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Puppy Bowl V! Updated and BREAKING!!!

Pepper the Parrot sings the National Anthem.  Better than Roseanne Barr he is (though he misses the “land of the free” high notes).

Let the Puppy Bowl begin!

I understand some sports teams are playing, the Steelers and the Cardinals.  I thought the use of blunt objects was a penalty.

Super Bowl XLIII: Histories Of The Cardinals, Steelers

By DOM AMORE, The Hartford Courant

January 25, 2009

With Super Bowl XLIII between the Cardinals and Steelers a week away (Sunday, 6 p.m., Ch. 30), here’s a look at the history of the two franchises.

Other things you can watch-

PBS- Faubourg Treme: The Untold Stoy of Black New Orleans A&E- The Sopranos
ABC Family- The Chonicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe AMC- Death Wish
BBC- Dr. Who- Turn Left (TEH AWESOME!) Bravo- Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Cartoon- Chowder CNN- Fareed Zakaria:GPS
Comedy- Scary Movie 4 truTV- World’s wildest Police Videos
Discovery- Touchdown Jesus: The Untold Story Disney- Phineas and Ferb
E!- Bring it On: All or Nothing ESPN- World Series of Poker
ESPNC- College Basketball ESPN2- Autralian Open: Single Finals
Food- Food Network Challenge FNC- Fox News Sunday
FX- Maid in Manhattan, 13 Going on 30 Golf- Golf Central
Hallmark- I Love Lucy History- American Eats: History on a Bun
HGTV- Designed to Sell Lifetime- Like Mother, Like Daughter
MSNBC- Predator Raw: The Unseen Tapes National Geographic- Blow Down
Nick- True Jackson, VP Vs.- World Extreme Cagefighting from Jacksonville Fl.
Oxygen- America’s Next Top Model SciFi- Ghost Hunters
Spike- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Style- Clean House
TBS- What Women Want TCM- It’s Always Fair Weather
TLC- DATELINE: Real Life Mysteries TNT- The Closer
Travel- Carribean Beach Resorts TVLand- Leave It To Beaver
USA- House

Truth is I only watch the Super Bowl for the advertisements, even last year when my Jints beat the undefeated Patsies.

This year’s ads are not up on teh intertubz yet but here are some past years-

  • 2008, cost $2.7 million per :30
  • 2007, cost $2.6 million per :30
  • 2006, cost $2.5 million per :30

Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government (Pt.3)



With the long overdue departure of the Bush administration from the White House it is the hope of many that the myriad of transgressions against the Constitution and the people of America will begin to seep out into the public domain: it took a remarkably short time. The day after the helicopter hauled ole George away like so much rubbish a major story broke. In an astonishing shot across the bow directed at the shadow government the first significant whistleblower has already come out with a story (once again ignored by the corporate media) and delivered a devastating blow to the premise that the massive illegal domestic spying programs of the Bush administration were undertaken in order to protect America from terrorism in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001.

Weekend News Digest

Weekend News Digest is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Americans save just when economy needs their money


38 mins ago

WASHINGTON – Americans are hunkering down and saving more. For a recession-battered economy, it couldn’t be happening at a worse time.

Economists call it the “paradox of thrift.” What’s good for individuals – spending less, saving more – is bad for the economy when everyone does it.

On Friday, the government reported Americans’ savings rate, rose to 2.9 percent in the last three months of 2008. That’s up sharply from 1.2 percent in the third quarter and less than 1 percent a year ago.

Bailed-out banks sought foreign workers

Bloggier sign

The dozen banks receiving the biggest rescue packages, totaling more than $150 billion, requested visas for more than 21,800 foreign workers over the past six years for positions that included senior vice presidents, corporate lawyers, junior investment analysts and human resources specialists. The average annual salary for those jobs was $90,721, nearly twice the median income for all American households.

The figures are significant because they show that the bailed-out banks, being kept afloat with U.S. taxpayer money, actively sought to hire foreign workers instead of American workers. As the economic collapse worsened last year – with huge numbers of bank employees laid off – the numbers of visas sought by the dozen banks in AP’s analysis increased by nearly one-third, from 3,258 in fiscal 2007 to 4,163 in fiscal 2008.  

Detroit Free Press

Of Flag Pins and Shirt Sleeves

Just a whimsical post this morning. Several things of varying importance have occurred to me in passing this week. I review the importance of Flag Pins, shirt sleeves and a new description of the Republican strategy for defeating the stimulus package.  You also might want to check out the new word I found to “pin” on Republicans. I share below the Fold. Enjoy!

HONORING THE FALLEN: US Military KIA, Iraq & Afghanistan/Pakistan – January 2009

The Hidden Casualties Of War: Suicide

Military Suicides at a 30-Year High

Suicide Rate Reflects Toll of Army Life

With Suicides at a 30-Year High, Army Vows to Address Problem

In 2008 alone, the Army reports there were at least 128 confirmed cases of suicide, more than a dozen of which are still under review.

U.S. Army Suicides Highest In 3 Decades


Sunday music retrospective: Super Bowl Sunday

Music for the Big Game

Queen:  We Will Rock You

Remembering The Federal Death Penalty, Saving 49 Lives

cross-posted from The Dream Antilles

It might be easy to forget the Federal Death Penalty.  We might not want to think about it. It wasn’t an issue in the past election.  For eight years the Bush DoJ used its muscle to expand federal use of capital punishment by overruling local United States Attorneys’ decisions not to seek death.  Those political decisions to seek death are still very much in effect: the US government continues in court to seek the death penalty in all of those cases.

As the new Attorney General arrives in Washington, it’s vitally important that the new DoJ immediately remember to re-evaluate all of the federal cases in which the death penalty is presently being sought. And it’s important that if these cases do not meet their professed higher standards for imposition of the death penalty (this is an oxymoron, standards that allow state killing cannot be high), authorization to seek the death penalty be withdrawn.  This may save 49 lives and prevent state killings from being carried out in our names.

Please join me below.  

Limbaugh Reads Alinsky

I normally ignore Rush Limbaugh’s rants as the garbage that they are. But here is something he said last Monday in response to Obama calling him out that I found intriguing.

This is a political play and a lot of people I think are misunderstanding this.  ‘He’s frightened of Limbaugh.’  I don’t think he’s afraid of anybody.  He’s the president of the United States.  This is a political play to marginalize me so that Republicans are afraid to associate with my ideas or any of us.  He wants conservatism, mainstream conservatism to be thought of the way you and I think of communism.  He wants it thought of as the most foreign, the most offensive, the most extreme manner of belief possible…  This is a Saul Alinsky radical rule number 13:  Pick the target, me, isolate it, polarize it...  That’s what’s happening here. This is a purposeful effort to get rid of conservatism as a mainstream way of thinking forever in this country, make no mistake about it.

So Rush is paying attention to the community organizing tactics espoused by Saul Alinsky…interesting. It piqued my curiosity enough that I decided to look into the “Radical Rules” to see what I could learn as well as to consider whether or not Obama is using them as a playbook.

A little George Carlin in honor of “Super Sunday”

I used to be a HUGE sports fan, but then I grew up and put away childish things (LOL). So I suppose I’m one of the 2 or 3 in this country who won’t be watching the Superbowl today.

As a substitute, here’s a little George Carlin explaining the difference between football and baseball. I know it doesn’t compensate since Carlin is less than 5 minutes and Superbowl coverage is scheduled for over 8 hours (including time for all those great commercials). But its all I’ve got. Maybe you guys can help me by adding to it.

A Shift Toward Worker Power?

Original article, by Allan Nairn and subtitled The Time is Ripe to Tip the System, Now, via Dissidentvoice:

In bad situations, people lower their standards for what it is that constitutes good news.

Docudharma Times Sunday February 1

Will Renditions Ever End?

Will Peoples Human Rights Ever Be Respected?

Sunday’s Headlines:

Obama preserves renditions as counter-terrorism tool

Iraqis turn out in record numbers for crucial elections

Gaza counts the cost – and assigns blame

Georgians who can never go home

Vladimir Putin faces signs of mutiny in own government as protests break out in east

Parched: Australia faces collapse as climate change kicks in

Tamil refugees shelled as army closes in

Robert Mugabe has whip hand in coalition of convenience

Scores killed in Kenya oil fire

Guillermina Quiroga’s tango of body and soul

The Nativists Are Restless


Published: January 31, 2009

The relentlessly harsh Republican campaign against immigrants has always hidden a streak of racialist extremism. Now after several high-water years, the Republican tide has gone out, leaving exposed the nativism of fringe right-wingers clinging to what they hope will be a wedge issue.Last week at the National Press Club in Washington, a group seeking to speak for the future of the Republican Party declared that its November defeats in Congressional races stemmed not from having been too hard on foreigners, but too soft.

The group, the American Cause, released a report arguing that anti-immigration absolutism was still the solution for the party’s deep electoral woes, actual voting results notwithstanding.

Gaza desperately short of food after Israel destroys farmland

Officials warn of ‘destruction of all means of life’ after the three-week conflict leaves agriculture in the region in ruins

Peter Beaumont in Gaza

The Observer, Sunday 1 February 2009

Gaza’s 1.5 million people are facing a food crisis as a result of the destruction of great areas of farmland during the Israeli invasion.

According to the World Food Programme, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation and Palestinian officials, between 35% and 60% of the agriculture industry has been wrecked by the three-week Israeli attack, which followed two years of economic siege.

Christine van Nieuwenhuyse, the World Food Programme’s country director, said: “We are hearing that 60% of the land in the north – where the farming was most intensive – may not be exploitable again. It looks to me like a disaster. It is not just farmland, but poultry as well.



Daschle Delayed Revealing Tax Glitch

Report Details Payments From Health Sector

By Ceci Connolly, Joe Stephens and R. Jeffrey Smith

Washington Post Staff Writers

Sunday, February 1, 2009; Page A01

Thomas A. Daschle waited nearly a month after being nominated to be secretary of health and human services before informing Barack Obama that he had not paid years of back taxes for the use of a car and driver provided by a wealthy New York investor.

Daschle, one of Obama’s earliest and most ardent campaign supporters, paid $140,000 to the U.S. Treasury on Jan. 2 and about two days later informed the White House and the Senate Finance Committee, according to an account provided by his spokeswoman and confirmed by the Obama administration.

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