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So. You want to be an Automaker?

I would have settled for being able to get a factory rat job back in the day. I’d be retired by now.

Romney was here today saying that they shouldn’t bail them out.  Romney.  From Here. Let them go bankrupt.  Get rid of the Unions.  The workers are the problem.

Really Mitt? Whats your angle in all this?

We ain’t gonna bend over, Mitt.

You & your Amway buddies wanna buy them up, cheap? God know their workers are paid on a glorified Ponzi scheme.

Its never the 100 times the salary upper echelons making the decision to jerk off on the backs of the sweating plebes. Noooooooo.

Blame the auto workers, who have taken pay cut after pay cut, concession after concession and still cannot afford to buy one of the luxury cars they lease, so they can legally be sold as used to Kuwait.

See the market isn’t us, you fools.  Its Kuwaitis and Saudis.  The cap on what we sell them doesn’t apply to “used”, hence the leases.

Actually, I’m glad.

Close it down, mutha fuckas.

Bring it on!

Madam Zelda! Madam Zelda! Is it true this house is haunted?!

A Stars Hollow Gazette

SILENCE!!!  The spirits are about to speak…

You know, I don’t just spend my time railing at our craven capitulationist Congress and their blow dried Beltway butt kissing Bozo court stenographers.  No siree.  I reserve a certain amount of bile for our corporate criminal culture of greed is good conmen and thieves.

When last we looked in the crystal ball, 18 trading days ago, my prediction was grim-

I expect a rally in anticipation of rate reduction from the next Fed meeting.  I expect a rally after they confirm market expectations.

I expect the fundamentals to remain the same.

Look for big Friday sell offs, why be long over the weekend?  What should you do in the mean time?

I feel the spirit of Jim Cramer…

Sell!  Sell!  Sell!  Sell!  Sell!  Sell!  Sell!  Sell!

Buy at the dips and sell into strength.  This market will not be done dropping until it bottoms out on the intraday lows, 6K to 7K.  For long term investments look at dividends and p/es, if you have the cash and the time.


I think that over the next couple of days we’re going to test the market lows.  We might start hitting those 6Ks I talked about.

I’ve heard some gloom and dooming on CNBC about how Dow 4K is ‘the Great Depression all over again’, but I don’t agree that things are that dire yet.  I expect some serious defict spending and it’s all good (some types are better than others of course).

Anyway, at some point earnings and dividends are going to get more attractive than just leaving your money in your mattress.  There will be a bottom.

If you are liquid then you will pick up some bargains in the long run, there is no reason to believe that in 2 or 3 years values won’t approach historic levels.  And by historic I mean historical average growth, not tulip market prices.

Should have bought potato futures.  At least you can eat them.

I don’t pretend economic wisdom, but I see patterns in the data.  I use the DJIA as a broad indicator.  I don’t claim poblano prescience or accuracy, but if you want to see some brightly colored tables join me below.

Pony Party Cool Pix


A couple of lols above the fold:


…and please join me below for a real pony, and maybe a treat for Caribou Barbie.  As always:

Pony Party is an open thread.  Please do not REC the Party.

A Guantánamo system after Guantánamo?

Original article, a comment subtitled Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, explains why a preventive detention law being floated by some Obama advisers would be disastrous, via

WHEN I awoke this morning, I saw the New York Times headline: “Post-Guantánamo: A New Detention Law?” I was afraid to read the article for I knew what was coming: some on the Obama team, supported by a few liberals, were considering a preventive detention law.

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