April 8, 2008 archive

Grilling Petraeus

Above title comes from MoJo, short for Mother Jones, for those not in the know.

It covers this:

Washington Dispatch: We asked a dozen national security experts what Congress should ask the top military commander in Iraq at this week’s hearings. Here’s what they came up with.

Obama and Clinton Agree: Tell Congress to Say NO to Colombia FTA!

George Bush today sent a proposal to Congress to create yet another “free” trade agreement — this time with Colombia, a country where more than 2,200 trade unionists have been assassinated since 1991.

During an appearance at the White House, Bush said he signed a letter giving Congress 90 working days to vote on the agreement.


The labor federations Change to Win and the AFL-CIO oppose this agreement.  Change to Win says: “The Colombia “free” trade agreement is a bad deal for American and Colombian workers alike.”  

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton also oppose this agrement.  So should all Democrats, including you.

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Pony Party: Going to the Final!

I’m still in shock – my team, the Cardinal, beat UConn 82:73 last night in the first of the two final four games in the women’s NCAA basketball tourney.

This is the first time the Card  have gone to the final game since 1992. I’m so excited! The past two games in which Stanford has played (Elite 8 and Final 4) were so well-played by both teams – that was some seriously great basketball. I do hope the final game, versus the dreaded Tennessee, will be equally engaging.

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