Birth of the McCain Unit

As General “I am the least clueless Bushco stooge” Petraeus testifies before a Congress that has no intention of stopping the War in Iraq, America settles in for our sixth year as an Imperialist Occupiers in a formerly sovereign nation we invaded illegally to serve the monetary and ideological interest of George “the Torturer” Bush and Dick “Plame Treason” Cheney and their pals in the Oil Corps and The MIC. A million dead, a trillion spent. No real hope in sight. The world waits with bated breath to see what solution The General will advise…”More Time!” The General cries, “More Money!…..More….. Friedman Units!”

But wait! On the Horizon, a Maverick appears! A Saint walking among us, come to save us!Photobucket


We don’t need no stinking measly little six month Friedman Units!

We need McCAIN UNITS! This last six years have gone so well, it is obvious to anyone (anyone like me, who doesn’t know the difference between Shia and Sunni)that we now need a series of SIX YEAR units!!! Yea, unto a hundred years, which is (counting on fingers) only sixteen more McCain Units from now! After all, I will be long dead so what do I care what the fuck irresponsible positions I take!

And thus was the McCain Unit born.

Picture this, if you will: You are on an island (America) that has very little food, (oil) you have a boat, but the boat was so poorly planned and built (Iraq invasion) that it is not seaworthy enough to sail to a new land and secure food. Your plan? Throw more money into the boat. No, you do not use the money to make a better boat, you just throw actual palettes of cash into the boat. Your main rival for food, (China) seeing how foolish you are being adding all of this huge weight to your now sinking boat. The boat sinks lower and lower under the weight of all that cash until finally it sinks….taking, of course, all the cash with it.

You are out of cash, out of ‘food,’ have made no other plans, your island is sinking because of climate change brought on by your addiction to ‘food’….and your rival now demands its money back, bankrupting you.

You have just entered the Republican Twilight of America Zone.


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  1. Photobucket

    • Edger on April 8, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    That’s rich frank buhdy.  

  2. can self=reproduce?I have read it is possible. Does that mean we are headed into 100,000 years of McCain units?  

  3. Am I having a lucid nightmare or staring at the pores of the skin of a man I definitely don’t want to get this close to.

  4. I listened to both Levin and McCain’s opening statements. And I just hate it when what we’re offered is dumb and dumber.

    Yes, McCain was idiotic. But it was hard to hear what Levin had to say as well. What I heard from him was the total package deal of “blame the Iraqis.” And that approach makes my blood boil too. Levin even implied that the Iraqi’s recent carnage in Basra was wrong because it was so ineffectively implemented.

    In the end, what I heard from both McCain and Levin was that the only solution in Iraq is military might (in other words, if we kill enough people we’ll be successful). The only difference between them seemed to be one of who’s wearing the uniforms and who pays their salaries.

    I didn’t hear any of the other testimony or remarks by other Senators. And I’ll still take just about any Dem over McCain. But gawd, I would like to hear someone start speaking the truth about how bad things are and get down to exploring some solutions other than guns and bombs.  

    • robodd on April 8, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    1.  How are you going to pay for this (taxes)?

    2.  Whose going to fight for us (draft)?

    How can McSame invoke the word “responsible” when he has no plan on how to pay and fight this war?  Much less how to “win” it?

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