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7 CIA Chiefs ask Obama to Cover up War Crimes, fear expanded investigation

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Dear Mr. President:

    We have served as Directors of Central Intelligence or Directors of the CIA for Presidents reaching back over 35 years. We respectfully urge you to exercise your authority to reverse Attorney General Holder’s August 24 decision to re-open the criminal investigation of CIA interrogations that took place following the attacks of September 11.


    Attorney General Holder’s decision to re-open the criminal investigation creates an atmosphere of continuous jeopardy for those whose cases the Department of Justice had previously declined to prosecute. Moreover, there is no reason to expect that the re-opened criminal investigation will remain narrowly focused.

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     The last line is especially important in my opinion, as it proves Special Prosecutor John Durham and Attorney General Eric Holder may be taking this investigation all the way to the top, as they are required to do under the Constitution and International Law.

    Thankfully, long gone are the days when the CIA could lie with impunity and the DoJ was not independant, but a political tool of the Executive branch. I guess the CIA misses the good ole days of Bush/Cheney.

     Good thing those days are not coming back any time soon.  

    The letter was signed by former CIA directors Michael Hayden and Porter Goss, who worked for President George W. Bush; John Deutch and James Woolsey, who served during the Clinton administration; George Tenet, who worked for both President George W. Bush and President Clinton; William Webster, who served under President George H.W. Bush; and James Schlesinger, who headed the agency during the Nixon administration.


     The only names of living CIA heads who have not signed are Ex President George H.W. Bush and current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

     I’d say that it’s safe to say that when Clinton and George W. Bush appointees oppose this investigation it can’t be considered a witch hunt. I’d also say that it is safe to say that when the head of the CIA under Nixon opposes something, you are doing the right thing.

     The full letter to the President plus analysis below the fold.

GOOD NEWS! Accountability: Holder to name Special Prosecutor for torture, and how Dems will use it

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(I’d just like to state clearly, this is not a rebuttal to the diary posted by Something the Dog Said, rather, consider it a differing opinion)

From WaPo

Prosecutor to CIA Abuse Allegations

by abuse allegations, they mean torture.


From a Daily Kos diary

Breaking: “profanity-laced screaming match” at the White House

    Amid reports that Panetta had threatened to quit just seven months after taking over at the spy agency, other insiders tell ABCNews.com that senior White House staff members are already discussing a possible shake-up of top national security officials.

“You can expect a larger than normal turnover in the next year,” a senior adviser to Obama on intelligence matters told ABCNews.com.    

and this on the heels of news this weekend

From isria.com

9 GOP Senators ask Holder for Mercy for Bus/Cheney

    Now, this is the key part of the news, because I do not think a 1/4 of the GOP Senate would put their necks out to save some no-name underlings.

    I think this is going all the way to the top, and, in my new found attempt to look at things in a glass half full view.

    Therefore, I give you my belief, as of now, that the ball is now rolling, it will build and build, and by the summer of 2010 going into 2012, America WILL lead to Bush and Cheney themselves.

    More below the fold

Because Liz Cheney is a War Criminal, too

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        State Department Deputy Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs 2002-2003

    Elizabeth Cheney

    Who better to remain loyal to Dick Cheney as he committed war crimes. Guilty of complicity, Liz Cheney is a war criminal.

  Titled the “Evolution of Presidential War Powers,” Cheney’s thesis, according to writer Zac Frank, argued that “constitutionally and historically, presidents have virtually unchecked powers in war.”


Smirkarella     Dick’s daughter Liz might be interested in running for office. “It’s something I very well may do,” says Liz “Mini Me” Cheney.



Contact AG Eric Holder and The White House to demand a Special Prosecutor to Investigate all aspects of the Bush/Cheney Administration today.

    Contact Congress today and ask them to support H.Res 383 and a closed rule so that open public investigations of Bush/Cheney and their policies can begin in a special committee in the House of Representatives.

    Contact information provided below the fold.

Investigating Torture: An Interview With Former Federal Prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega

Photobucket The topic below was originally posted on my blog, the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

Former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega has recently made news urging that we don’t rush into appointing a special prosecutor to investigate crimes of torture during George W. Bush’s presidency. In a provocative April 20th post entitled “Of Black Holes and Radio Silence,” Ms. de la Vega wrote:

“There is no doubt that sometime in 2002 – if not before – Bush administration officials and their lawyers began orchestrating a torture campaign, which they calculatedly attempted to justify through specious legal memos. They continued to abuse prisoners, and to conceal that mistreatment from Congress and the public, through at least 2008. In all of this conduct, they have committed grave crimes for which they must be held accountable. I believe this to be a national imperative of the highest order.”

Just Say No to Torture Immunity

Sen. Feinstein and the Senate Intelligence Committee are presently conducting a secret investigation of Bush’s torture, rendition and imprisonment program to determine future US torture policies. Given the current climate favoring the investigation and prosecution of Bush officials, a lawyer would have to be crazy to advise clients to “interview” or testify even at a secret probe without immunity or a similar deal.

The problem is that if Feinstein provides immunity to any of the witnesses, then this Feinstein probe may interfere with any subsequent Congressional investigations (Leahy/Whitehouse or Conyers) and prevent prosecutions of wrongdoers because oftentimes immunity is dished out to the big cheese rather than the grunts. While some think of the Attorney General as being the decision maker in charge of who is provided immunity, it is the politicians who decide the fortunate ones entitled to this get-out-of-jail card of Congressional immunity.  

Feinstein’s Secret Torture Probe May Nix Public Hearings

Sen. Feinstein’s ongoing, secret torture probe is ostensibly only a 1-year “review” or “study.”  In reality, these proceedings are a functional equivalent of proposed public Congressional inquiries. The Feinstein probe covers the same substantive issues that would be investigated by Congressional probes that are still languishing in the debate stage.  The Feinstein probe will review classified CIA documents and “interview” witnesses so that it can formulate US torture policy. CIA witnesses will be key to both the Feinstein probe and any Congressional hearings. Given the number of pressing issues and crises facing the US, will Congress be motivated to conduct a public investigation after Feinstein’s probe is completed? If not, then the Feinstein probe will be the only torture investigation. Moreover, the Feinstein probe will formulate US torture policy in secret without public knowledge or participation and a report from this probe may never be released to the public. In short, some in DC have may have decided to implement the move-forward policy whether you like it or not.  

Special Torture Prosecutor Appointed…In Chicago

Torture used against criminal suspects in the US is not new, but two cases illustrate that we can appoint a special prosecutor now to investigate the Bush gang and then move on, or we can ignore the rule of law to let it fester over decades before justice in any form is served.

The GOP love to fawn over President Reagan yet ignore that it was his DOJ that prosecuted a Texas sheriff and deputies for waterboarding prisoners to get confessions.  Politicians can push the move-on meme for the Bush gang, but the appointment this week of a special prosecutor to investigate decades-old allegations of police torture against prisoners shows that justice may be slow, but tenacious advocates of human rights will not surrender.

Special Prosecutor formally requested by Conyers and Nadler!

Short and sweet:

Representatives John Conyers and Jerry Nadler have officially and formally requested that Eric Holder appoint a special prosecutor!

Bloggers Against Torture Listserve

I just created a google listserve called Bloggers Against Torture or BAT!

I am a member of DK environmentalists, which is a listserve of eco diarists at DK. When we post an eco diary, we send out an email to the members, which are now over 2,000. In truth, the eco listserve needs some tweaking as only a handful actually rec diaries or post comments when they get the emails. But, it does enable eco diarists to keep up with eco diaries posted by just checking your email!

BAT can be a way for us to inform each other about diaries we post and to have discussions about subjects or issues as they arise.

We may want to change the name, that’s fine. But, just thought I would get the ball rolling on this.

This is the group statement, which again can be rewritten but is limited to the number of characters presented here:

We oppose torture and cruel, inhuman & degrading treatment of all persons, whether they be prisoners at Guantanamo, Bagram or CIA black sites; immigrants; civilians, or prisoners in civilian prison systems. Most members support investigation & prosecution of Bush officials for war crimes & torture.

This should be the link to click to join.

[email protected]

Well, not sure if that is correct link or not.

This is the Bloggers Against Torture webpage.


Help! Not sure what to do next to make this operational!!!

Torture News Roundup: A Woman Tortured?

Top Story

  • Female prisoner at Bagram:  In an interview, Binyam Mohamed revealed that there was a female prisoner  when he was imprisoned at Bagram in June 2004 for around 3-4 months:

    1.  He saw a female prisoner wearing a shirt with the number 650 at Bagram prison.

    2.   The guards frightened the male prisoners into not talking with the woman prisoner for fear that the prisoners “would know who she was.”

    3.  In terms of how this woman may have been tortured, Binyam knew that the woman was kept in isolation and he “could tell that she was severely disturbed.”

    4.  Binyam heard that she had children, but did not see the children at Bagram.

    5.  The woman was from Pakistan and she had studied or lived in America.

Your Letter Willl Be Hand Delivered to Eric Holder Tomorrow (Sunday) – If You Write It Now

Ijust received an email from Victoria2DC from dkos letting me know that Pam Miles who works with Don Seigelman will be meeting Eric Holder tomorrow at a civil rights event he will be attending in Alabama with Artur Davis.  She is friendly with Artur Davis and knows she will be able to get the letters to Holder. If you’d like yours to be included, you can email her at:

pammiles at bellsouth dot net

Unfortunately, she is leaving at 5 am in the morning so your letter should be emailed to her ASAP so that she has time to print it.  I apologize for the late notice but unfortunately Victoria2DC was out earlier today when Pam’s email arrived.

I am in the middle of a school project and will not be able to monitor this diary, but if you have questions, feel free to email me at sharon dot lynch at verizon dot net.

Bush’s Torture Lite=Torture (Pt. 2)

Bush has instituted a torture regime that is comprised of ostensibly innocent sounding techniques that in reality can be as deadly, harmful and injurious as torture by horrendous physical acts. Some of the techniques have been  sourced back to Chinese torture used for the purpose of extracting false confessions from captured US soldiers, and thus are not designed to obtain valid intelligence to protect our security. The coercive psychological torture technique, which is a package of multiple methods, was renounced by the US as torture years ago. However, it was used against prisoner 063, and then again renounced as torture by a senior Pentagon official recently. Another torture technique of sleep deprivation was also renounced by the US as torture in 2001, yet is apparently still used by the US. It’s no longer just left progressives: More and more people around the world and in our government are stating the obvious – Bush and Cheney et al must be prosecuted for war crimes.

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