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Yet more “Pet Goat” theatrical pseudo-drama

So, tell me… you’re standing at a podium and someone throws something at you.

You’re not supposed to know this is coming and you aren’t supposed to have any idea of what it is.

Yet, here’s a picture of you one second after the first object is thrown at your head.

So what’s so funny? Is there some little joke about all this that the rest of us aren’t quite in on, Mr. “Pet Goat”?

And by the way, if the objective was to drive this article off the front page of the NY Times… it didn’t quite work.

For those who haven’t learned to recognize this situation as the Rovian propagandist tactic it is, I refer you to my previous diary on the subject here, another here, and another here.

Thanks for the FP, EKH.

They’re STILL reading “The Pet Goat” to you – DON’T FALL FOR IT!

By now most people have seen the video where Bush is shunned at the G20 summit. The first time I saw it, I caught what apparently most other people didn’t. This incident was deliberately staged.

Bush did not even try to shake anyone’s hand. There was no incidence of rebuff. He was ignoring them as much as they were ignoring him.

It worked, at first. The progressive community reacted viscerally, with glee and schadenfreude at Bush’s apparently “new” role at the summit as “The Pet Goat”. What people don’t seem to quite get is that Bush has BEEN the pet goat ever since he sat down to read it to a classroom full of children on September 11th.

What you should be asking yourself instead is how many of those people were still willing to shake Bush’s hand after he invaded Iraq? In fact, how many of them are fully complicit either by assistance or inaction in the war crimes of the Bush administration?

The answer is ALL OF THEM. This incident was designed to attach all of the world’s rage and frustration directly to Bush, “The Pet Goat”. So when Bush goes away, so does all the reason for the frustration and rage, right? WRONG.