The Road from 911


Mistakes were made when Baxter Pharmaceuticals mistakenly sent out virulent flu strains contained in a flu vaccine which, if it hadn’t been caught by Czech medicos, could have resulted in a pandemic catastrophe. The laboratory protocols make this kind of mistake nearly impossible without malice of forethought. Or as it is viralized today; LIHOP.


Mistakes were made when six nuclear bombs were illegally affixed to the under-wings of a B52 and flown across US airspace from Minot AFB to Barksdale a couple of years ago. The protocols in place as regards our nuclear arsenal make this mistake nearly impossible without malice.

Mistakes were made that no official authority anticipated the economic collapse of global capitalism which took place in the course of a single day in September 2008. An economic 911. Was it lack of oversight – well, hey, the FED doesn’t have a regulator does it? Treasury (the public) asked the FED (private) for a look at the books to make sure they weren’t cooked. The FED said LOL. The economic collapse of 2008 is entirely understandable via the fundamentals. But there was nothing but market cheerleading until the bitter end. But what is not understandable is the solution to the problem which will prove nothing more than a do-over. This economic shattering of the American Empire and relegating the citizenry to peon status: was it just bad business, or an attack every bit on par with the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a gaping hole in the Pennsylvania countryside. Mistake or Mischief?

Mistakes were made when after the hardball, Manichean, post-911 PR campaign to invade Iraq in 2003, no WMDs were found. The Bush regime, with compliance from Congress, duped the American People into fighting a war against fear – a long war against an emotion; an emotion constantly stoked with the Corporate Media’s ghost stories and ‘what-if’ specter mongering. A mistake? Bush and Cheney were so scared after 911, they freaked out, panicked and went absolutely insane and took us all with them in a moment of mass hypnotic hysteria? Uh, no, I seem to remember millions of people in the streets going WTF!? The evidence says 911 was a pretext used to implement a Neo-Conservative agenda long in the planning to invade Iraq. The agenda was shoved through against the will of the people. Therefore doesn’t it behoove us to explore the pretext? Coincidental convenience? Luck? That’s what they say.  

Mistakes were made in the misapprehension of Osama bin Laden. But they never caught Emmanuel Goldstein either. Osama bin Laden was not considered a diabolical criminal but an organizing principle; the leader, the man on the wanted poster for an otherwise invisible, underground army of religious zealots bent upon killing Americans because extremist Islam hates freedom. No one has seen bin Laden in years. Once in a while, usually timed to boost the ‘war on fear’ effort, we get a grainy audio tape blah, blah, blah… Meanwhile we spend trillions fighting against people of color in foreign lands for reasons which fade into the mist like a lonely childhood. Which came first the enemy or the decision to make war? Evidence says the Neo-Cons long coveted resource wars against Iraq and Iran and other nations not clients of the US. The reasons for the Iraq invasion all proved to be government hoaxes – false pretexts: there were no WMDs, there were no WMD programs, there was no international network of terror co-hosted by Saddam and bin Laden, there was no reason to invade Iraq other than Bush and Cheney wanted to and did what they had to do to make it happen; the ends justify the means. A mistake? Or sly as foxes? Does the military-industrial-complex, a for-profit killing machine, care if it loses or only that it fights? Quagmires mean big bucks.

Mistakes were made on 911. But those mistakes worked well for those who needed the pretext for going to war – as opposed to going to investigative police work. I recall Bibi Netanyahu say on the very day that 911 was good for Israel. 911 was good for those who wanted the PATRIOT Act; those who wanted to trade the people’s liberty for security. 911 was good for those who wanted war; corporations, the military, ideologues and death-porn junkies. For those who wanted conquest. For the Neo-Cons. For Likud. 911 was good for the bankers. It was good for lots of investors. 3,000 innocent lives never served such an ignoble and profitable purpose.  

Is it really so hard to believe corporations behind a “war economy” would fabricate reasons to go to war? Isn’t it kind of irresponsible to their shareholders if they don’t? Is it any less hard to believe medicine companies would spread diseases for the cures they offer? The point of business is to profit. Entire corporate departments are focused upon how to maximize profit. And, as one who has mingled with “C” suite execs at major corporations, my experience is, the higher the executive class, the more it is populated by sociopaths – Mad Men.

Isn’t it obvious the experience of being human has been taken out of the equation of governance?

It is to me. And it’s not surprising. When a few hundred corporations, beholden to three or four banks, are trying to corral and control more than six billion people then it’s hard to consider the human equation which is not systemic, mechanical or theoretical, but emotional, curious and unpredictable (game theory aside).

Eight years of war in Afghanistan and what is there to show for it? Zilch. Not only no victory – the ever elusive genius al Qaeda mastermind still at large (to audiotape another day) – but shame and embarrassment are the American legacies in Afghanistan. A war based on revenge for 911.

911 is the Holy Grail to understand the post-modern descent into the new Dark Age. Torture. Inquisition. Aristocracy versus the peasant.

According to the official story, 911 happened because a committed army of anti-Semitic, anti-American extremist Muslim zealots, originally financed and trained by the Cold War United States (and other friendly governments), planned and executed the world’s most spectacular terrorist attack because we’re decadent Israel-loving infidels who exploit, conquer and steal.

Well, that does sound perfectly reasonable. They hate us, we’re in their face and they want us to go. So, when we don’t, they have to make a statement directly to the American People that American Power should leave the Middle East and lots of other places. And because they know us so well, we don’t leave the region, but double-down and invade, which is what they really wanted in the first place so they could kill more Americans. Those wiley wittle Tewwowists. They don’t call them evil geniuses for nothing.

Mistakes? 911 is used as a pretext for a Neo-Con agenda which exactly coincides with the equal and opposite agenda of Osama and his international gang of zealous thugs. Perfectly reasonable. And since Osama worked so closely with the Americans for so long, could there be any doubt of the American response in his mind? Hardly. Game Theory. The purpose of the 911 attack was to provoke the United States into military action against the region including, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran.

And the double-reverse-child psychology motive from the perspective of Osama? (Because we know the perspective of American Power: “Gravy Train!”)

Hmm…to spend us into the ground; the exact same strategy Reagan used against the Soviets in Afghanistan using Osama bin Laden and a proxy hit-and-run army of snipers and stingers which bled the Russians dry. Genius. The man is a genius.

Mischief. The attack of 911 was the pretext used to extend American Power into the central Asian region, a well established Neo-Con strategy. And by complete coincidence America’s arch enemy planned and executed the very crime used to implement the grand plan of the Neo-Conservative movement. PNAC’s craving for a New Pearl Harbor was the fight they were looking for. And they got it in a one-off James Bondian Hollywood terror attack spectacular perpetrated by cold-blooded, hot-headed, tactical wizards and strategic geniuses who, while the arch enemy, are the best thing to ever happen for extremist Americans of the neo-con persuasion, who just happened to be freshly in power after years in the wilderness.

The Zen of Symbiosis. God works in mysterious ways. Netanyahu said 911 was good for Israel and Osama did it because he hates Jews. The Neo-cons wanted a New Pearl Harbor and Osama gave it to them because he wanted to fight Americans – except, he didn’t fight, none of them fought but ran for the hills and the insurmountable insurgency we face after eight years is our prize for rushing in where angels fear to tread.


Or do we have them right where we want them? Spending us into the ground. Bleeding us dry. But fighting, always fighting, because, what is a “war economy” to do? Fight to the death.

And call it necessary.


    • gottlieb on September 25, 2009 at 14:59
  1. I don’t disagree with their impending depopulation agenda.  We have become a nation of zombinals solidly labotomized by the daily talking points of Satan Vision.

    Shithead today is touting Iran’s “secret nuke facility” if you are so inclined to buy that.  The peasants in various stages of awake and aware at the G20 have gone for about 20 arrests.  Zero armed insurrection as it should be and cops are doing their Stanford Prison experiment roles just as they were programmed to do.

    • Diane G on September 25, 2009 at 22:28

    all the time. Seriously.

    You freaking nailed it my friend, the most obvious delineation of events ever.

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