They’re STILL reading “The Pet Goat” to you – DON’T FALL FOR IT!

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By now most people have seen the video where Bush is shunned at the G20 summit. The first time I saw it, I caught what apparently most other people didn’t. This incident was deliberately staged.

Bush did not even try to shake anyone’s hand. There was no incidence of rebuff. He was ignoring them as much as they were ignoring him.

It worked, at first. The progressive community reacted viscerally, with glee and schadenfreude at Bush’s apparently “new” role at the summit as “The Pet Goat”. What people don’t seem to quite get is that Bush has BEEN the pet goat ever since he sat down to read it to a classroom full of children on September 11th.

What you should be asking yourself instead is how many of those people were still willing to shake Bush’s hand after he invaded Iraq? In fact, how many of them are fully complicit either by assistance or inaction in the war crimes of the Bush administration?

The answer is ALL OF THEM. This incident was designed to attach all of the world’s rage and frustration directly to Bush, “The Pet Goat”. So when Bush goes away, so does all the reason for the frustration and rage, right? WRONG.

Rovian tactics to manipulate the population include the propagation of incidents and events designed to give us an outlet for our frustration and rage. They’re also diversions, blatant attempts to distract us from real issues and real problems. I wrote a little bit about this here and here. If Rovian propagandist tactics resemble anything else in this life, they resemble those of this guy, and that, too, is by design – but that’s a subject for another diary.

As the countdown begins for the end of Bush’s term, he assumes the full mantle of “The Pet Goat” that was ordained for him by his shadowy military/industrial complex masters on 9/11/01.

What gives the game away? Bush’s megalomaniacal ego. He’s dealing with the assignment, but he clearly doesn’t like it, and he simply CAN’T give anyone a chance to rebuff him. He has to make it look like he’s rebuffing THEM. Thus it becomes obvious that both sides of the line have been instructed to play this childish little game. Bush has been playing stupid and cool jerk for a very, very long time; and he’s been perfectly willing to do so as long as it brings him more power and money; but this impinges on his ego, and therefore he CANNOT HELP but flub his part in it.

Understand that the cabal which backed the actions of the Bush administration: from every quonset hut miswired by KBR in Baghdad; to every civilian murdered by (not-necessarily–American!) Blackwater and other contractors; to every black rendition/torture site in Europe and the Middle East; to every paymaster shot execution style in Afghanistan; to every gallon of stolen oil; to every kilo of smuggled heroin and cocaine; to every diplomat or politician who folded their hands as a sovereign nation was deliberately invaded – this cabal is fully international in scope and it’s agendas belong to no particular civilized nation, and certainly not to any system of constitutional law!

These people are still going to be around after Bush is gone, folks, and the very future of the civilized world depends on whether Barack Obama and his staff – and (insert Deity/ies here) willing, any ETHICAL allies we still retain overseas – will be willing and able to counter their agendas in the future.


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  1. …and talons to take action with. You ARE going to need them.

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    • pfiore8 on November 24, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    about progressives thinking in terms of “we need more democrats”

    the puppetmasters have control. how to get it back… that’s what we need to work on.

    obama has potential to break away. low balling our expectations plays into the hands of the puppetmasters. we must maintain an insistence of the common good. obama has to clearly understand we have incredibly HIGH expectations of him.

    we have to stop the corporatists.

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