Bill Kristol is a REAL MAN OF GENIUS, except . . .

    Witness the unfathomable genius of Bill Kristol in action.

    Off-shore drilling is “quite safe” and “very environmentally clean, except … when there’s a disaster like this”

~ Bill Kristol, real man of genius, except . . .

    Yes, Bill Kristol is a real man of genius, except when he is talking.

More below the fold, except what is below the fold


     While speaking on the Official Climate Change denial network (Fox, which is partially owned by oil rich Saudi royalty) Bill Kristol not only proves how simple Corporatist reality denial can be, he also proves what disingenuous liars Conservatives are. You see, Bill Kristol has proven in one sentence how any right wing talking point is still true to Conservatives even when proven totally false by reality by simply sticking an “except” in the middle.

    Climate change doesn’t exist, huh? Even when there is proof of it the size of West Virginia washing up on your southern states shores?

    So, here are a few more Conservative facts, except when they are proven false.

Conservative Fact:     There are WMD’s in Iraq and death panels in health Care reform, except when there isn’t.

Conservative Fact:     Government invasion of privacy is wrong, except if you are gay, a woman who seeks a legal abortion, or not white and possibly suspected of being the wrong skin tone.

Conservative Fact:     Elections have consequences, except when Republicans do not win.

Conservative Fact:     The Founding Fathers set up the greatest system of Government in the world’s history, except separation of church and state, the preambles promotion of the general WELFARE, and any amendments to the Constitution that Conservatives may not like at any given moment.

Conservative Fact:     Sarah Palin is qualified for high office, except everything we know about Sarah Palin.

Conservative Fact:     There is no such thing as man-made climate change, except maybe that huge oil spill created by off shore drilling that will be washing up on America’s southern coast any day now.

Conservative Fact:     Deficits do not matter, except when Democrats are in power.

Conservative Fact:     Fiscal Conservativism is effective, except when it causes a de-regulated Wall St to tank our economy and bet against the America public.

Conservative Fact:     Fox News is “fair and balanced”, except when they never, ever, ever run a positive story about the Democratic party or President.

and, finally

Conservative Fact:      Bill Kristol is a real man of genius and always correct, except when he opens his mouth or when he is consistently dead wrong.

    You see, I am a typing cat, except in the waking world when I am a human being. And that, by the standards of Bill Kristol, is a fact.

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  1. when people need to change it to push forward a corporatist  political agenda through false propaganda.

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  2. BILL KRISTOL: “Look, the data is pretty clear in general, the offshore drilling of oil, has become incredibly .. quite safe, not perfectly safe, but compared to other ways of getting energy, quite safe, compared to mining of coal, for example, and very environmentally .. clean, except, you know, when there’s a disaster like this .. spill”


    I mean, how and why do you attack this?  This is everything the Obama administration agrees with.

    Why attack it?  Obama’s a Democrat .. oil for everybody!  Fuck all the shore based wildlife!

    (Don’t get mad at me .. it is the Glorious Leader himself who led us into this oily conundrum, wherein one must needs sound like a total hypocrite when attacking Bill Krisol for verbalizing the very thing the Obama administration is doing).

    Democrats Agree With Bill Kristol ™.  I just don’t understand what the problem is with this.  This is inconvenient — shouldn’t it have been ignored and downplayed?

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