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Sort of a slow Illuminati News day and it’s tax time.  I am like that when forced to do something so Satanically evil.  I don’t care so much about me but the baggage of people who love you prevents me from doing the best for all humanity.  I have to wonder what percentage of this $600 dollars is just a bribe so people won’t do the Ed And Elaine Brown thing!

Oh, and if you did file “electronically” you are endorsing the technology of Satan.

Four at Four

  1. Today before Congress, Gen. David Petraeus, Ambassador Ryan Crocker, Sen. John McCain, and their supporters will sell more war. They undoubtedly will claim the “surge” has worked, which it hasn’t, and that the “relative calm” in Iraq, which there isn’t, is “fragile and reversable”, which is code for stay forever. The reality is the “surge” bought Bush’s ego about five months.

    The reality is this. The fighting in Iraq continues and people are still being killed. The Bush administration and their Congressional enablers keep borrowing and spending billions, trillions of dollars we Americans cannot afford on building an empire for the corporate ruling class.


The first story continues below the fold with a look at what is happening in Iraq as the warmongers go before Congress. Plus stories about mapping U.S. CO2 emissions, a dire warning out our CO2 emissions, and Calderón’s plan to privatize PEMEX, Mexico’s oil industry.

ACLU: Patenting Abstract Ideas Violates The Constitution

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a friend of the court brief today urging a federal court to uphold the denial of a patent that would, if awarded, violate freedom of speech. In the brief, the ACLU argues that Bernard L. Bilski is seeking a patent for an abstract idea, and that abstract ideas are not patentable under the First Amendment.

“The court must ensure that any test it uses in determining whether to award a patent is in line with the Constitution,” said Christopher Hansen, senior staff attorney with the ACLU First Amendment Working Group, who filed the brief. “If the government had the authority to grant exclusive rights to an idea, the fundamental purpose of the First Amendment – to protect an individual’s right to thought and expression – would be rendered meaningless.”


Got yer ducks in a row??? **updated #5

I’m writing today as, I guess, a kind of Public Service Announcement…. bringing up a touchy subject many may have not considered, or have put on the back burner until a later date, believing there is plenty of time.

Well that’s crap! You need to take action now!

I’m talking about death/ dying and getting your shit together so as not to leave a mess behind for your loved ones.

If you are reaching your mouse towards the ‘X’ thinking O Gods & Ancestors, this is Just. So. Morbid.


YOU are exactly the one I’m writing this for!

Birth of the McCain Unit

As General “I am the least clueless Bushco stooge” Petraeus testifies before a Congress that has no intention of stopping the War in Iraq, America settles in for our sixth year as an Imperialist Occupiers in a formerly sovereign nation we invaded illegally to serve the monetary and ideological interest of George “the Torturer” Bush and Dick “Plame Treason” Cheney and their pals in the Oil Corps and The MIC. A million dead, a trillion spent. No real hope in sight. The world waits with bated breath to see what solution The General will advise…”More Time!” The General cries, “More Money!…..More….. Friedman Units!”

But wait! On the Horizon, a Maverick appears! A Saint walking among us, come to save us!Photobucket


We don’t need no stinking measly little six month Friedman Units!

We need McCAIN UNITS! This last six years have gone so well, it is obvious to anyone (anyone like me, who doesn’t know the difference between Shia and Sunni)that we now need a series of SIX YEAR units!!! Yea, unto a hundred years, which is (counting on fingers) only sixteen more McCain Units from now! After all, I will be long dead so what do I care what the fuck irresponsible positions I take!

And thus was the McCain Unit born.

In Search of the Cricket Master: Clean and Handy

* Getting real tired of politics, so *

In Search of the Cricket Master:

Clean and Handy

 Through the Slug National Network there came a startling report from Gene Slacks which could not be ignored: Cricket wrestling, a Chinese pastime akin to the cock fights of Puerto Rico, had entered our borders. The NYC SFS Bureau knew that a story of such social import could only be handled by their new reporting duo, a post-modern day Woodward and Bernstein, that is, Splinter and Roaddawg.

 They decided there was only way to do this properly, dress up like part German heroin dealer/part ’70s TV detective. All of the following is true, or so says the two who danced with the Cricket Masters.

“Something approaching normal” – another McCain Moment

Now granted, over the past few weeks, things at Chez Clammy have been far from “normal”.  Tax season, wife about to give birth, new baby, lack of sleep, frequent trips to the store for stuff I didn’t even know existed a few days ago and a number of other things turned upside down make me think about what “approaching normal” would be here.  Maybe not ordering take out as much, maybe having the baby sleep through the night, maybe a regular work schedule….

So I did some double checking when I read about the latest McCain Moment when he said that things in Iraq over the past year brought a glimmer of “something approaching normal”, just to make sure that I haven’t been so far out of the loop.

Blog Whoring, in a small way.

My little blog, The Wild Wild Left has moved to a Soapblox Account from its icky Blogger format.


Again, it is not a competitor thing, and if I ever get done dinking with the code & such, and WRITE anything of value, I will continue to Cross-post here, as I always have.

I made it primarily to get people to cross-post to a place where my less politically inclined Michigan friends can read and learn without fear of flaming. (Like this place where I also send people I find… Gentilly Girl being one of them!  🙂 I like to share, man. I like your flame-free environment too.

I have resigned at MLW, and will have more time now for writing.

Any cross-posts will be appreciated. Or just pop in to say Hi.

I’ll be around here more too, promise.

I love you guys.



why give a shit…

Updated (3x): Protests Begin In San Francisco, Dalai Lama Issues Statement to Tibetans

“I think this is just a preview. I think there will be a lot more than this city is prepared for.”

link: http://www.reuters.com/article…

This was one San Fransican’s reaction to yesterday’s breath-taking protest by proponents of a free Tibet who scaled the Golden Gate Bridge:

Docudharma Times Tuesday April 8

Everybody wants respect

Just a little bit

And everybody needs a chance

Once in a while

Everybody wants to be

Closer to Free

Tuesday’s Headlines: Asian Inflation Begins to Sting U.S. Shoppers: Congress To Hear Of Gains In Iraq: China vows to keep torch on track: Kashmir Says Come On In, the Tee Times Are Safe:  Hizbollah turns to Iran for new weapons to wage war on Israel: Sadr will disband his militia if religious leaders ask: Zimbabwe: desperate Mugabe begins new assault on white-owned farms: Egyptian police arrest over 200 in strike crackdown: Anti-abortion campaigner sparks violent clashes in Italy: Eurotunnel turns corner into first profit after years of crisis: Healthcare in Venezuela takes turn for worse

Secret US plan for military future in Iraq

Document outlines powers but sets no time limit on troop presence

A confidential draft agreement covering the future of US forces in Iraq, passed to the Guardian, shows that provision is being made for an open-ended military presence in the country.

The draft strategic framework agreement between the US and Iraqi governments, dated March 7 and marked “secret” and “sensitive”, is intended to replace the existing UN mandate and authorises the US to “conduct military operations in Iraq and to detain individuals when necessary for imperative reasons of security” without time limit.

The authorisation is described as “temporary” and the agreement says the US “does not desire permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq”. But the absence of a time limit or restrictions on the US and other coalition forces – including the British – in the country means it is likely to be strongly opposed in Iraq and the US.

Irish Peace Activist Acquitted; Deported w/poll

Original article, subtitled “Deportation is the Least of Your Worries!”, by Harry Browne via Counterpunch.com.

Surprise, surprise.  A peace activist comes to the US and is turned away immediately.  What are we really scared of?

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