Yet more “Pet Goat” theatrical pseudo-drama

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So, tell me… you’re standing at a podium and someone throws something at you.

You’re not supposed to know this is coming and you aren’t supposed to have any idea of what it is.

Yet, here’s a picture of you one second after the first object is thrown at your head.

So what’s so funny? Is there some little joke about all this that the rest of us aren’t quite in on, Mr. “Pet Goat”?

And by the way, if the objective was to drive this article off the front page of the NY Times… it didn’t quite work.

For those who haven’t learned to recognize this situation as the Rovian propagandist tactic it is, I refer you to my previous diary on the subject here, another here, and another here.

Thanks for the FP, EKH.

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  1. it could have been worse.

    The last time someone used a shoe to make a political point, we ended up with nuclear missiles 90 miles off the florida shoreline. >;)

  2. The Illuminati financed Hilter and make it all happen.

    The globalists have long been grateful to the media giants for keeping their secrets safe from public scrutiny.

    We are their “Pet Goats” or in this case sheep.

  3. But the portrait that emerges over all is one of a program’s officials operating by the seat of their pants….

    On the eve of the invasion, as it began to dawn on a few officials that the price for rebuilding Iraq would be vastly greater than they had been told, the degree of miscalculation was illustrated in an encounter between Donald H. Rumsfeld, then the defense secretary, and Jay Garner….

    What do you think that’ll cost?” Mr. Rumsfeld asked of the more expansive plan.

    “I think it’s going to cost billions of dollars,” Mr. Garner said.

    “My friend,” Mr. Rumsfeld replied, “if you think we’re going to spend a billion dollars of our money over there, you are sadly mistaken.”

    In a way he never anticipated, Mr. Rumsfeld turned out to be correct: before that year was out, the United States had appropriated more than $20 billion for the reconstruction….

    randgrithr’s right: go read the whole thing.  I’ve already flirted too closely with the limits of fair use.

    • Edger on December 15, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    Bush Comparison Seen As Unfair to Dogs

    By David Swanson

    This is the question now raised in Iraq: If they throw shoes at your face are you a combat troop or a noncombat troop? The answer may be important in helping to guide President Elect Obama’s strategy of reducing but continuing the genocidal occupation that has made a shoeless journalist one of the most beloved, if little known, people in the world overnight.

    A related dilemma is this: If shoes become weapons, were the metal detectors, searches, and bribes to phony journalists successful? This strikes me as a similar question to the following: if box cutters become weapons, were the nuclear arsenal, the missile offense shield, and the empire of bases successful?

    That all depends upon what the goal was, I suppose. If the goal encompassed the well-being of only one person, then success may have been achieved. Dallas mansion, six-figure speeches, and drunk golfing here I come! But no dog’s goal would ever be so narrow, and animal rights groups can be expected to speak out against Muntadar al-Zeidi’s comparison of George W. Bush to a dog. I also hope human rights groups will be closely monitoring the well-being of this shoe-throwing hero to billions.

    I don’t advocate violence, even in response to violence, much less as substitution for words, and yet it seems to me that al-Zeidi has restored the good standing of journalists in the world. He’s punctuated his brief editorial with a statement in the universal language of television. A cream pie would have helped but would probably have tipped off the Secret Service to his plans. With the toss of two shoes, this journalist communicated more honest information to more people than a thousand New York Times exposes on aluminum tubes or expert commentaries on the Pentagon paid for by the Pentagon.

    Here’s a little of what he communicated: no technology, no weaponry, and no propaganda can protect you from the results of mistreating millions of human beings. Iraq has been made a living hell. Everyone there has suffered and lost people they loved because of the callous greed and self-centered calculations of George W. Bush who has blood up to his shoulders after waging an illegal aggressive war for politics, money, oil, and bases from which to murder human beings in neighboring countries while seated at the safe distance of the Oval Office.

    The question we should really ponder is not why al-Zeidi could be so impolite as to throw his shoes at Bush, but why the dozens of other shoes in the room remained on people’s feet, why no foot odor ever purifies the air at a White House press conference, why a man who throws his shoes at our president is more popular with the people I’ve spoken to here in O’Hare Airport in Chicago than our president himself and yet most Americans are not working with all the advantages we have to put our nation right with the people of Iraq by prosecuting and imprisoning not just petty crook governors of Illinois but also emperors whose nudity has to be exposed by other people taking off their shoes.

    More here…

    • pfiore8 on December 15, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    but my take? Georgie’s been drinking again and that’s the basis for his reaction. his brain is so slow on the uptake that there is some kinda drop_out between realizing what’s happened and what he thinks has happened.

    this scene doesn’t raise fear in people, imo. there’s not that energy from this scenario. and no reaction from secret service also adds “nothingness” to this episode.

    i believe they were in on 9/11. they lied about iraq for many reasons: oil, an opportunity to break the military so it could be outsourced, destroy a country to give billions to BushCo minions in reconstruction (that never happened).

    i’m there with you. but if this is the best they can orchestrate to rile my fear, then holy shit batman… they are losing their touch!

  4. globally.  “It is the farewell kiss, you dog”. Says it all. The soles of the shoes are apparently reserved for the worst and most disgraceful. When the statue of Sadamm fell the people beat it’s face with the soles of their shoes. The US Media may play this over and over as a tactic but all it does is show people how hated this war criminal is. My question is why hasn’t our ‘press corp’ or the loyal opposition thrown shoes at Bush, either verbal, literal or legal through out this pyscho’s reign? KO is the only one who hasn’t promoted the meme that this ‘tyrant war criminal’ is somehow fit for office and not the shameful criminal that in reality we all know he is.  


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