buying slaves from other countries! The clause Beck thinks has something to do with “A price tag on coming to this country” was in fact a clause that made it illegal to ban the importation of slaves, until at least 1808, but it gave Congress the right to tax a slave owner ten bucks for each new slave he brought in.”

    “This is the FOOL who thinks he is Thomas Paine or Thomas Jefferson or somebody, or he thinks he and he alone is interpreting the meaning of the founders of the country. And he thinks the clause requiring the continuation of slavery and making it Constitutional for one American to OWN another is about immigration!”

    “This guy may well be THE DUMBEST MAN ON THE PLANET!”

     I find it disgusting, and yet ironic that the man wo rails against Government tyranny sees no fault in one person owning another, especially if he can twist it to fit his view that immigrants are the cause of all of our nations problems, and should be blamed and penalized for such. But ignorant Glenn is not, or at least, not entirely. He admitted that Article 1 Section 9 Clause 1 was about slavery only pages later in the book.

    Later in (the) book, Beck acknowledges the provision he praised protected the slave trade. Later in Arguing with Idiots, Beck writes: “Article 1, Section 9 had allowed twenty years of further slave trade, a length of time that many Founders hoped would be sufficient for the South to wean itself from the horrendous practice. But even after the importation of new slaves stopped in 1808, the South was so dependent upon slavery that it was unwilling to let it go.” [Arguing with Idiots, Page 294]

     16 pages after blaming immigrants for not paying their fair share, even if they are dragged here under bondage and slavery, Glenn Beck admits he knew the clause in the Constitution he distorted earlier was in regards to slavery. I take this as his endorsement of the institution of slavery.

     And it is that which is both sad and ironic, if not shocking within its’ own right. Here is a man who rails against Government intrusion in our lives, that of We The People, created equally under God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or nothing, as each to his or her own, but if a private market or private businessmen wishes to OWN YOU, Glenn Beck is not only for it in many ways, but willing to defend that slave owners rght to own you. Hell, he’ll even make it seem like it is YOUR FAULT.

     And that addresses the class war in a nutshell. It is YOUR FAULT for not being super rich and needing things, it is YOUR FAULT that there are poor people and poverty, it is YOUR FAULT you can’t get a high paying job and can not make ends meet. Glenn Beck doesn’t believe in Adam Smith’s Capitalism, he believes in wage slavery and robber baron Capitalism, where the rich have their losses socialized and get to bitch about it, where their profits are theirs and they earned it DAMMIT, and where your poverty, need and suffering is all your fault, so suck it up and sing God Bless America LOUDER, or you’re a commie.

     Not only is Beck one of the dumbest men on earth, he is a liar of the worst sort, the kind of man who will be stuck alone with you in an elevator, fart, and then blame it on YOU, as if somehow you are the one who farted and not him, and he is certain that is true and you are the idiot for not agreeing with him.

     And that is why Beck and the Right Wing loons look so dumb and sound so dumb. Their lies are soooo glaring and obviouus you would have to be an idiot too to believe it.

     But, going back to my trip to the aid center, there are soooo many people there, people of all colors, all races, all in need, all who are not entirely at fault, if they are at fault at all for societies ills that have struck them the hardest. They are We The People, and are victims of something which is not of their own making. I saw women with their children in their arms, old men on oxygen, people with their arms in a sling, pregnant women, people all struggling to get by in a world where only a few are rich enough and everybody else can “eat cake”, and then I think of the young African American woman who sheds tears because she can not afford food in this recession and jobless recovery for her children, and I think of Beck and his defense of all things Corporate, wealthy, righteous and stupid, and I weep, not just for that young lady, but for my nation and my countrymen.

    Here is a woman who needs help, because she is being eaten alive by a machine that knows no satisfaction and demands only more profits. And there is a man, rich, white, lying and stupid as hell, who would justify selling that woman and her children into slavery, if only so he could prove to the people who don’t know what the hell he is talking about that it is they who are the “idiots”, and he who knows it all.

    Keith, America, dear readers, friends, that is not the dumbest person on earth, that is the greediest, most horrible would be slave owner you could ever meet, a man who would sell you and your children into slavery to profit the rich, all while saying he is standing up for you and your rights. And he will cry about how much he cares while he is selling yo under the chestnut tree.

    That isn’t dumb, it’s downright vile.

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  1. Ye Gods, Man! What the HELL WERE YOU THINKING, Glenn Beck?

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    • on September 25, 2009 at 15:37

    As Kieth Olbermann stated Glenn Beck must be incredibly stupid not to recognize what that article was addressing. Especially with the word imported being used.  

  2. to the clinic to have my cast re-fitted (!) and Imagonna tell ya… my whole experience with this place, the hospital is the county hospital for all the po’ fokes…  its an amazing thing… the people, the stories you hear. sigh. Almost everyone Ive encountered, there is an undercore of strength and survival grit.

    Every congresscritter should be required to spend a day at the county hospital ER.

    And, last night… I was looking for something on teevee to zizz out and by accident I clicked on Jay Leno who happened to have Rush on. I do my best to avoid listening to those asswipes but good lord is he awful. Awful!


  3. who seems to resonate with Beck, Beck is part of the corporate owned media so anything he says is filtered.

    He did more damage to the 911 truth movement by mainstreaming them with holocaust deniers.  To which I said which holocaust, the Nazi/Jewish one or the Jewish/Palestinian one.

    • Inky99 on September 25, 2009 at 19:41

    but the trouble is, it’s working.

    People eat his shit up.  


  4. .

  5. better and better, I have to say. Great catch, fantastic essay, and I’m sorry to hear that you too are broke.

    Fuck, everybody’s broke. (Except Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann.) It’s totally depressing.

  6. Turned all copies upside down.

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