Your Letter Willl Be Hand Delivered to Eric Holder Tomorrow (Sunday) – If You Write It Now

Ijust received an email from Victoria2DC from dkos letting me know that Pam Miles who works with Don Seigelman will be meeting Eric Holder tomorrow at a civil rights event he will be attending in Alabama with Artur Davis.  She is friendly with Artur Davis and knows she will be able to get the letters to Holder. If you’d like yours to be included, you can email her at:

pammiles at bellsouth dot net

Unfortunately, she is leaving at 5 am in the morning so your letter should be emailed to her ASAP so that she has time to print it.  I apologize for the late notice but unfortunately Victoria2DC was out earlier today when Pam’s email arrived.

I am in the middle of a school project and will not be able to monitor this diary, but if you have questions, feel free to email me at sharon dot lynch at verizon dot net.