Last week, President Obama announced a plan to open 167 million acres of ocean for offshore oil and gas drilling, a vast area that even George W. Bush — a former oil executive and great ally of the oil industry — didn’t open for drilling.

Obama’s plan will deepen our country’s addiction to oil, and open pristine oceans off America’s East and Alaskan coasts to the massively polluting oil industry.

Tell President Obama today: don’t expand offshore drilling!

Obama’s plan would allow the fossil fuel industry to drill in a great expanse of ocean that has been off-limits for two decades. [1]

This proposed giveaway of our ocean to Big Oil, an industry notorious for environmental devastation, was announced soon after we discovered that the Obama administration is considering a deal to loosen the international ban on commercial whaling.

Our planet does not need more oil drillin g and commercial whaling. We need more energy conservation and clean renewable energy like solar and wind power.

Tell President Obama now: don’t expand offshore drilling to another 167 million acres of ocean!


1. David Usbourne, “Drill, Barack, Drill: Obama to open up US East Coast for oil exploration.” Independent (UK), April 1, 2010.